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  1. Let's admit that earlier versions of the game also had some very interesting ideas. I liked a lot of things before version 15.
  2. For fun, I installed 16.4 and 19 v173. Played for 30 minutes in each version, then increased the character's level by 10. In version 16.4 it is interesting to explore the world, zombies really scare and can kill if you relax. The default settings are average. I just set the option where zombies always run. In version 19, you have to stand and not move so that the zombies will kill you. I've played 60 hours of version 19 before and I've never been killed by a zombie. The level set the highest, always running. I don't know about You but I don't like this new mechanics of increasin
  3. I have to make a video for You of me pumping a character with a wooden club and not picking up loot? This is very simple if you have played any dynamic game (Doom, Quake, l4d). But it's long and boring. Early versions of the game were more complex and apocalyptic. Download version 15 for example and make sure. The lack of loot does not affect the difficulty of the game. Early versions of the game were more complex and apocalyptic. Download version 15 for example and make sure. Why should developers cater to the weak players who started playing with the late
  4. What for? Imagine there is a game about racing. In this game, there are few turns on the tracks and slow cars. Players are asked to add interesting tracks with obstacles and increase the speed of cars. But you say: you need to do 20 laps on a circular track at a speed of 30 km/h. And if I say that it is no more fun, Then you will offer to do 50 laps on a straight track at a speed of 10 km/h. In games, you can make settings with checkboxes. Weak players will disable all difficulties. In early versions of the game, they survived in the desert and wilderness. The rules of the
  5. The game does not get harder if you remove loot and increase the number of zombies. You will spend more time on the extraction of resources. I will still be able to build the cannon to get the iron and relax. I will still find, buy, and assemble 8 machine guns. I'll make a modification for them to fit more bullets. I will put these machine guns in all the fast slots and "survive". This is not survival, this is a sandbox where you sometimes have to hit a zombie with a strange electric stick. You can even remove all the zombies from this version of the game and not much will change.
  6. After version 16, the game became stupid and boring. Weak zombies, stupid RPG character leveling system, strange modifications for everything. On the first levels, you have several dozen muskets. No one plays with muskets, they are stupid weapons. Developers specifically force you to use it. Even so, a musket is worse than a bow. Loot in the game must be completely random and do not depend on the level of the player. You can find a rifle in the first house, or you can find ten evil zombies there. At about level 10, it becomes uninteresting to play. At level 30, all the boxes are full of am
  7. I'm sorry I explained it wrong. I think the player should not find a lot of ready-made things, especially those that he can make himself. It is necessary to focus the player on collecting resources and producing their own things. I remember how interesting it was to play the 15 version. You couldn't go and find a gun or a rifle right away. For ordinary springs, you had to go to dangerous places. Every bullet counted. Now at the initial stage of the game, you can find anything on the first day. You don't even need to craft anything. Real crafting only starts at level 50 or higher.
  8. It seems to me that before the zombie invasion, no one did things to survive the Apocalypse. Who needs pipe pistols or muskets? Spears, stone arrows, and so on are things that can't be stored in store boxes or safes. Where can craft armor come from in an ordinary person's wardrobe? The world has been plundered and destroyed. But somewhere there are the usual things that were used in the economy: chainsaws, steel axes, wrenches, etc. The chance of finding such things should be the same. Factory-made weapons must be stored in safes. There should be an interest in producing your ow
  9. Hi! Can we make sure that there are no homemade items and weapons in loot? And it is also interesting that the loot does not depend on the level of the player. This will be closer to reality. You can find anything, any quality, just like in real life. There can't be a primitive bow in an expensive safe or a stone axe in a warehouse store. Great random. Even if the player has level 200, you open the box, you think there will be good tools, but everything is rusty. This is the Apocalypse, don't relax. Or on the first level, you can easily find a chainsaw in the garage. Why not?
  10. I played for a few hours at v19. I really liked the new models and textures. Thank you very much for this. During two hours of play, I found 20 muskets in safes and more than 30 stone axes in toolboxes. I'm sorry, but this is nonsense. At least there should be pistols in the safe. The tool boxes contain factory-made steel tools. What does it matter what level the character is and what skills they have? The world around us should not depend on the character, it is the character who should depend on the world. I believe that the game should be full of unexpected accidents. Where it see
  11. Thank you for the hint! Downloaded NitroGen and prefab generator. Downloaded prefablist.txt from this topic. But it didn't work out. I tried it in different ways, and edited the files following the recommendations here on the forum. Please tell me how to generate a map for DF? I think many users will be grateful to receive instructions.
  12. Vanilla buildings can't be added to the map generator? The whole map is filled with boring houses. Especially infuriating are these Japanese old buildings everywhere. I want a zombie Apocalypse in the city of megapolis with high-rise buildings, but all around these old houses from Japan. Even in Japan, these buildings are only in the Museum.
  13. I spelled it wrong last time. If you make radiation invisible so that it doesn't appear on the map. The player comes to radiation and he starts to fall health, not as fast as now. It's like death out of nowhere. You do not know where these beautiful red areas are drawn on the map, do not see clear boundaries. You can take risks and run in the field of radiation. Let's say 10 minutes it is possible to live without protection, but health all the time is reduced. Now I clearly understand where there is radiation and took the habit of constantly pressing the "M" key to see the red area on the ma
  14. Good day! 1. How to protect against radiation? Yellow suit will go through radiation? Need a full set of this suit? Mask, jacket, pants, gloves and boots? I think the radiation kills too fast. It is better to do something that could be for some time to be in radiation without protection, and health/stamina slowly decreased and it could not be raised until you get out of radiation. Perhaps we should add a cure for radiation, similar to an antibiotic. It will add a sense of risk. 2. Bleeding kills too fast. Therefore, players are always running around with bats. It makes little sense. F
  15. 7dtd again became interesting! The developers had to make the game like this. Hardcore, new NPCs, new dangerous buildings, fight for survival in the last breath. This is an amazing mod, thanks a lot to the author! Can you get the rest of the dead zombies back in the game? That they would not disappear immediately, and remained on the ground and make it difficult to move as it was in previous versions of the game?
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