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  1. Hi all. I have some questions for the creators of the mod. It's about the code of the rottenness of food. The code <property name = "foodSpoilImmune" value = "60" />, is what controls the duration of a food, unless you store it in a functional fridge, which has a value of <property name = "foodSpoilImmune" value = "100" />. The questions are the following: When you store a food in the fridge ... The value becomes 100 or both values are added? What kind of ratio does this value follow? 60 hours in-game? Does the climate (heat and cold) affect this ratio in any way? I
  2. Then, I will not play any later game version. My friends and I still play a16 with starvation mod, an heavily handmodified version, and we never think playing without your mod. The team really achieved something unique and incredible. Thank you very much for your effort and for the hours of fun.
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