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  1. Greetings, i bought a new laptop for gaming aboout 1.5 years ago, Dell G5 15 5587, i7 CPU, dedicated NVIDIA GPU, and i can play at medium to high setting without issues. So something in the range should be ok, from the hardware side. Regards Tantalus
  2. In that case, you seem to love living on the risky side. There's so much that can mess up your savegames, from hardware failure, anitvirus tool going havoc, up to a system crash just whille writing in the files, the list is nearly endless. Having a backup (and verify its correct) is the first, second and third rule I did teach my clients whe I was IT-supporter. And by the way, i know some other games where backing up saves was highly recommended, KSP for example even made it a matra. Regards Tantalus
  3. There is at least one black female zombie, wearing a lab coat. IIRC i met her in a shamway poi. But some more variety would be nice. Regards Tantalus
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