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  1. Part of the fun part of this game is learning how to build an effective base, which doesn't require much upkeep or cheese. I can have a mostly OP base by day 14 and maybe only replace one or two blocks on any given hoard night, and I generally have all my repairs done before 6am. I might have to do more if I have multiple explosions, but that is not too difficult to avoid either and is never anywhere near destroying my base. The problem is people think they need to cheese the AI to have an effective base.
  2. You know what really breaks the realism in this game for me, being able to lift a 300+ lbs of concrete 10 meters over my head. Also building a chainsaw or anger with a car engine. Yet none of the realism post ever talk about it. It's very odd. If tfp really wanted amazing realism, they should replace the 4x4 with a post war jeep with all the attachments. I would love to be able to backup to a tree and mow it down with a massive saw blade on the back of my jeep. I honestly like how they slowed the stone age down. I always found it a bit boring when I was able to be fully decked out and have a steal base by day 7, now I barely have weapons or concrete by day 14. It's definitely a nice change of pace. I love it if they made the POIs with a minimal game stage too, it would be great to be scared of going into a factory on day one again Also I kinda like the idea of the end loot only showing up for quests. Then I wouldn't be tempted to just cheese it real quick, although a radiated feral or something standing guard would help that too. Actually, a better idea would be to have all POIs "normal" then load/change to the dungeon version with the traider quests.
  3. I'm sorry you're computer crashed but if you set it up with a real disk she would fly. Let me know if you need some help, I don't mind helping people convert. 🐧
  4. Because I get tired of fixing windows. Also Linux is not niche, it's probably running on every device you own. Yes even your windows PC uses it.
  5. I didn't say that they hired dedicated people to support Linux, I was saying that they probably have people on the team that use Linux. I know quite a few people, my self included, that after a long day of working with Windows features want to come home to stuff that actually works. 😀 And for the console stuff, it's not the development that's the hard part. It's the publishing restrictions.
  6. I completely agree, thus the joke. With a company as small as TFP, I'm sure they already have a few hard core penguins on staff.
  7. Some one had to. Also thanks for the Linux version. 👍
  8. Also as a Linux user I say that should be top of the list. 🤥 And if you need a tester let me know. 😉 I might even have an old AMD GPU.
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