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    DMT Modding Tool

    Hey Guppy I guess I Am confused then. I have been out of the modding loop for a bit. So we still use sdk for blocks? or we use DMt now ? Another question is. Why use the DMT anyways.. I see that most mods like audio or block files is just a drop in mods folder and thats it. So if I made a simple block in unity.. export it with the script, create my mod info and all the scripts.. I dont need to use anything to patch it? right? very confused on this process. Its my understanding that sdk changed the assembly file and added it to the game ...
  2. Fatal

    DMT Modding Tool

    ???? these tutorials apply to DMT? cause I just tried to do the simple cube sample and it does not work at all...
  3. well i have to say I played this mod on a server tonight for the first time and I am just disappointed. I am not going to take away the hard work you put in to it.. Great job and well the intentions of course are good but seeing the population on this mod on servers.. its pretty well agreed that this mod is super freaking hard. But not only is it super freaking hard its near to impossible. Especially when the game is highly dependent at first on findng nails that are pretty rare. Zombie kills are just worthless on xps.. Its probably 10 x grind than vanilla. Now I do know you will say well
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