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  1. To be honest this is a little vague. But if you could do something that helps then why the hell not if you want to do it
  2. I read that but apparently missed it thank you. Still blocked on my mod but don't get the same error message anymore with that version ( i downloaded last 2019.1.20)
  3. Hello, Would this work with 2019.3.7f1 ? Because i'm trying to follow all your tutorials but i can't seem to make it work and i don't know if it is because i'm stupid or if it is because of the version (i'm guessing it is because there are errors on the project for the export bundle script). Wanted to try to download an old one from here : https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive But.. There's a lot of 2019.1 version and my dl speed is to 300Kb/s so wanted to know what version to dowload 'cause i can't just dl all of them to try what works.
  4. So... Hi. i have the exact same error message (Cannot load mod - Unity error -. has a higher serialized file version) but do not have any errors in unity. I get this in the console of 7DTD after loading my mod (it's a flag texture modification from Xyth tutorial). Do not know if this is a hijacked or not but i didn't feal creating a thread while there's another one with the same title three post bellow
  5. Ok understood. So after looking it up. Seems pretty simple to add some stuff until i realized.... You need to create stuff in unity and i never used it Will try to dive in if my time permits it. Thanks again for your answers.
  6. Ah yes. So any BIG mod have to be loaded last to be sure it works ? Well i'll take a look but since there's dll in mods i thought it would be in C# or something and i'm not very good at it. I'll check then. See if i can make one. That'll help me understand. Hope it doesn't take too long to do though
  7. Haha yeah got it. Basicly. If it's xml only.. Low risk and name conflict (that can be corrected quite easily). If dll and using overhaul. Stay away
  8. Thank you both for your answer. What about adding. How can i know i can add something like... Let's say new Zombies. I don't know how it works so bear with me. If it's only XML adding, There should not be a problem right ? But what about spawning ? Is it it's own things ? Or is it something like skyrim and lootlist (meaning you can have two object added but they "share" the lootlist and so one of the is overwritten or some ♥♥♥♥. Basicly i know that's it's trial and error but i wanted to know tips because unlike Skyrim... 7DTD AND DF takes a long time to boot
  9. Hello everyone, So in Skyrim, i know quite well what mod can work with another. This is partly because i modded myself and know some of the inside out of the game. For 7DTD i just do not. So my question is fairly simple (answer may not be ). How can i know if a mod is compatible with another ? For example, i really like DF. But i saw a few modlet that seem nice but... How can i know i will not break my game ?
  10. Well ModLauncher isn't fixed. But as Khaine said on the last couple pages i tried on Nexus and this one works.
  11. I hope you are aware that there's a metal band that actually do songs ONLY with Arnold's quote (and it's not amateur) ? Named "Austrian Death Machine". I recommand the single : "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle". And if your not into metal. Too bad Warning though : it's pretty stupid lol
  12. Hello, Getting back in 7DTD and seeing DF was on latest version i'm downloading (but i think i should get it from Nexus mods from what i can read on the last pages ? Or is it fixed in the mod launcher ?) Is there specific patch notes for DF on 18.4 ? 'Cause this thread is 310 pages long. Do you store it somewhere Khaine ? (also may you recover soon)
  13. Interested as well. Also @Mayics, i just booted the 7dtd launcher and i see mod version is 2.0 while in here you say 2.1. Not updated on launcher or typo ? 'cause i want to try if i can add it to my DF game to see if it works.
  14. What section are you talking about ? Here is where you can find mentioned mods : https://7daystodie.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?61-Mods which is NOT a dedicated section so i don't understand. I didn't know about SteamWorkshop. Is it for A18 ? That's also an option but not for this forum since the mod launcher is not TFP.
  15. They did that because it was eating performance i believe. Some mods do it though but not with a really random. They just have more fixed genres of zombies. But i would like to see it back somehow. Maybe they could limit the number of types spawned to not have 80 different zombies animation. Like random but 20 types at the same time or something.
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