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  1. We had tp reinstalll the server from scratch (ie clean copy of 19.2 Vanilla) and manually upload all the files - so yes, a restart I'm afraid
  2. Do you mean patch it manually mate? The mod launcher is looking at the wrong file to install DF. It uses: https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/darknessfallsa19client.git If I do patch it manually (like I do the server) - will it still launch via the mod launcher or does that mean we no longer use the mod launcher? Cheers mate as always **UPDATE** Scrub the above - even though the mod launcher still says 19.1 and v3.1 - when I log into DF it says V3.2 on the menu screen
  3. I know mate:) Just messing around trying to work some stuff out - on a voyage of discovery one might say
  4. Hi, Is there an uptodate prefablist file - or is it the same one linked back on page 173 for A18? Many thanks, Adr
  5. Hi, Been trawling through the forum looking for how to use Nitrogen to make maps for DF. Completely understand Kaines message that Nitrogen is not recommended for various reasons... Soooooo - my question is how do I generate a map that is completely flat and entirely pine forest apart from some patches of desert? I know I have to change stuff in the RWGMixer files - but have no idea what to do...... Any help for this dumb idiot would be much appreciated :) Adr.
  6. Updated Nitrogen to use Compopack 46 - its not adding the Darkness Falls POI's anymore (Zones yes, POI's no). Any ideas? - pretty sure i'm just being dumb...
  7. Next dumbass question as I used to have this working...... How do I get the Darkness Falls POIS into the map - specifically the two ones needed for the endgame?
  8. Doh!!!! Thanks mate Next dumbass question as I used to have this working...... How do I get the Darkness Falls POIS into the map - specifically the two ones needed for the endgame?
  9. Hi all, Firstly - thank you guys so much for the work. Compopack with Nitrogen and Darkness Falls is keeping this game alive for me and my crew Now - followed the instructions exactly for cp46 yet whenever I generate a map all the POIS are in 11 straight lines in the bottom left of the map... Done th eusual delete everything and restart etc.. Any ideas? Cheers Adr
  10. Unbelievably awesome mod - Haven't played Vanilla for ages as this is just so much better.... Incredible work Khaine Quick question if I may - on my MP Server we are only starting with 1 class book each, used to be 2. How do I change this back? Many thanks, Adr
  11. Ok - I have the program installed and have selected the box which says spawn trader - in the meta tab though nothing comes up and the list at the bottom left does not show any options when i type jen/rekt etc....... What do I do to change the trader to a specific one?
  12. Hi Folks, Spawned some traders into a POI I'm creating in Prefab Editor. I made sure i ticked the static spawner option and saved as soon as the trader spawned in. yet when I reload the POI - no trader... Other changes I made afterwards are still there. Sure I'm missing something obvious - can anyone shed any light?
  13. Hi Khaine, Was wondering if you had an eta on A19 version coming out ? Played vanilla A19 but tbh - it's a little boring once you get over the much improved graphics - Darkness Falls is SO much better.... Thanks for the MOD mate - it kept me and my mates/wife playing 7dtd..
  14. Chunk Reset? - sorry first time using prefab editor....
  15. Hey folks, I placed a trader down facing the wrong way (I'm stupid I know) but I can't work out how to remove it? Instant Death gun does not work - undo button ignores the placement and undoes the thing I did before placing it.... Anyone able to enlighten this idiot? Cheers, Adr :)
  16. I did, The versions don't state whether they are 32 or 64 bit. Only edge is 64bit. If I misread - my apologies - Just trying to be helpful....
  17. Edge version being 64 bit is nothing to do with the java version. Goto the Java page and download the right version.....
  18. I believe it WORKED! I started the game Single Player - then copied the world folder to the server - booted up no problem it would appear. HUGE thanks Damocles - For a free tool your willingness to help out - and quickly at that - is awesome brother. Thank you so much! Adr
  19. Ok, created a RWG world and the server started up fine (took forever of course - Nitrogen is SO much better). Seems like they run fine but Nitrogen throws up the error when it gets to the raw_proccessed.dtm bit - which is just before it finishes and makes the server public.... Will try that now
  20. This is exactly what we are talking about.....
  21. Ok - noticed that its not generating a checksums.txt file - the others are generated. the file is in the Navezgane folder. Does that help?
  22. Tried everything you suggest above - even did a reinstall on the Nitrado Server. Updated Nitrogen to v501 as well. Still gets stuck at the same point - 3 different maps tried now too... Argh!
  23. Nitrogen map is an 8k one - does that make any difference when copying main.ttw over? No idea what main.ttw does etc.... Huge thanks for the help mate Where would I find those _processed files mate?
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