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  1. KingGen can covert the raw files to PNG as well
  2. Boooo, you've dashed my belief that Joel can never be wrong, and now I'm depressed. 😛
  3. So, the new spider zombie. Joel let it slip in the stream that it climbs. Is this true, or was he mistakenly thinking of the old A15 mechanic? Since Joel is NEVER wrong, it climbs, right??
  4. It's happening! Also setting my alarms, see you guys there!!
  5. I could have sworn @KhaineGB mentioned something in 19.6 required a new game. Is that still a thing?
  6. Question: do I need to perk into explosives for dismemberment to kick in? I had a full stack of 20 from a quest reward, thinking, "this'll be fun with the next horde", and they did nothing at all in practice. Not a single dismemberment in a huge horde. Maybe I got unlucky? It sure would be fun to have the zombies go flying with explosions -- even if they aren't really hurt. Funny side note: I ran into some football players yesterday, and they jogged at me, something I've never seen before
  7. I've been testing this mod a little bit, and right away, my least favorite part is how useless explosives are. Pipe bombs and grenade only do 1 damage, no matter what you do. If anything, they should be more effective, and cause more ragdolling, stuns and dismemberment if possible. If I remember correctly, explosion damage is a bit buggy with this mod. Other than that, the change to the pacing is quite exciting.
  8. But did you unlock the coffee recipe?
  9. I just stumbled upon this wonderful tool, and look forward to many new adventures using it. I hope you plan to update it when the new vanilla RWG drops, as I love the customizable features you've added. Thank you so much for your amazing efforts.
  10. Supposedly if you shoot off their limbs, they're still supposed to be able to bite you. Kinda hard with that mask in the way.
  11. Ah well, that's fine. A20 will be that much more dope.
  12. Is 19.5 going to have these changes (#1 & #3)?? Looking forward to the updates and restarting my playthrough.
  13. I think you need to go make your own mod. You clearly have no respect for the work put into this one. Until you actually do something this extensive, you have no business coming in here and whining about anything. You don't even understand how certain features may not work when new alphas are released. This is you right now: "Waaaaahhhh, a feature I liked two alphas ago isn't here, put it back now! I don't like this new feature, take it out! Do what I say, because despite never creating anything, I know better! Waaaahahhhhh!" Don't like the hazmat armor mods? How about you make a DF mod that removes them from crafting and stop crying about it? Can't do it? How about you IGNORE THEM?
  14. If memory serves, the small bunker won't reset, but you can find more than one. The final bunker can be a Tier V quest so it can reset, and there can be more than one of those as well.
  15. I appreciate the effort anyway. Looking forward to any updates you have in the future.
  16. There are some new trees in the game (forest and desert biomes). Oranges, Apples, Coconuts and Bananas. One hit with an axe will "harvest" the tree. Don't chop it down, let it regrow. You can sometimes get a seed (later you can make seeds) that you can plant anywhere. You can eat fruit without worry. It won't give a lot, but you'll survive in a pinch.
  17. Seriously, eat lots of fruit. It'll keep you going until you learn to cook food properly.
  18. Eat fruit. Lots of it. Hmm, I found a little @Kage848 Easter Egg in a random yellow bag drop. Gives 15 skill notes, sweet! Fun thought: it would be pretty sweet to have some ultra-rare base decoration items you could find either in loot or as special quest rewards. How about mob heads?
  19. Put the feed in your hotbar, right click on the snare/coop. No hammer needed.
  20. Go here using a Chrome-based browser: https://kui.github.io/7dtd-map/ Drag your map files onto the page as directed In the PreFabs Filter, type "book". Take down the coordinates of the POIs listed. Profit. EDIT: Don't do this if you care about any map-based spoilers. If you just want coordinates, open the map's prefabs.xml in a text editor, search for "book", take down the coordinates by each match.
  21. SOooooo, a Demon Zombie Vulture?? O_o
  22. Quest thoughts: Are there any plans to add "timed" quests? Examples: When NPCs are added, you could have a time limit to rescue an NPC holed up in a POI before the zombies kill them and you lose (if you win, they just run off. When bandits are added, you could have a disarm quest, where you have to disarm a bomb mechanism before it obliterates the loot room. There could even be quests where if you accept it, the timer starts immediately, like recovering a medical bag from a POI for Jen, where the meds will expire if left in the open too long. Timed quests would have higher rewards, of course. Dead drop/delivery quests would be great for timed quests too. SUPER stoked for A20. Can't wait for the next live stream!!
  23. @madmoleLove the new zombies, except the construction worker reskin of the janitor - that one seems lazy, unless you're testing clothing options. Also starting to notice a visible difference in art styles - one has matte textures, and the other is very shiny. Will there be another pass to help standardize them, or add little details like gnashing teeth animations or better punch animations? Still great work, just wondering!
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