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  1. I've noticed very little if any weather changes in A19. Also, it seems we always start in the pine forest biome recently. No longer are we struggling through the wasteland or searching for warm clothes or fleeing from angry vultures. Our group always plays random gen. To be honest if the random gen was 90 desert, we would still try to make it work. likewise for the other biomes. I feel part of the challenge has gone. Pine forest is safe and getting rather boring.
  2. I joined the party at Alpha 16 and never felt the need to mod my game. If I was going to mod anything out right now though, it would be the loot linearity. The early game has become to predictable; no getting lucky or unlucky.
  3. Like: Graphics (Lighting is a big step up, although colours maybe over saturated) Zombie animations (When falling, breaking through) Dislike: Eating so often and never being full Having to frequently avoid bears and wolves from level 1 (B-163)
  4. I don't usually visit this forum but I just came here to post the same thing. To much eating! Latest, build increased the number of friendly animals though. Now it's like we're at the zoo. We can't go anywhere without coming across bears and wolves. There's plenty of meat, but still... you don't want to be eating every 5 minutes. I'm trying to build a pure intelligence character, but I feel like I'm being forced into buying Strength and several levels of Iron Gut skill. Could we reduce wild animals slightly and reduce need to eat slightly?
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