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  1. Well, Memtest86 found hundreds of errors on both RAM sticks. Went and did an exchange for a New memory kit. Currently running prime95 now for an hour with no errors or failures. I'll let this go for another couple of hours and then will test the 7Days again.......fingers crossed..... Toys
  2. Well.....ran Prime95.... Ran the Small FFT test for 30 minutes, no errors and highest CPU core temp was 52 degrees on Air Cooling Ran the Blended test......yeah, there is an issue, an error was detected within seconds and computer proceeded to reboot. I had CPUID Hardware Monitoring up the entire time...... I don't have time tonite but will run Memtest86 tomorrow morning. I bet I have a faulty stick or even both of 'em are faulty. And I swapped out the PSU with another known GOOD Working unit and still got the same results when playing 7days - crashes to desktop. So right now, its looking like memory is the culprit. Toys
  3. OK - I fixed the logs, hopefully I did it correctly. The crashes continue even without the Origin UI Mod installed. Stumped to say the least. Brand new build with I7 9700K, 16GB RAM, and a re-used GTX 1070 FTW from old build. Also, NEW install of Windows. I have made sure Drivers are up to date as well. I don't know what to do next. Some times I can play for 90 minutes before it crashes, sometimes its 5 minutes before it crashes...... Toys
  4. I have unplugged my G27 Wheel and both Logitech 3D Pro joysticks - Game still crashes.......... Here is my most recent log..... https://pastebin.com/nk9G3iwx
  5. Hi guys - Having a weird issue where 7days will crash and leave back at the Desktop. There is no set time, crashes will happen randomly. I have had Steam validate files, I have done memory tests of my system - everything comes out ALL Good. Win10 updates are current and I have the latest NVidia driver - I am stumped at this point. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Toys Here is my log..... https://pastebin.com/kz9fSLig
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