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    Nice work! I've always wanted to make a daily skill point system but had no idea how to do it. A survival game should be about surviving I like every other features too, but the quests are a bit of a downside to me (at this state). With more variiety it could be awesome tho! Will definitely give it a try!
  2. I've got a bug with randomgen, in the rwgmixer "max_count" is set to 1, but I've got 4 Notre-Dame next to each other in the same town... Anyway to fix that?
  3. Thanks for your work and for adding my prefab! You are doing a lot for the community. I've done some modifications (V 1.2) - the light show was way too agressive, even dangerous for epyleptics I guess... It should be alright now - removed the zombie bear, a bit too much - xml modifications (isolated spawn, on the good side of the road and in the forest biome) You can download it in my thread when you want. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?99280-Rave-party-in-an-abandoned-factory Cheers!
  4. Also, it is quite a jungle here in the mod forum, so many mods! It's quite hard to navigate and find what you want. I like that collection idea, and most of your ideas are quite similar to mines. So if you like some of my ideas (once my modlets are done of course), feel free to take what you like!
  5. Hi Jaxteller! Thanks for your modlets, looks nice! I'm very new to moding and 7dtd looks the perfect game for that. While playing the vanilla A17, many little things didn't make sense to me and the game seemed quite unbalance (that's an experimental alpha game so it is normal). I decided to create my first mod and that was quite interesting to do! Unfortunately, I went a bit fast on it (didn't know about modlets nor looked at other existent mods) and when my mod was so close to be done (the same day), I had an update and I 've lost all my work, stupid me, I didn't make any backup... Then I found your collection and this is very similar to what i did, so I'll give it a shot to see how it goes! I went a bit different concerning food and water: - you find more clean water in loot - you wont find jars of water in toilet, why would you? - when collecting water in biomes you get toxic water that need to be filtered to get murky water - you don't find any fresh food in loot, only cans I ve made slight changes in almost every loot (you find things where it belongs, I tried to think about keeping a good balance though) Concerning death: I removed the near death troma, my plan was to affect wellness and lost of xp instead. I removed all the magazines that increade perks as well, I don't really like the way those stats are moving up and down... I don't like the cap level to access new perks, so I made it in a special way: -you start with 20 points to spend (choose what you want to be straight away) -I increased the points cost up to 3 concerning intelligence, fortitude etc... -I removed the cap level. That system is not perfect but i like how it works: you have to choose wisely where you want to spend your points, but if you want a forge at level 5 you can do it. The other things I've moded was quite the same as what you did, and you got some modlets that i really like (zombies range, crops, Xp balance ...) I wanted that as well but have been a bit lazy on this side. Just wanted to share my ideas, as i can't show it threw xml right now... I'll probably make a new one using some of your modlets if that's ok, then i can show it to you if you are interested. Cheers!
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