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  1. Currently wondering what's the best way to do the roads out of Woodbury to make them look the most natural, as they're not all going to connect to a main road in the RWG. There's a total of three roads... anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking to just make the two non-primary roads out of Woodbury look like they been taken over by nature and gradually blended/engulfed into the grass/topsoil.
  2. Thanks guys! I did check with @laz-man originally if he had anything in the pipeline with Woodbury as I didn't want to step on his toes I can't wait for a full collection of TWD locations. Imagine a Nitrogen map with just TWD locations and some small towns in between... and then when bandits arrive, imagine them guarding the walls at the prison, Woodbury, Sanctuary etc ...epicness!
  3. It's time to go back in time and rewind to Season 3 (or 2012 if we're talking air dates), back to the Governor days and back to the merry old town of Woodbury... Survivors, I'm proud to present my WIP interpretation 7 Days to Die prefab of Woodbury from the Walking Dead! Recreating Woodbury in 7D2D I've tried to keep the main street and the layout of the buildings consistent so that it's match-able somewhat and similar to the original set (and the real life street), although to fit into the 7 Days universe I've had to changed up the building uses/internal spaces (what the buildings are/have inside) or had to fill in some of the surrounding areas from my own interpretation of how Woodbury looked or how I believe the governor would have had things organised. The prefab has approx 25 buildings to explore and includes some famous areas including the arena; where Daryl was forced to fight against his brother and some other scenes that I'm going to keep quiet on and just let you explore once released. See Development Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/48bmL9A See The Latest Video: The History of Woodbury Woodbury was originally abandoned by it's original inhabitants, or got unlucky and were turned into the undead and eventually drifted away from the town in search of fresh meat. Some time later, it was eventually discovered by a man named Philip Blake and a few other survivors who had previously barricaded themselves in one of the apartments for an unknown amount of time. However, under new leader ship and by working together, the survivors managed to clear the town of the dead and build fortified walls on Woodbury's streets to keep the dead from re-entering. Over time more survivors arrived at Woodbury and the town grew to contain over 73 survivors, all who fell under the leadership of Philip, or better nicknamed "The Governor". The residents of Woodbury were able to restore power to the town for light via the use of solar panels, grow crops on the streets to feed themselves and had access to many vehicles and homes. Children were also given educations and the town also had a well trained doctor. Some of the town's residents were ex-military soldiers and were tasked by the Governor with guarding the walls 24/7 in order to ensure protection from the dead and potential hostile survivors. Prefab Release The 7 Days to Die Walking Dead Woodbury prefab is planned to be released as two separate releases: Clean - A 'clean', pre-downfall version where you can jump right into Woodbury as it would have been before Rick ever came onto the scene. You'll find a self-reliant town with everything you'd need to safely and reliably live out the apocalypse. No sleepers, no mess, just plenty of role-play! Aftermath - The aftermath release will be Woodbury after the battle with Rick's group, after the Governor and his groupies have been killed, left in despair with the remaining inhabitants left to fend for themselves. Will they be able to rebuild Woodbury once again, or fall to the zeds like so many before them? A whole lot of mess, townsfolk (...as sleepers) and possibly good loot for you to find after all of the governor's time hording all of the good stuff to himself.
  4. Looks great! Your screenshot here doesn't work for me (only loads as thumbnail size) but your video does your mall proud. Subbed to your channel to follow the progress
  5. Just had a play through and the screenshots do not do this place justice, much bigger than I thought it'd be with a bit of story-telling of the people who once held up there. As for the sleepers issue in the loft, I removed the second (smaller) sleeper volume in the roof, changed the zombie rate to 18-24 on the main roof one and then it worked as intended. The zombies above the drop floor triggered without waking up the rest in the roof. I also made sure that none of the other volumes overlapped. Maybe give the same a go and see if it works any better that way for you?
  6. Great thread idea! Following on to these questions, I hope you don't mind me asking a related question too...in regards to the individual sleeper settings for sight and hearing - are these values for block radius or the angle the zombies are facing or something else? Also, what's up with the fire/burnt zombies? I practically have to sit on their heads to wake them up in a play test, even with sight and hearing levels up high.
  7. What Windows are you using? I have the GTX 1050 and had the same issue when first playing A18. I tried everything with my graphics card and settings, upgraded RAM from 8GB to 16GB but still had issues and lots and lots of lag, like couldn't even move my character forward or turn around. What fixed it for me was upgrading from Windows from 7 to 10. Apparently it was an issue with Windows 7 updates failing and no longer being supported by Microsoft. I installed Windows 10 and everything was fixed instantly. Hopefully, it's the same case for you as it's a pretty easy fix.
  8. I believe a sever manager like CSMM for 7 Days to Die may be able to do this - but it's a paid service, not free.
  9. Hi That's a really cool prefab from the screenshots and will definitley add some variety. As you said, there is a lack of animal related prefabs in game. I bet a dog's home full of infected dogs would be scarily amazing, if not a bit sad for the dogs lol! I'm currently building a prefab consisting of a whole street and I added a small pet store to that yesterday. It was actually quite fun to kit out internally as there are quite a few matching assets in game such as the terrarium, dog crate, dog house etc which are barely used elsewhere and look perfect for pet places like this. As for the bug with asphalt, it is a confirmed bug - see the forum post here. Will be downloading your clinic and giving it a play later on after work
  10. What's the difference between playing the game as it is now compared to playing the game with it's status not being tagged as alpha anymore? There is no difference. Just think of it as already being out of alpha with constant and free updates.
