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  1. Quest thoughts: Are there any plans to add "timed" quests? Examples: When NPCs are added, you could have a time limit to rescue an NPC holed up in a POI before the zombies kill them and you lose (if you win, they just run off. When bandits are added, you could have a disarm quest, where you have to disarm a bomb mechanism before it obliterates the loot room. There could even be quests where if you accept it, the timer starts immediately, like recovering a medical bag from a POI for Jen, where the meds will expire if left in the open too long. Timed quests would have higher rewards, of course. Dead drop/delivery quests would be great for timed quests too. SUPER stoked for A20. Can't wait for the next live stream!!
  2. @madmoleLove the new zombies, except the construction worker reskin of the janitor - that one seems lazy, unless you're testing clothing options. Also starting to notice a visible difference in art styles - one has matte textures, and the other is very shiny. Will there be another pass to help standardize them, or add little details like gnashing teeth animations or better punch animations? Still great work, just wondering!
  3. Ugh, is there any XML edit to reenable it?
  4. Lol, how'd you get two BM days?
  5. Look for this line while the game loads:
  6. You can see the next calculated horde night in the debug screen [F1], when you load your game.
  7. It also makes perk choices very important. You can't get a fergittin elixir later. No quests = no POI resets either. No challenges. Just looting and survival. In my current play through, I've just about cleared all the local POIs, and will have to move on. I have my bicycle, but recently got lucky and found both schematics for the 4x4 accessories and chassis, so I'm thinking of building that to move my base to a more densely filled area. It's only day 9. I'll look into that mod option after A19 drops and I play the heck out of vanilla. Can't wait for some more videos!
  8. Try playing a no trader, no loot respawn, no air drops, no vending game. It's a very lonely game, but very immersive.
  9. Great stream, see you on Monday's stream! Looking forward to that spear blooper. I think I was laughing uncontrollably for 5 minutes straight. 🤣 Edit: The raid on Guru was epic too.
  10. Please tell me someone recorded the spear demo. I have to show that to my daughter.
  11. Stay safe, Pimps! @madmole, any plans for some gameplay videos in a couple of weeks? I'd like to see some of these new, slick graphics in motion!
  12. When I see new players streaming, it's so painful, it should be in the ISS. In general, I think the tutorial system isn't as obvious as it needs to be. New players seem to completely ignore the starter quests, and flail about.
  13. @madmole, any chance when the new building radials are done, we'll have a full set of frames available for wood, metal and rebar? Or, is it intended to not have all available shapes in the building menus? Can't wait for some new artwork and videos, especially a few of yours showing off new features! A19 seems to be a major graphical overhaul, it should be like playing a new game again.
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