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  1. Just copy the files to <7days install location>\Data\Worlds Set <property name="GameWorld" value="FolderNameHere"/> to \Data\Worlds\<foldername of world> in your server config .xml file
  2. yeah i haven't really done much with it, was trying to work out how to use the spawner, and wasn't much explanation, do i need to edit the XML.. tried that and didn't work.. so after some research i found setting it up as a mod worked.. so thought i would make it easy on everyone and provide instructions if they didn't know what to do.
  3. How to use mat1k's spawner mod Tested on A17b240 1. Download the "car spawner.zip" from https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S31Hyq_GZsIGWI8D0wK0aFYdDAshOd_D 2. Create a "Mods" folder under the root game directory of 7D2D 3. Extract the zip to this folder: 4. Restart the server 5. Login to the server and go into creative mode (F1 -> cm) 6. locate the "nothing" block 7. put it in your toolbar and place the object, should look like a white piece of grass, wait 6hrs for it to "grow"
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