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  1. Removing crafting of both springs and mechanical parts is... weird. I mean, I really would like to know, what was the reason or logic behind this? Before that change we could split items into groups: a) raw - iron, lead, cotton - most of them have no use in the way they exists, but they can be processed into something else b) generic - pipes, springs, electrical and mechanical parts, glue, duct tape, forged iron - some may be used as repair material, most of them are used in creating a final item, used in many recipies c) essentials - weapon parts, armor parts, beakers - loot-only items needed for a final item, used only in few recipies And now we're moving mechanical parts and springs from group B to group C... But what's so special about them? Why weren't pipes or duct tapes treated the same way? Personally I find more plausible that the electrical parts to be uncraftable btw xD . Was this change made to limit mod crafting? Or garage door crafting? Maybe we just need tweaks to some recipies, so that they won't be as easy to craft? But the worst thing about this change, is that crafting is not as fun as it used to be. Now it's all about RNG and scavenging POI's. Grab a wrench, dissasemble anything that can't run away from you, get a new quest in that POI to reset it and repeat. And/or buy all necessary parts at trader. It's not that this change is bad, it's just that we don't have a choice anymore.
  2. If blood pack is now a loot-only high tier craft component, it would be nice to change it's max stack amount.
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