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  1. i GOT them to unlock, BUT Getting weird pink things i wish There was better instructions on how to do stuff
  2. Are the expanded traps not A19 Compatable? they will NOT unlock when i use the schematic
  3. I tried both The nuts and bolts and nails, you can only repair with nails and bolts, you can't build with them, unless that is was is intended
  4. if "Get Nailed" is intended to require you to use nails, it doesn't work, no nails are required, just wood.
  5. V2 of the Backpack Buttons will NOT work, nothing shows up. -- Never mind-- my stuipidness -- it works
  6. Ok, The radios... when i start the game, the music plays, when i press e it turns off, I hit E again, nothnig happens. I Am using the A19 version directly from Github.
  7. The chicken coop won't give anything, Ive set the timer to 10, still nohing!
  8. it wont load the game at all, it boots up to a black screen.
  9. I put the dll in the proper directory, Im getting a black Screen with the mouse cursor, what am i missing?
  10. Am I stupid or just doing something wrong? I hold E on a POI light and get NOTHING, no menu, no switch icon, i' using 240, dedicated server
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