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  1. i would have to say yes some probablities total up to like 22 at the same time it seems like some prob are hidden or theres a number system going on behind the scences as drink jar empty has no prob, if i hadnt tested it id say it means it always drops but this is not the case. some times the cupboard is completely empty
  2. so im making a new mod for my freinds to use on our private game, the item does work. It can be looted as well, issue becomes when i look at loot.xml im seeing stuff that i cant account for trying to make it a true 5 percent drop rate. fyi playing with lootable zombies mod and added item in here is a small snipet to showcase my problem lootground medicine no prob on it. scroll up to loot group medcine none there either <item group="junk" prob="1.5" /> <item name="backpackRH" prob="0.2" /> <item name="Ancients" count="1" prob="0.12" /> <ite
  3. naw its fine id never have noticed if it wernt for incompatibilites between that and another mod of mine initial thought was that that was causeing the problem it as i said was not less confuseing if there gone to future others though
  4. so im making a new mod for my freinds to use on our private game item is working how ever the loot probabilities i dont understand how the game decides what will be droped i want the item to have a 5 percent chance of droping after exporting the configs some catagories were easy tally up the total prob of every thing and x .05 percent on the cacluator boom easy i think....... other catagories confuse me itemgroup medicine for example doenst give me a prob on that one scrolling to the item group it self it also doesnt have prob and testing it doesnt drop medicine every time, so
  5. dead spot you cant build in , the rally marker is always there just invisable you cant delte it or see it if you happen to need to a put a block there you cant but in game you cant tell whats going on if you go into the poi editor you will see the rally marker in that spot
  6. yeah i gues there are duplicate files however that wasnt the issue loot ids overlaping with antoher mod was the probelm
  7. so i downloaded the starter class system upon getting an error of duplicate loot entry id 407 i took a peek in the files seems theres duplicates of almost every file example items and items 1.xml apparntly the game still tries to load those from waht i can tell the bigger file has the same amount ill go through and delete the smaller one and see if it works
  8. no i like that idea i do like both systems when i first downloaded the other one though this was the one i thought i was getting was a little disapointed at first then realized how usefull the other one could be, to give a little more information on how the loot used to work zombies droped the notes yes, however there was a very small chance of getting a collection of notes like a pinyata and i mean small didnt happen too much at all edit im attaching valmars origonal loot.xml where the file came from doing the conversion from this is way beyond me this should give you some idea
  9. yes it is working now quests.xml was accidently misnamed cant beleive i missed that 2 issues remain that i wouldnt be good with but thats up to you i would love for you to offically re release this as it is one of valmars mods all credit goes to him i just copied and pasted the code, then beat my head aginst the wall for why it wasnt working..... the loot tables and the description on the items themselfs are the issue they may drop more or less then valmar intended to begin with i am not sure heres the working file if you want to add it to the list after balenceing entirely up
  10. hey i think i know whats wrong now im a moron i nthe config folder of the mod quests.xml was labeled quest.xml..... looking at every thing else but the file name. it works now cept the admin skill one gives an error but still works should be able to fix that one easily enough just have to compare to ther others but they work fine
  11. still not working two problems with it one is the description isnt showing, but i havent tried to make that work yet so may be easy. Main problem is the errors which its come down to one file the quest.xml file. If i take those lines of code and add them directly into the main quest.xml in the data/config folder it all works cept the description. Im not entirely sure what im doing with xpath to see the problem though got to be a syntax error i would say like mabey spaces not wehre they should be is what im thinking but im not sure
  12. heres the output.log however i dont know where the player.log is i couldnt find it youll have to tell me where it stores that one output_log__2020-09-08__17-07-59.txt
  13. so building in a poi making it a base is there any way to delete the rally marker with dev tools so that spot can be built into?
  14. sure sorry for the late reply, just woke back up. Most of it seems to work problem is the quest.xml. also it needs balenceing you origonally found them off zombie loot, was a slim chance prob 0.12 in the origonal files up to .15 for harder stuff. I had to peice it together from his overhaul expansion, It works if i add the quest.xml directly into the main file other wise i get object referance not set. Also cant quite get the description to show up in game, even once i get it working. It does however when i do that give you the skill points its supposed to. vamars_survivor_notes.rar
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