  11. Great idea! I've recently made an airstrip prefab (it's not public yet) and my airline name for that is "SAP Air", so it would be really cool to have another airport prefab with a matching named hangar in it. Here's a few shop names I came up with that are a play on words with being in an airport... Plane Sight - Sunglasses Shop Baggy Cargos - Clothes/Cargo Pants Shop Angel Wings - Travel/Flight Insurance Landing Strip - Beauty Salon / Bikini Wax Close Shave - Barbers / Hairdressers JetFuel - Coffee Shop Flaming Wings - Chicken Shop / Restaurant
  12. Welcome to MP! In reality, PVE MP isn't so much different to SP, except for on busier servers you could end up running into other players and their bases, joining up for co-op, trading etc. It's a lot more fun than SP knowing others are around, especially joining up with someone on a bloodmoon and battling the hordes at someone's base. Inconsistent playtime isn't an issue. I could play for like a whole weekend, then not come back for two weeks later, and my base and items are just as I left them. Most of the time unless there's been a new update then you won't generally come across many server wipes so your base and everything should still be just as you left it. Picking a server - yeh pretty much trial and error, or check out the forums here for threads on people advertising their server. You can get a feel for how they are and the admin pretty quickly. As for mods, this really goes hand in hand in with the above. If the server has any mods, they should state it in their server forum thread or discord / website. Most of the popular server mods will just be small quality of life improvements that aren't overly noticeable when you first join the server. I've been playing on the same server for the last 18 months now and it's really friendly and great chat on Discord. This is the one if you were looking for another server to play on.
  13. I'm having the same issue with Asphalt and thought it was just me, but I've verified my files, done a fresh install and checked all xml files. Asphalt (block id: 18) seems to be bugged. It's acting like a filler instead of standard asphalt. If you place it on forest ground, it turns to forest ground, place it on gravel, it shows as gravel. Edit: Looks like it's now a confirmed bug, see the bug forum here.
  14. Are you sure you're not using hollow point ammo? The ammo with the red tips? These bullets only knock back zombies with armor instead of damaging them.
  15. You do realise that your 'idea' goes against your first statement right? Right, because that's not immersion breaking having giant yellow quest signs outside the majority of POI's which you have to go up to and click to then watch the POI magically repair and reset itself and spawn sleepers in? So everyone could just not click the quest sign and loot the POI as normal (minus your one unbreakable box at the end) without any threat of sleepers? Sounds great...
  16. You're under the influence that everybody else has the same opinion as you. "Hence why the game is boring" - says you, not a fact. "many only can play for a bit or play for 5 min then go nope need mods" - says you, not a fact. "Fallout skyrim borderlands all have replayability over and over" - says you, not a fact. "cause its not easy it doesnt hand the easy route" - says you, not a fact. If you think all of this, then fine, that's your opinion. But stop making out like that's what every other player thinks.
  17. Putting aside opinions about how easy or hard the gameplay is, I really can't believe that someone is complaining that they've spent $24.99 (ish - possibly much less if you bought it on sale) on a game which they've had 1000 hours worth out of, and probably more to come. That works out to a measly 2.5 cents per hour! 1.5 cents per hour if you bought it on sale. Compare this to AAA games, which realistically are more at $29.99 - $49.99, where you'd be looking at 8 - 16 hours of single player content and then a few hundred hours of online content (if there is any and if you enjoy it), which in some cases is just repeating the exact same tasks, on the exact same maps over and over and over again. I honestly don't know what kind of answer you're looking for here Is this just a bait thread?
  18. Wow... just wow! This has gotta be one of the best Prefabs in creation that I've ever seen.
  19. This is a really nice house, thanks for sharing!
  20. When starting a new game, I'll go with a Sledgehammer until I found a gun and ammo. During my first A18 experience I moved to the 9mm once I found a silencer. Don't know why but that little gun is so fun with a silencer and red dot sight. Easy and quiet headshots on sleepers, enough capacity in the magazine for firing at groups and only one gun powder per bullet. My second round after the server reset for 18.3, I found an AK on Day 1 and have been using that for every encounter. I might switch back to the 9mm when I can make/find a silencer, I do tend to waste more bullets with the AK than with the 9mm though, so that's a downside. I just never seem to find enough feathers for arrows/bolts, when Nitrate, Coal, Lead and Brass are easily found to make bullets.
  21. I did start playing on it last night and had fun, it's a nice server in regards to the settings and mods. I visited the community hall and am now looking for a nice area to start building a base. Where about is everyone else located? I was looking to build about 1km away from the community centre.
  22. Hi there, Just wondering if your server is still active with players? I would love to come and play, but just don't want to waste time grinding a new character up to find out no-one else is playing there anymore. Many thanks.
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