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  1. Profile for 19.1 stable http://www.mediafire.com/file/rkgsjytadcfnmim/7+Days+to+Die+v10+for+19.1+Alpha.nip/file
  2. In the game launcher try to enable exclusive fullscreen and also add in the steam launch options "-window-mode exclusive" that's unity exclusive fullscreen launch command. if you lower ss reflections or you toggle them completely without motion blur also, it's better.
  3. Can you show some screens? im happy that works fine
  4. Usually the game starts in exclusive fullscreen mode i think (but i have 2 screens and i think didnt like that) happy to know it works fine just enabling afr2 in nvidia control panel
  5. there's an ETA for the vulkan api support? it's just been implemented but never finished and the alpha 19 will be an addition of things (just that) or a major optimization update?
  6. you can always use only 1 gpu and hope in perfect sli in a early access game the test was in 4k, i cant modify game code to optimize it and use more gpu, if u dont like it dont use it, u still double ur fps with this profile, i was not able to play in 4k without it, so if u play in full hd and have no scaling dont complain.. i've just updated the post for the new profile and u still do not acknowledged that without real fullscreen (exclusive fullscreen) the scaling is terrible, yes im using reshade with a lot of filters and a ♥♥♥♥ty 2600k cpu and im getting like 90 fps without reshad
  7. Now is perfect New profile download https://www.mediafire.com/file/0pg2ixb6m40m4nj/7_Days_to_Die_v9_Profile.nip/file
  8. i think we just need to wait the devs to finish the game, fix vulkan rendering and remove all memory leaks...
  9. just tried my profile and ur profile: AFR2: 87 Fps watching a heavy fortified base with a lot of lights (2k) almost everything at max (no ss or dof, lod 100% and reflections at high with reflected shadows on) SFR: 87 Fps same spot, same settings. a bit disappointing - - - Updated - - - try this profile and tell me if is better: https://www.mediafire.com/file/588ksqob553babx/7_Days_to_Die_v7.nip/file
  10. one is a hd6970 for a vm that i use, it wont count in sli rendering due to lack of sli connection (sli bridge) im using hb bridge, sfr in teory works only with dx12
  11. upload ur nvidia inspector profile that i need to check what is different
  12. i've tried with sfr but does not uses the second gpu also if i set "gpu count 2" as u said.
  13. so the bad things i was supposing are right xD where's dx12 developers? xD
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