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  1. While I'd really like some changes to the loot progression I find the difficulty progression to be in a great place. I'm playing solo and dialed the difficulty back to Nomad - the game is balanced at higher difficulties a bit toward multiplayer and that's absolutely okay. Nomad seems like a really good spot for solo play.


    I went shotgun/sledge/heavy armor this time and heavy armor feels like it's in a way better place btw. So does sledge, in a bit of a nerfed way. Heavy armor gives me great protection for the mobility lost now - crits have seen to that. Sledge is still stupid deadly against individual and isolated enemies but not workable against large fast groups. I feel like there's some real valid tradeoffs between playstyles now that was not as pronounced in A18 and older.


    Night 7 I steamrolled and bottomed it out by 2am but I'm about 500 hours into 7d2d and have the basics down pat. I barely survived nights 14 and 21. It was a great challenge. Also the zombies themselves dropped enough loot that I didn't feel like I should have spent the night on a bicycle or hiding in a skyscraper.


    I feel driven to research and deploy traps and concrete now for night 28+ and a dedicated kill zone, instead of doing it for convenience. POIs, especially the big ones, feel like a challenge I can handle so long as I'm making smart choices. The moment I get stupid they spiral into a BAD TIME.


    All in all I really enjoy A19 and it feels like a good, fun experience. I have some complaints about early loot progression but I want to be clear that I find that a small concern relative to the big improvements overall in gameplay.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Boidster said:

    That is literally what it does. This thread covers it in some detail for a specific container. However the odds to get some items are 0% for several levels before getting to 0.1% or whatever. Sounds like people would like that 0.1% or 0.01% chance of T3 gear dropping on day 1 - "winning the lottery" as canadianbluebeer put it. I can understand that. It's a very easy mod to make. Just edit these three values in loot.xml:


        <lootprobtemplate name="ProbT1">
            <loot level="0,9" prob="0"/>

        <lootprobtemplate name="ProbT2">
            <loot level="0,48" prob="0"/>

        <lootprobtemplate name="ProbT3">
            <loot level="0,88" prob="0"/>


    If you put "0.001" in there, you'd have your lottery chance. It's a complex calc, but it essentially works out even so to a 1/1000 chance for T1, T2, or T3 weapons, tools, or armor, and a 4/1000 chance for T2 or T3 ammo from, for example, a Shotgun Messiah crate, at GS 1-10. Once you get to GS 10, 49, or 89 (for T1, T2, T3 respectively) then you'll revert to the normal probabilities which start at 0.04 (again, complex calc is involved; this does not mean "4% chance").


    I would not want them putting that into the vanilla game, personally, because I do think finding a T3 implement on Day 3 is game breaking. At least until/unless we get (or I mod in) item degradation. Or play like Roland is playing right now, with no repair kits allowed. At least in that case that T3 lottery win would be a very precious commodity and I would want to use it only sparingly until I was high enough GS to find replacements more easily. As it is now, find a steel pickaxe and I am geared up forever in the pickaxe department. Boring.


    I absolutely get what you're saying - what I would say is that we need tiered repair options. To put it simply a steel pickaxe needs a steel grade repair kit to repair.


    I would also like to see mods being the real 'end game' unlocks and valuable things to find. Rather than a legendary shotgun for example, a legendary shotgun mod that, for example, lights everything you shoot on fire. This way you can find a legendary mod early and it gives a bit of a boost to your blunderbuss; however it'll make your autoshotgun that you get much later the raised middle finger of god.


    If I find a steel pickaxe on day 3, but repairing it means I literally have to keep clearing POIs and scrapping other steel things to get steel to make steel repair kits to keep using as I can't yet make steel myself, that's a GOOD thing. It adds value and has an intrinsic sustaining cost.


    It's not that I want RNG lottery winning to be a thing - it's that currently clearing a POI before day 21 and level 50+ gives you trash. There's no point in doing it, I'm expending more resources than it'll give me and breaking down all the office equipment will give me more actual real valuable useable goods than the loot crates. So shift loot crate loot to be rare mods or crafting materials or things I can't craft a better version of at whatever game stage I'm in. Or make it so finding steel grade gear early means you've got to constantly be clearing POIs trying to find other steel goods to break down to repair it.


