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  1. Ok - I have the program installed and have selected the box which says spawn trader - in the meta tab though nothing comes up and the list at the bottom left does not show any options when i type jen/rekt etc....... What do I do to change the trader to a specific one?
  2. Hi Folks, Spawned some traders into a POI I'm creating in Prefab Editor. I made sure i ticked the static spawner option and saved as soon as the trader spawned in. yet when I reload the POI - no trader... Other changes I made afterwards are still there. Sure I'm missing something obvious - can anyone shed any light?
  3. Hi Khaine, Was wondering if you had an eta on A19 version coming out ? Played vanilla A19 but tbh - it's a little boring once you get over the much improved graphics - Darkness Falls is SO much better.... Thanks for the MOD mate - it kept me and my mates/wife playing 7dtd..
  4. Chunk Reset? - sorry first time using prefab editor....
  5. Hey folks, I placed a trader down facing the wrong way (I'm stupid I know) but I can't work out how to remove it? Instant Death gun does not work - undo button ignores the placement and undoes the thing I did before placing it.... Anyone able to enlighten this idiot? Cheers, Adr :)
  6. I did, The versions don't state whether they are 32 or 64 bit. Only edge is 64bit. If I misread - my apologies - Just trying to be helpful....
  7. Edge version being 64 bit is nothing to do with the java version. Goto the Java page and download the right version.....
  8. I believe it WORKED! I started the game Single Player - then copied the world folder to the server - booted up no problem it would appear. HUGE thanks Damocles - For a free tool your willingness to help out - and quickly at that - is awesome brother. Thank you so much! Adr
  9. Ok, created a RWG world and the server started up fine (took forever of course - Nitrogen is SO much better). Seems like they run fine but Nitrogen throws up the error when it gets to the raw_proccessed.dtm bit - which is just before it finishes and makes the server public.... Will try that now
  10. This is exactly what we are talking about.....
  11. Ok - noticed that its not generating a checksums.txt file - the others are generated. the file is in the Navezgane folder. Does that help?
  12. Tried everything you suggest above - even did a reinstall on the Nitrado Server. Updated Nitrogen to v501 as well. Still gets stuck at the same point - 3 different maps tried now too... Argh!
  13. Nitrogen map is an 8k one - does that make any difference when copying main.ttw over? No idea what main.ttw does etc.... Huge thanks for the help mate Where would I find those _processed files mate?
  14. Thanks for the response Map works on Single Player... File zilla was closed before starting Nitrado server. Nitrado is a hosting company fyi - so the server is not running on my PC.
  15. So - my Nitrado server works fine with Navezgane on A19. Created an A19 Map using vanilla POI's after doing a clean install of Nitrogen v500 for A19. Server starts but the log files stop after this: Any ideas? Huge thanks Adr Update - tried another Nitrogen map - same issue. Update 2 - Nitrogen Map works in Single player.....
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