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  1. That makes total sense. It must be incredibly complex to have such a sophisticated voxel system and have to "layer" a different model for water physics/graphics etc. I'm over 5K in play hours ... so 7 Days "water" is a fine compensation for the years of enjoyment. Cheers.
  2. My pet peeve is seeing the oceans and streams they created in "Valheim" and not having them in 7 Days. 7 days is my fav , all time game but I think its the water blocks and the weirdness of them that gets me frowning.
  3. Thanks for the input Zombie Hunter I'll be trying to be a little bit more chatty. Cheers !
  4. Very nice place. your Mine complex was great. It's a shame we can't save these kind of epic builds on a blueprint. Did you get many attacks ?? (zeds or ppl)
  5. *sigh* well i have fun making the vids. I'd love some feedback though. cheers ! 🍁
  6. I'm working on a full series. There are 26 episodes on Youtube right now. This is Episode 18. Please give it a watch . I don't know how to promote my videos, but I'd be thankful for advice , suggestions and feedback. - thanks, Pendral

    Hello.   hears episode 18.   

  8. Not exactly rapid-fire, non-stop chatting, but fun if you want a good chuckle. Follows the exploits of some Home-Grown Canadian grey beards. Main character : Pendral, a player with 5K hours of 7 Days experience. Guest appearances. Edited Video for seamless watching. https://youtube.com/channel/UCOd9BmmKzDZyuyowVYeEkSQ
  9. Hey folks. I've been playing for years now and have logged in 4,500 + hours .... and I'm still having fun ! I've started a stream of videos on Youtube and I'd like to share the content. I think of it as the "BobRoss" of 7 Days to Die. Just an over-the shoulder look at the survival story of Pendral. First time I've done this sort of thing so I hope it works out. Cheers all.
  10. If I'm playing a solo game... I always "gift" myself a bicycle on third day... I don't need anything more... but I enjoy the variety vehicles when playing with a server with more peeps. I like the fact that the modlets are working. I'm a boomer and being able to download interesting systems into the game keeps the game fresh for me. My favorites : -Jax Teller718's increase X5 wilderness zombie spawn -KHLogSpikes -Snufkin_CustomZombies For Version 19 I hope the mod-modlet compatibility stays and I wish they'd bring back the 240 minute day option again. I saw no reason to change that. As for Graphics.... absolutely beautiful.... sometimes I play just to enjoy the scenes, poi's and sunsets.... Magnificent work gentlemen ….. Spell bound for years now.
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