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  1. Any chance in the future that we could see variable layouts in POI’s? I have seen many building layouts that have changed between alphas and it is exciting when the layouts are different than I was expecting in a familiar POI. We already have variable bag locations so what if you could do the same thing with doors, obstructions, and loot boxes to allow for variable paths and loot locations. Most of the POI’s structure/walls would always be the same, but there could be multiple interior layouts that could be generated in RWG or at quest activation. The variety of existing POI’s is amazing so once the quest systems are more polished it won’t matter that much. It’s just one of those things that makes the game even more replayable. Maybe an add-on after the game releases?
  2. Found this accidentally during my last horde night. The new wall we built worked a little too well. It’s super easy to do on day 1 and seems exploitable. https://youtu.be/69Vhq5e9qqM
  3. Any chance there could ever be feral zombie rabbits? I can’t think of anything more terrifying at night.
  4. But is crafting an item really more convenient? Maybe items that don’t now require parts, but since parts have been added back in, it is a lot of work to gather the materials to craft weapons/tools/armor. You can’t mine and sit in your base and craft these items. You have to be out there doing quests to earn dukes and looting parts just like everyone else. You are taking the same risks. You also can’t spam craft to get lucky specs due to the limited number of parts. So why couldn’t there be a small chance at least to craft a tier 6 just like there is a chance to loot a tier 6? I do really enjoy looting and the new tiered loot, but I have also been trying to find usefulness in the current crafting system. The devs added parts back to the game, so I am making an effort to try to craft with them. You are correct in saying that looting is more rewarding because the way things are balanced currently, the item parts I loot may as well be dukes. Hopefully as things get tweaked the balance will get better.
  5. Can the devs share what the intentions are for looting vs crafting balance come final game release? Since alpha 18, with the addition of parts to recipes and tier 6 being loot only, there seems to be a shift in preference to looting. This may be just testing and balancing new systems as part of the alpha process, but I am wondering if crafting weapons/tools/armor is intended to be a comparable choice to looting or trading to acquire the same items? I expect that looting/traders will still be sources of some materials or parts needed for crafting.
  6. I think degradation would be huge plus for crafting and the new tiered loot. In every game I have played since alpha 18, crafting ends once I make a tier 5 or get that purple. I’m both excited and disappointed when this happens. All those parts just accumulate in boxes and never get used. There is an opportunity here to give crafters some love and even add a rare chance for crafting a rare tier 6. With the new tiered loot, you could have a chance to loot a higher tier weapon sooner, but you might have to switch back to something more primitive when it wears out. You might decide to save a better weapon for something important like horde night. If your beloved tier 6 weapon finally degrades and breaks, it’s not that inconvenient to loot, buy a replacement, or craft a replacement since you are likely spec’d for it anyways. You probably have 2 or 3 in a box anyways. Tier 6 purples should be special, but not so special and eternal that crafting and looting doesn’t matter any more. Mods that enhance durability get a big boost from degradation.(Why even craft them or use them when your weapon/tool lasts forever with 1 click easy instant repair kits). I understand players play differently and a large number of players will play a shorter game and will restart around the purple tier stage(especially during alpha), but I also believe a lot of players will play a longer game and enjoy more crafting and an ongoing search for loot/parts. Especially when there is more to the end game. I do believe degradation could be fun and balanced, but it should also be one of the optional settings in the game settings.
  7. You just need to remember to bring your Oh @%$*#!z Drops! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  8. I don’t think nerd poling is an issue, but I would love to see limits put in place for quests at POI’s. Perhaps The limited area that you have to stay within during an active quest could be treated like a land claim area and you are not permitted to build within that zone until the quest is completed or turned in to the trader. You could still break walls/doors, but you will be at the mercy of the quest designers when navigating the POI. Getting to that box on the ceiling is now a challenge and the threat is real when you fall through a trap. Loot gained while in the active quest zone could be better or have unique items(legendary?) compared to a random POI where nerd poling is allowed. There could still be game quest area settings to adjust this for those who don’t like it. I appreciate the purity of completing a quest as intended. Immersion breaks for me when the magic wood frame solves all the problems.
  9. I am recording my alpha 19 play sessions with friends and putting episodes on YouTube for fun.(working on my editing as I go) If you are interested, feel free to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2YgRCm3_Hc1SmOLSK-8PG3HS-5arqch8
  10. No need to make it that complicated. Just make item health/durability work like player health/stamina. Repairing a T6 will just reduce max durability, but item will always be T6 and have all it’s mods. Eventually, item durability will be too low and require replacement.
  11. This is an improvement and moving in the right direction, but T5/T6 rarity only goes so far. The problem is that as soon as you loot your main T5/T6 weapon/gear, crafting that gear becomes irrelevant since that gear will last forever. I haven't crafted any of my main gear in A18 yet because loot quality is ahead of the crafting curve. It gets worse in multiplayer since your pals might loot a T5/T6 weapon that you can use. If gear could only be repaired a limited number of times and eventually need replacement, then crafting/looting main gear would always be relevant from early game to end game.
  12. In my A18 games so far, I have not been able to find an incentive to craft guns, tools, etc related to my spec. If I am a perception build, wanting to be able to craft a steel spear, I do quests and a lot of looting of various POI's to find the parts that I need. In each game so far, I end up looting a tier 5 or 6 spear before I have the chance to find enough parts to actually craft one. So I am either super lucky or maybe the loot is turned up a little bit too much? Once I have a great piece of gear for my spec, I have no desire to craft another of that item and can keep and repair it forever or until I loot one with better stats. Has limited repair/durability been considered? For Example: Each time you repair an item, its maximum durability is reduced by 1/3 or something. This way you can still repair items, but eventually the durability will be too low to be useful and you will have to either loot another one or scrap it to craft a new one with parts. You will be able to visibly see that your prized weapon/tool is wearing out and plan for its replacement. This would be a good crafting sink and a great incentive to craft. I can see myself planning my crafting ahead of time to make sure that I have a decent weapon/tool on hand when my main item wears out. Alpha 18 has been awesome so far and I can see the balance coming along with each update. Keep up the good work TFP!
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