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  1. Actually didn't know the game was all the way back from 2013. I didn't get on "the wagon" until 3 years later. But i'm glad i did. ~800 hours slaughtering/getting slaughtered by zombies so far, and many more to come
  2. Here: I was talking about my cpu's release date, not the game (and having a very large inability to count in the middle of the night my time)
  3. Where are you seeing 2013 though? It says 2011 Retribution, yes!
  4. hahahaha, woops 🤣 - 10 years ago, obviously. It was late for me 😅
  5. Gotta chime in here... Regarding host machines, i have absolutely no clue. Regarding client machines, well. Honestly, this game runs much better than many so-called polished and released games for what it is actually handling behind the scene. My rig is quite old by now. It has - an i5-2500k cpu (released in 2011, 20 years ago) - on a asrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard (highest supported windows version listed on the manufacturers spec list is win 7 for which mainstream support ended in 2015 - i run win10 on it) - 16 gi
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