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  1. Crux of my issue with this - Doing POIs early game is literally screwing myself. They're worthless. Even with a small gamestage boost every single crate I open before at least gamestage 50 is an act of stupidity as unless I have 100% neglected any crafting related skills completely, including upgrading my stone axe, I can probably make as good or better a tool. It would only make sense if I have not even spent 1 or 2 points on feats that let me craft better than trash tier tools or forge iron. Which is unlikely. I get wanting to steeply skew odds based on gamestage but if there's 0 probability of me getting, say, a level 3 pump shotgun before day 21 when that would be significant instead of after day 21 when it's just some shotgun parts with a few seconds timer then I need to focus early game 100% on just whacking on iron/coal/nitrite veins, boring as that is. If working through a POI is only useful for the XP and materials I'll get stripping it down the the ground and not the crates/surprises I can find it loses a LOT of allure.
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