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  1. @Tin. Much appreciated Tin, will have a look at this later today. Thanks.
  2. I know a few people who would appreciate knowing how to do that. Any chance you could share that info?
  3. I would love to increase the frequency of wandering hoards, as well as the number of zeds wandering about. A18 feels really empty. I'm happy enough to edit the xml's but its not something I have done since about A16. Would you have any tips on which lines to edit in the spawning.xml ? Any help would be very appreciated.
  4. There is QoL improvement I would love to see in A19, one many players would probably find very useful. Currently when you Right-Click on the map and save a Waypoint, there are 10 symbols that you can apply a Custom Label to. Each of these Saved Waypoints appear on the Compass. It would be extremely useful if we could have one of these that DID NOT appear on the compass, but only on the map. This would allow us to mark POI's as looted, or mark them as places to return to without filling up the compass with dozens of map markers/waypoints. I think this would be great QoL improvement, and easily implemented.
  5. That's unfortunate, thanks for the input.
  6. Hi, its been a while since I edited any .XML files. Can someone please tell me how to increase how often the Wandering Hoards spawn ? I haven't touched the .xml's since about A16.4. Thanks. Edit: This is for A18.3 exp.
  7. I think there is only 'GFX DT 0' to remove distant terrain. Not sure if there is another.
  8. That's probably just a Cosmetic Pink Dye. Click on the item / modify , and then remove the Dye Mod.
  9. This ∆ I think we will be getting some resources back, not all, and definitely not the block.
  10. You have to put the clothing in your inventory to add the mod. Not be wearing it. - - - Updated - - - You have to take the item off to add the mod.
  11. I believe the ability to pick up farm plots will be removed on the next update.
  12. Pretty sure the default run/sprint key helps with inclines. (All vehicles)
  13. Intrigue! Can you tell us what you found? I have a potato laptop, went from 35ish in A16.x to 25ish in A17.4. Now down to 5-7 in A18 . No money for a gaming rig. Any performance improvement is a god send for me.
  14. Solo isn't to bad, just a matter of priorities, which are different for each play style. For me, it was always, mine a couple of surface boulders, scrap the iron, make an iron reinforced club (immediate advantage), grab some cotton and make bandages, find a water source, grab a bunch of wood, build a 5x5x5 hut, plant any crops you possibly can. From there, its really just 1 POI at a time. Put a point in the bow, the club, (these are the fall back weapons). From there.... Well that's different every game really. Let RWG and circumstance dictate the next few levels until you are comfortable.
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