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  1. So,about upgrading blocks.you go from wood , stone , concrete and steel. what happened scrap?How do you do reinforged scrap metal for example?
  2. Ok,then what is happening to the stamina and health bars?They are shrinking,the max ammounts become smaller.And how to get them to 100 again? (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) as your health and stamina go down, you must find good food and water to replenish its a combination of both... grab some medications too if you find them... but bad food and simply munching corn or blueberries and plain water wont raise them back up. that will keep you from dieing but you do have to have good food. check out the perks for health and see some good things there that will help you. it is now all about survival hope this helps
  3. What is with the limited stamina and health?And also,can't loot any zombies(they are non-interactive after they die and their corpses disappear). Playing on Navezgame (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) zombies will rarely drop a bag IF they have good loot. its a small chance and when you see a bag it will have something better than an empty can. this is a new feature and has been argued to death here in the forums. it didnt take long for me to get used to it but i prefer it this way... loot is abundant everywhere else and this does help with performance.. and every little bit helps. now i just kill'm and move on to the next on to the next one unless i see a bag drop.
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