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  1. There should be more steel tools and motor tools than stun bats in the world. 15 steel tool parts to make a steel pickaxe? 3 local traders and I have yet to see steel tool or motor tools for sale for 4 cycles.
  2. Regarding screamers...My base is next to a POI that has 2 burning barrels outside. I see screamers all day long. Can I assume that non player placed fire plays into their spawning?
  3. Day1. Level 2. Game stage 2. FERAL WIGHT!!!!!!
  4. Feral Wight...Day 1...Level 2? Come on Fun Pimps!
  5. Melee needs work. When I'm backing up and I power attack with a sledge hammer and miss the zombie shouldn't be able to hit me when we attack at the same time. I'm moving away from his attack. I have a weapon which gives me what...2 or 3 feet more range. Yet the zombie can score a hit and I can't?
  6. Are screamers spawning without heat? Day time day 1. I was outside scavenging a POI and a screamer spawned. I had no fire active. There was a game placed oil barrel on fire near by. Night time day 1. Secured an area with a door and was looting on a higher floor (staying in a partial demo'd building). I hear something banging on my door. Come down and 2 screamers are bashing it. I had 1 torch in my hand. Don't mind this all that much. Nice little horde to fight night 1 but is this the norm? Edit: Morning day 2 0430. I leave my structure and waiting for me at the bottom is another Screamer. Edit 2: Evening Day 2 2130. Get back to base and close door and ....another screamer. WTF.
  7. MadMole, How bout allow us to make synthetic feathers. You think all arrows are made out of bird feathers? Give us a recipe and make them at station.
  8. Maybe MadMole can include a horde length option? Or maybe a modder out there know's how do include something like this...
  9. Ever play horde every night with permadeath?
  10. Difference is at 4am the sun comes out. I'd rather be out getting resources and looting. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and adapt. Do we not have options to make things more difficult? Will turning blood moon count to 64 help? Turnup blood moon zombie speed to nightmare? Want a challenge? Turn your blood moon block damage to 300%. How can YOU make YOUR experience better?
  11. Not a big fan of horde night lasting until 4 AM. Lasting until 2 AM is good. Gives me a couple hours to fix things up. If you want more horde just exit and log back in. There ya go. Another horde.
  12. Thank you and joshwa0816. I'm not a big fan of negativity when I'm trying to be patient and wait for the new patch.
  13. Is there a way to mute some people in this thread? Or just view Fun Pimp employees? Unless your complaining improves everyone's experience I'm not sure what purpose it has here. We're all in this together.
  14. Seed "HEAVEN" Old Depetu Valley. 8k. Four decent sized cities to the N/NE. Also has 10 traders.
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