    I would also agree in general with several people that the traders are, in their way, broken and game breaking for this sort of circumstance. That's a different conversation however.


    Edited to add -


    Or replace quality with quantity. If the loot crates in early game gave me, say, 2,000 scrap iron or 1,000 nitrite, that's 'paying me back' the half a day I spent trying to clear the big POI to get there. If there's too much concern over higher tier gear then make it large caches of raw materials. Concrete, cobblestone, coal, iron, lead, brass, paper, etc.

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  3. Crux of my issue with this -


    Doing POIs early game is literally screwing myself. They're worthless. Even with a small gamestage boost every single crate I open before at least gamestage 50 is an act of stupidity as unless I have 100% neglected any crafting related skills completely, including upgrading my stone axe, I can probably make as good or better a tool. It would only make sense if I have not even spent 1 or 2 points on feats that let me craft better than trash tier tools or forge iron. Which is unlikely.


    I get wanting to steeply skew odds based on gamestage but if there's 0 probability of me getting, say, a level 3 pump shotgun before day 21 when that would be significant instead of after day 21 when it's just some shotgun parts with a few seconds timer then I need to focus early game 100% on just whacking on iron/coal/nitrite veins, boring as that is.


    If working through a POI is only useful for the XP and materials I'll get stripping it down the the ground and not the crates/surprises I can find it loses a LOT of allure.

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  4. I would say game stage/level needs to skew the ODDS of what you find -


    But the fact that I literally can't find anything 'good' in early game stage means there's absolutely 0 reason to waste loot crates and such (which are finite) until after gamestage 50, at least. I should stick 100% with my own created gear until I have done enough grinding to open a gamestage where the loot is worth the inherent risks of going through a POI.


    I've always loved the struggle of the Shotgun Messiah factory. However I made the terrible mistake this time of going through it before day 21. It was worthless. A complete waste of time. I'd have much wiser to have spent the time just dully mining a hole slowly down chasing veins of iron/coal/nitrite to make gunpowder to make shotgun rounds.


    On the plus side I've found out you can essentially create your OWN Horde Night on demand in that area though! I fortified a segment of the Shotgun Messiah factory and thought I'd test my defenses, so I went out at night, shot at some zombies and drew them back. What resulted was endless hordes of zombies and ferals and zombie bears in groups of 20 or so, drawn to the gunfire and flashlight I assume.


    So instead of doing POIs I should mine ammo for a double barrel shotgun or pistol or AK and make a kill box down there and farm XP down there all night until the gamestage advances to the point where crates are worth opening.


    I love A19 in a lot of ways but it has made clearing POIs early game when it's genuinely risky an utter waste of time. Literally self-defeating.

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  5. If the survival facet of the game was based on being in an environment where food won't grow and largely isn't available it makes sense to have food security be a major challenge. Take The Long Dark as an example; food security is a daily struggle.


    That doesn't make sense here. There's still food in cans and the environments are pretty friendly to food production. I do need to pay some attention to staying fed but it's one brick in a wall of 'background needs'. That's part of what builds the whole survival house.


    It's also about time management. If I have to spend more time securing food needs I have less time to explore, clear POIs and do actual zombie survival stuff.


    Conan Exiles, Empyrion, even ARK all have a similar approach to food security and in general it works. I don't see any benefit to this game in altering where I need to spend my time in favor of food production/management.

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  6. I mod most games.


    However, I really haven't in 7dtd because it updates and those updates have changed a lot. I'd likely have to meddle with mods a bunch.


    I have no moral objection to mods - I've got close to 2K hours in Skyrim (across standard, enhanced and VR versions) and usually play with 200 or so mods. I usually mod most games.


    In this game though I haven't really so far. Just a combo of it being early development and mods are more likely to cause me trouble and also the game itself has matched what I'm looking for well enough I haven't felt the need.

    For Guppycur;


    Some people don't mod because they don't see the value vs the effort in it. Also the 'slippery slope' issue. Once you start making changes you can easily end up removing the difficulty. It's not so much about 'will you' as 'can you'. If someone never pops the cork on changing the game that question never comes up. For some people that's far more of a source of enjoyment than anything mods would add.

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