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  1. Tesko supermarket prefab.



    One for those who love to shop, enjoy Tesko - the supermarket where "Every Little Helps" - which is certainly true in a zombie apocalypse when you need food, water, medicine, and ammo to stay alive.

    Explore through this huge supermarket, loot whatever remains you might find there, and learn about the stories of past survivors who may have once called this supermarket their home during the plight of the apocalypse. Tesko features a whole heap of areas to explore, zombies to kill and places of interest to find.

    With thanks to Notti for helping me get this place finished up!

    Update: 29th Dec 2021 - This prefab has now been updated and overhauled for A20 and the download links updated - enjoy!

    Download (NexusMods)
    Download (Google Drive) 


    Installation details can be found here on the NexusMods page.



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  2. Currently wondering what's the best way to do the roads out of Woodbury to make them look the most natural, as they're not all going to connect to a main road in the RWG.


    There's a total of three roads... anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking to just make the two non-primary roads out of Woodbury look like they been taken over by nature and gradually blended/engulfed into the grass/topsoil.

  3. Thanks guys!


    I did check with @laz-man originally if he had anything in the pipeline with Woodbury as I didn't want to step on his toes :wink-new: I can't wait for a full collection of TWD locations. Imagine a Nitrogen map with just TWD locations and some small towns in between... and then when bandits arrive, imagine them guarding the walls at the prison, Woodbury, Sanctuary etc ...epicness! :highly_amused:


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  4. images.jpeg.ca86bae142cc39f0ad78ee8c98952661.jpegIn This Life Now, You Kill Or You Die. Or You Die And You Kill! - The Governor, Woodbury


    Survivors, I'm proud to present my 7 Days to Die interpretation prefab of Woodbury from the Walking Dead.
    Let's go back in time and rewind to Season 3 (or 2012 if we're talking air dates), back to the Governor days, and back to the merry old town of Woodbury.





    Download (NexusMods)

    Download (Google Drive)


    Installation details can be found here on the NexusMods page.




    YouTube Video (recorded pre-release, so a little outdated)




    Recreating Woodbury in 7D2D

    This prefab has approx. 25 furnished buildings to explore and famous areas to venture through.


    I've tried to keep the main street and the layout of the buildings consistent so that it's match-able somewhat and similar to the original set (and the real life street), although to fit into the 7 Days universe I've had to change up the building uses/internal spaces (what the buildings are/have inside) or had to fill in some of the surrounding areas from my own interpretation of how Woodbury looked or how I believe the governor would have had things organised.


    This release of Woodbury is set after the battle with Rick's group, after the Governor and his groupies have been killed, left in despair with the remaining inhabitants left to fend for themselves. Will they be able to rebuild Woodbury once again, or fall to the zeds like so many before them? A whole lot of mess, townsfolk (...as sleepers) and possibly good loot for you to find after all of the governor's time hoarding all of the good stuff to himself.

    The History of Woodbury

    Woodbury was originally abandoned by it's original inhabitants, or got unlucky and were turned into the undead and eventually drifted away from the town in search of fresh meat. Some time later, it was eventually discovered by a man named Philip Blake and a few other survivors who had previously barricaded themselves in one of the apartments for an unknown amount of time. However, under new leader ship and by working together, the survivors managed to clear the town of the dead and build fortified walls on Woodbury's streets to keep the dead from re-entering. Over time more survivors arrived at Woodbury and the town grew to contain over 73 survivors, all who fell under the leadership of Philip, or better nicknamed "The Governor".

    The residents of Woodbury were able to restore power to the town for light via the use of solar panels, grow crops on the streets to feed themselves and had access to many vehicles and homes. Children were also given educations and the town also had a well trained doctor. Some of the town's residents were ex-military soldiers and were tasked by the Governor with guarding the walls 24/7 in order to ensure protection from the dead and potential hostile survivors.



    Update History

    • 14th June 2021 - V1.2 Minor Bug Fixes & Extra Detailing Added
    • 11th May 2021 - V1.1 Minor Update of the xml File
    • 15th April 2021 - V1.0 Official Release
    • 12th February 2020 - Development Started
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  5. I did start playing on it last night and had fun, it's a nice server in regards to the settings and mods.

    I visited the community hall and am now looking for a nice area to start building a base.


    Where about is everyone else located? I was looking to build about 1km away from the community centre.

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