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  1. Well seems to me there ought to be a little warning "your gonna lose material" or spit out the materials. I did not lose the anvil or bellows... So it's coded to check for those and and put in ur inventory
  2. Question about picking up forges - I put LCB down, picked up forge (it spit out my Bellow and anvil) but when I put back down it was empty - lost all my smelted material. Is this intended design ? Thx
  3. before your start your server.bat file: load 7D2D. START a NEW game (multiplayer) with seed name you want (i did this on my gaming pc , then copied/paste the saved game to my PC running the server) , now when i boot up the startdedicated.bat it didnt have to generate the map and it started normal ! saved maps are in C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\AppData
  4. about how long should it take to boot up a server on my pc for the first time ? i keep getting stuck at this line: 2019-10-07T18:31:27 15.008 INF WorldGenerator:Generating Detail Data
  5. happened to me too , added here https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?104906-Chunks-on-land-claims-resetting-completely-ruining-bases&p=939421&viewfull=1#post939421
  6. personally , i think 8gb ram is MIN on any PC ; 16gb MIN on a gaming PC. windows is optimized like sht by default. i like a piece of software called Auglogics Boostspeed.... its crazy the amount of *stuff* that runs in the background , runs all the time, or wants to update / sync constantly... do you ever defrag? SSD optimization / defrag is different than a spinning HD
  7. have u heard of like heat signature ? and certain behavior raises the "heat" in the area ... idk how this works presently or in the past exactly but placing a bunch of torches raises the heat in the area ; zombie gore blocks used to raise heat i think ,,, im guessing that at least played a part in why zombie's sensed you. - - - Updated - - - is hay not working for anyone ? i free fall like 80-100 meters and break my leg and take like 20 damage... is this by design? thanks
  8. anyone seen this in the server control panel ? "Very high penalty applied. Are you sure negative values haven't underflowed? Penalty values this high could with long paths cause overflows and in some cases infinity loops because of that. Penalty value applied: 4294962296" this happened during horde day 42->43 . max zombie=50 , bloodmoon count=12. previous horde nites have been weird too , with a different null error or something i saw in control panel. kinda seemed like it mightve been tied to my character. as i host the server and play on the same pc...
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