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  1. Please make plots easier to make or put gardens back on the ground with a hoe, where they really belong like a16. Or make plots lootable like in early a18, Rotten meat is very hard to get in the beginning. Constantly starving now in early game. Buried supplies now have less food as well, and cans of food hardly fill you up. I eat a can of chille in real life and I am full, Eat 6 cans in 7dTd and starving again in minutes. Just ruins the fun Constantly looking /looting for food and lucky if you get one can. Mostly water no food in containers, or if your lucky one or two. Still Starving (Muliplayer) Why do you insist on ruining such a GREAT game. schematies have their place agreed. but, to plant a garden. have a patotoe plant the patotoe why make it so complicated. If It's hard for a seasoned player, how on earth are new players gonna find this game fun. Cause I sure don't A 19 took a GIANT step backwards IMO. So sad.
  2. Some things. Yes ! I agree, Way to many Scamatics to read, The Game has turned into a grind fest, and some things just don't make since. Example: 5 meat for 1 steak.... 5 veggies for 1 seed. I really liked the garden plot idea, but it was not really nessecary. (please at least bring back the ability to scavange the garden plots found on the map) Because, rotten meat take forever to collect. I play on a public server and meat is kind of hard to come by, as animals are a minority in this game and then to have the 5 to 1 ratio. it's just crazy. also while on the subject of meat. The squrts and food poisoning is to much, the % is to high. when all you have to eat is grilled meat, (unless you spend all you in master chef). it is much more than 2% or 4% chance like it says. I have spent days fighting to stay alive due to hunger and sickness and not fun! at all. I to love This Game and like you, I love some older version like 16, I don't like how you can make Zombies follow a certain path, that is unless you step off the pathing block then they leave the path and head straight for your support beams, which is just wrong zombies are flesh eating crazed mindless dead people, their path should be to get to you at all costs like in A16. Regarding the textures the only thing I am really sad about is the desert... yes it looks more real but the color of the desert in A17 was incredibly beautiful that orangey color was just awesome.... one more thing... MORE BIOMES PLEASE!!!! Somewhere else to build than the forest and still live in early stages of the game, as most server only let you have 1 LCB. the forest biome fills up so quickly, or loose some of the constant erie sounds found in the other biomes. Example, if you place a LCB (land claim block) it disappears of something like that. I can say the the replay of this game is not as good as it was. like I said too grindy now Server wipe to often witt all the updates, then you loose all your hard work. I know I will get some arguements to the contrary but I have the right to my opinion too. I am a major fan of this game, have been since the beginning.
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