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  1. Thanks for the comments @meganoth / @SylenThunder. I'll check those steamcmd logs etc to try and find out why I think mine had fixed itself. I am sure when the next build drops I'll be back with either some more info on exactly how I overcame the issue, or any further problems. My suspicion is that I did not use the `+force_install_dir` part of the cmd command... thinking, I had already set a force_install_dir on the initial installation. It was around the same time that I installed Alloc's server management using `apt`... so possibly that command change was the fix rather than Alloc's.
  2. Hmm I installed Alloc's Server manager for Linux and ran it's command for a force install. That seems to have fixed it. Not sure what has happened. What does Alloc's do that the normal app_update command using steamcmd does not? I may never know what the cause was... I guess next experimental I can go through the effort again.
  3. Nope. Nothing. A lot of googling is showing other games having this problem. Maybe these builds aren't being released to linux depots?? I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling steamcmd. No luck yet.
  4. I'll try deleting the entire `appcache` folder rather than just the contents.
  5. Ok, so I am not entirely sure where 'clear the app cache for steamCMD' means. I ran `rm -rf /home/fdknolksng/.steam/appcache/*`. Re-ran the app_update command but it is still saying it is up to date. I dug in and found I could find the buildid from the app manifest at `~/.steam/steamcmd/7_Days_to_Die_Dedicated_Server/steamapps/appmanifest_294420.acf` Is there somewhere I can check if my buildid is matching the b163 buildid? Just to validate if I am in fact running the incorrect version or not? { "appid" "294420" "Universe" "1" "name" "7 Days to Die Dedicated Server" "StateFlags" "4" "installdir" "7 Days to Die Dedicated Server" "LastUpdated" "1593518522" "SizeOnDisk" "14486186838" "buildid" "5229449" "InstalledDepots" { "294422" { "manifest" "2767560053167624036" } } "MountedDepots" { "294422" "2767560053167624036" } "UserConfig" { "betakey" "latest_experimental" } } OK so steamdb is showing a buildid of `5275652` released 17 hours ago. So that should be b163. I'll check if I can force steamcmd to update to a specific build id.
  6. Hmm..thanks for the suggestion. Still saying up to date already. $ steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental +quit Redirecting stderr to '/home/fdknolksng/.steam/logs/stderr.txt' [ 0%] Checking for available updates... [----] Verifying installation... Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation -- type 'quit' to exit -- Loading Steam API...Warning: failed to init SDL thread priority manager: SDL not found OK. Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Success! App '294420' already up to date. CWorkThreadPool::~CWorkThreadPool: work processing queue not empty: 1 items discarded.
  7. I am running 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server on a Linode server. When I use steamcmd to update using `app_update 294420 -beta "latest_experimental"` the game is still starting on b152 (validated by running the `version` command in the game console) instead of the latest b163. Hard to know what I am doing wrong here. Should I be deleting the entire steamcmd 294420 app first and redownloading? Is there a way I can check the game files to determine whether I am actually stuck on b152 (ie is version stored in a specific file or something). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I have this same problem. It is caused by your server being out of sync with the client. We have all updated our local copies to the `latest_experimental` but when I run `app_update 294420 -beta "latest_experimental"` on my server, it is still stuck at b152 (the initial alpha 19 release). Possibly `BlueFangSolutions` needs to update the game so that you can play on the latest experiemental.
  9. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for some basic info on how to update to experimental builds (ie the new a19b157)? I'm sure this thread has better things to discuss than my noob server problems I have googled a lot and there is some solid information for getting the servers up and running. But not much when it comes to updating to builds. For example, are you always required to delete the entire app and game files (sounds like overkill for a new build). I'm assuming the process changes when updating from builds to a full alpha release, right? Anyway, thanks for any info, hopefully I can pass on some of my knowledge once I figure it all out.
  10. @OhYa Yeah so that didn't successfully update to b157. Trying again with app_update 294420 -beta "latest_experimental - Unstable build" I read somewhere you need to enter it as you see it in the list of betas in the game steam library properties area. ... tried that above. Still didn't work. Outta luck I guess.
  11. app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental Happening now for my a19 b157 on a Nitrogen v501 random gen map. If you don't hear from me then everything went fine. Not erasing the save game for this as the patch notes didn't have anything to suggest it wouldn't work. So far this a19 experience is much nicer than what we went through for a17 Really enjoying the game. Feels a bit more like what I enjoyed about a16 (except the mining helmets are working).
  12. Thanks @Damocles. I used the v0500 version for the a19 gen. I'll check for a newer version. Are you able to give a recommendation on how to fix it for an existing map? Do I just look at the xml files and try and tweak it to move a trader or insert a new one? Sorry I am new to this. I am happy to observe and keep googling to get a fix... or wait for the next time a build requires a save game wipe. Cheers for the Nitrogen tool, I have had so much fun with it
  13. Good luck. I have had some people on my server complain that the trader from the beginning quest appears underground (or 'not where I am standing'). Would be good to hear from someone else if they also have that problem. I created a 4K map with one big city and trader next to city... so hoping there is not a glitch happening there.
  14. I don't recall putting the '-unstable' bit in. Just `app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental`. That was for a fresh server, first install of a19 so I wasn't trying to update any previous installs etc (if that matters).
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