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  1. Ok so what am I doing wrong, I uploaded the server files to my server as posted by Subquake to quote you " yep, you need 7DaysToDieServerData and Mods folders installed to server, make sure all files were copied successfully (especially the files in 7DaysToDieServerData folder, sometimes hosts don't allow overwriting .dll files), and EAC must be off on the server." I did this with latest files and have updated my mod launcher and I cannot see the server after it has generated the game. If I try to connect by IP I get this error Connection to server failed, could not retrieve se
  2. So new user to UL , I downloaded and followed the instructions on the UL homepage but when I run the program I keep getting a crash. It will make the map then it will open a unity badge and give a progress bar below that then it says it crashes please close program. I have the logs but I am kind of confused as to the cause. Only thing I can think of is my steam is set to latest experimental so 19.4 but the mod I downloaded is 2.2.71 it says latest exp 19.3 could this be the issue and if I set my steam betas to stable 19.3 should this solve the issue? So 2 different computers t
  3. Anyone having issues with a19.1 and nitrogen/compopack45? I am just about to restart server because when I tried to load a a19 map it was messed up
  4. You have to download and add compopack to use it so if you just download nitrogen as it is then use it you will get nothing but vanilla
  5. So I ran a map with compopack45 hotfix 02 and nitrogen and it runs beautifully. My wife and I played a multiplayer with me hosting the game on my pc, we are on day 17 and would like to play on our server, what would I need to transfer to my server to be able to keep our save game... all our loot and progression? I am currently uploading compopack to the server (we use Bluefang) once that is done I just need toupload what I assume is the world to generated worlds but what else for the save? Help is appreciated.
  6. I think I figured it out, I was trying to copy the actual prefabs into the text list.... like I said I am an idiot
  7. OK I am going out of my mind, I have been trying to copy paste , ctrl a and paste dragging to , the prefabs.txt and all I get is a bunch of symbols and messed up lines. If I try to right click copy then right click paste, paste is greyed out and I cant copy over. I am sure it is simple and I am an idiot but someone please help me. I was able to ctrl a and paste to the 7 days folder but I am trying to get itt into the prefabs for nitrogen.
  8. We should be on Alpha 37 by then, I should be closing in on 10k hours at that point
  9. Both you and the people playing on the server have to have the prefabs loaded on your pc and the server
  10. OK so I finally worked out how to make a map properly with compopack, I am using bluefang servers and had to uploaded the prefab list, 680mb 4200 files and took over 4 hours, I made the world in nitrogen uploaded world in nitrogen, and had 4 people playing on server just fine, we went into the wierd shaped book tower and while looting we froze up could move all over map but couldnt kill and couldnt loot, restared same issue. Any ideas?
  11. So I have had issues getting this to work, I overwrote the original prefablist and generated and got a Trader no trader found at end of intro quest, so I went back read the thread put back the original prefab list and renamed the compopack to Custom List, tried to generate and no luck, so I have now copied in compopack to the original prefab list (in addition to) and am trying that.... anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
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