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  1. Yep, i just looked at your gitlab for this mod and its set to false. Easy fix. Thanks.
  2. @KhaineGB I am seeing the same overlapping buttons issue that this player you responded to is having. Not a big deal or game breaking but you may need a hotfix at some point. Separate Question: I am finding that Zs are still taking decent damage to the body. I'd like to nerf the body damage even further. Is that possible and if so what config would I find that in to adjust it? Thanks! Do you have bloodmoons option on 0 days or disabled? If you already had it on 0 days, I am stumped.
  3. Very nice. What’s the bridge connect to?
  4. I think something like this would be a good INT tier 3 melee weapon. Steel casing, built-in flashlight, longer reach than stun baton, has electrified prongs at tip to stab and stock Zombies (same animation as spear would work).
  5. So if I am reading the first post correctly, these modded ores would not generate in the Pregen01, Pregen02, Pregen03 worlds correct?
  6. what happens if you use a world that doesn’t have DFalls in it like Pregen01?
  7. The mod launcher shows build 4 instead of build 5. How does one make the most recent version of this mod show?
  8. I assume the brawling and spear books are where steel knuckles and steel spears will be moved like the baseball bat is in the batter up books? A carriage vehicle mod for the minibike and motorcycle that lets another player hop in would be neat. Easier said than done obviously.
  9. Would/Should it be possible to make a higher tier item beyond tier 1 (grey) if I find the schematic for it but don't want to invest points into the perk to make a better quality version? Perhaps if a player finds and consumes the same schematic twice, the player can then make a tier 2 version of that item. Cap it at say tier 3 (yellow) to make the perk still worth considering investing points into.
  10. omegarte

    Valmars A18

    How much of a pain will it be to make these compatible with 18.1 once that goes stable?
  11. Newb question but does these modlets have to be installed client side on a MP server or can they just be installed server side?
  12. Has there been any discussion/explanation why certain tiers of weapons/tools have the same number of mod slots? Shouldn't T1 have one mod slot, T5 have 5 mod slots, etc.?
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