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  1. ohhh-yeah! that seems like its a possibility. seems logical anyways. and that would be perfect. you could even tie it in to charismatic nature so you gotta work at getting points for it to get benefits. i like that idea
  2. i think this may be what has happened in one of my favorite houses in this collection (sadly-i'm not sure what it's called) in the kitchen-there is a hole in the floor and wall where the fridge may have been-in which you can't place any blocks
  3. this one is better. Thank you for sharing it :)At least there are some cities partly located somewhere other than in bizarre swathes of wasteland that have a few desert patches and tiny odd bits of forest here and there
  4. Well to me-they're now a "must have" as they are, but anything you could do that would make them more of a companion would be all plus's in my book. Even late game when you are able to handle most things-it's nice to have them watching your back/guarding. Buffs would make it even better. i "call" them to me anyways by spawning them in so the ability to do that without "cheating" would make my day as far as their rarity-i'm not sure about now because i haven't actually been able to play yet. The new biome distribution has had me frustrated trying to find a map i like. But before this last update-i rarely saw them "in the wild".
  5. i totally agree. late game you just keep them around for company but a buff would be awesome
  6. error loading prefab xcostum storeset1 by guppycur failed: blockname to id mapping file missing (it's not freezing the load though)
  7. This is my favorite map in A17 so far. the layout is awesome (especially with the compopack) thanks so much for sharing it
  8. wooot! i too have been waiting for this! Thank you for getting it fixed so quickly
  9. If it is happening to the new POI's they added in vanilla maps too wouldn't that indicate that as you mentioned before-it must be something in the game prefab editor?
  10. i encountered these trenches of air on one of the new basegame POI's as well (random gen map)
  11. run with the pack-lol! how awesome would that be? and yeah-it's become one of those "cult following" kinda movies i think. definately a must see in my book
  12. What are those faces illustrating Wolffblood? The wolf conversation made me smile. The movie "Ladyhawke" has been my all time favorite movie since i was just a kid. So subconsciously-i always choose to have a wolf with me in games. i am not ever a wolf myself however. if i were to be something-it would be a hawk. "she flew away"-lol! I often joke that without realizing it-i specifically looked for a wolf to marry and promptly did so when i found one i think it's funny how things that grab you like that when you're a kid last throughout your entire life
  13. For this to apply in game (alphabetical rules) do you need to just change the name of the mod folder or the name of the mod itself to load last if you are wanting to be sure a certain mod takes priority over any other mod that may alter the same item/entity?
  14. yes! It happens always in the complex ones. And i have been playing using clockwork orange so i think that ups the amount even more. i love the details put into the new POI'S (i understand everyones complaints about them being haunted house-ish but i'm comparing them to before. It finally looks like someone took time and care and thought of "stories" for them similar to many of the player created POI's. So while i get their complaints-i think it's vastly improved) and i am determined to check them out but i do think it was more intended for groups. i'm not a group. i'm all alone in a zombie apocalypse i get that there are all the great players who take pride in doing them solo but for me and my idea of fun-the "I am Legend" scenario makes the wolves a perfect "companion" for taking them on. Really appreciate your making that possible since it's something i've wished for since day 1 edit: in response to your comment about them being common-i haven't found them to be all that common spawning naturally
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