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  1. Then they probably were just stuck on the corner of the block. Try using ramps around the outside.
  2. Did you add a ladder up to you? If the can't get closer to you they go into smash every thing mode. They don't care about the shape of the base.
  3. Nfg


    I generally let it go until something is broken. Take the time to pay with crazy ideas and explore. Try to push yourself knowing you will have to restart at some point.
  4. FYI, you can easily mine a few stacks of shale with a pickaxe in a few minutes. No auger needed. That's the first thing I do after I get a chem station with my down time. Before that I just use the blunder bus or shotty. Also it's normally not very hard to find a working chem station in random POIs. No beaker required. So what resources should you be sinking and how do you get them??? My general schedule early game after I get a bike is; Out the door before 4 and do some quick mining before the traider opens, get quest, finish quest. Then if i have enough time, I'll get a second quest, if not I'll go mine for a bit. Most of the time I'm still just using a stone axe still. Then head home to work on the base over night. I do that 6 days a week. On day 7, I'll finish getting prepared the night then just hit some random POIs until it's time to get to base. Using that method, I can have a steel base by day 21 and once you have 2 layers of steel between you and them, they can't touch you. At least until the demo's show up. They are not playing cat and mouse with the players, they are trying to fix the kind of bugs you are talking about. Designing a complex AI that can work with zombies, animals, raiders, and friendly NPCs takes a lot of time make, especially if the world is voxel based.
  5. I remember the days when I use to think like you. I don't miss them. But I do agree we should give the thread back. I also wish I lived in a magical fantasy land instead of having to travel all over the world working on muddy, greasy, rain soaked, metal dust filled equipment. That would be really nice. And sorry IrishRed for derailing your thread.
  6. Welcome to A19 Experimental. Does any place you have not been to still have trees? If so it's just the chunks you have explored or were in memory at the time of the crash that have glitched out. Then you have two choices, Reset the broken chunks and lose all the changes to the area or play it like it is. If it's also happening in unexplored areas then your save is trashed. Sorry and I hope it wasn't the update to B163 that caused it.
  7. I never said airflow wasn't important. I said the amount of fans wasn't. Believe it or not at some point more fans don't help. Unless you like a noisy box. Also I'd say the CPU was defective, I've seen computers run for years with out heat sinks attached. They were horribly slow but once I cleaned all the fine metal dust off and redid the heat sink it was as good as new again.
  8. That's why I play with no ladders and no vehicles out. Permadeath is for youtubers that care about viewers or unstable alphas. You want to really feel the pain try what I said, if you lose your base, you lose your base and everything in it. Starting over like it's day one when your GS is at 150 will make you a better player. Not dumping your save every time you die.
  9. The funny part, it actually uses less blocks then a lot of the popular base designs from A18. I think it's the only base you can build with less then 350 blocks that will last to GS300+ I generally have the walls built 4 high and 2 thick of reinforced wood by the end of day one. And that includes the supplies quest run I also normally do on day one too. Then I spend week gathering as much cobble and cement mix as I can find between quests. The nights are spent upgrading or digging a single block hole down to bed rock. A normal 8 max horde should only take out one or two blocks. And I'm sure my base as it was on day nine could survive a day 14 horde maybe even a day 21 too. The 7x7x4 can last until your game stage gets close to demos, then you want the extra height to be out of range of them. I think grenades do a little damage to blocks, molotovs do none. I try to save my grenades for demos, drop two down and then prime the third and no more demo. The springs can be hard to find, but it's no worse then brass is. I think a stack of shale is good for around 100 molotovs with no extra perks, but it's been awhile since I last counted. Spend maybe one day mining shale and you'll have an unlimited supply of gas/oil and molotovs. Then just keep a stack or two of water close for the misses.
  10. If I remember correctly you can make a 100 molotovs with a single stack of oil shale. So if you spent maybe 15 minutes IRL per in game week mining shale, you can have an unlimited supply of them. You will also have all the gas you can ever want.
  11. Totally agree. I'd say it is a tie between 7dtd and ksp for me though. I'm weird like that.
  12. You’re also assuming a 100W+ CPU with a 250W+ GPU. Not everyone builds a gaming computer like that, especially if it's a store bought rig. Plus those fans all look to be at least 120mm. You can move a lot of air with one of them. My last case for example only had two 120mm fans and could run circles around your cool master case air flow wise. The only reason I'm not using it now is the video card didn't fit. Also I could go to the local shop and buy almost that exact same case for about $80. Glass cases don't cost that much anymore. Also place you bets for what the specs are. My guess is: Micro ATX Board (B365ish something) I5-9600k 16GB ram (single stick) MSI GeForce RTX 2060 200-500GB NVME SSD.
  13. And it starts, lol. I don't judge until I know specs and see better pics. They are getting really good at hiding vent's in some cases, plus you might be surprised how little air flow you actually need if it's designed correctly. Especially if you're not buying top of the line parts. Keep in mind not everyone is willing to drop 2-3k on a top tier computer.
  14. I grew up in somewhat rural area and I essentially ignore weather in real life. I’ve been completely soaked for hours on end and been completely fine. It’s not really that hard to move in the snow until it’s about knee high, but snow shoes/ice cleats would be great add on. I even shovel my driveway by hand when it’s still snowing without a jacket, muahahaha. And I’m always outside during a thunder storm. How else to you see a tornado or watch trees fall down? But then again I grew up the sticks. Also who doesn’t keep an M60 under their bed, just in case? Honestly though in America guns and camo are everywhere, I could get several shotguns, rifles, and handguns with less than a ten minute drive from my house and that doesn’t include the gun store that is five minutes from my house or the walmart. Hell, my niece just bought her first gun a few months ago because she was planning on moving to Chicago for college this fall. I even know a few people with a machine gun license. And I don't even live in a super gun friendly state.
  15. It's not cheating, it's just not as much fun. Also it takes zero skill to setup the hardware/software nowadays, it's not like the "good-old-days" when you had to spend hours making IRQ and DMA maps and hoping you didn't forget about something.
  16. I'm very much a fan of the KISS base design for single player games. A "solid" 7 block cube is less then 400 blocks to build. This is my base on day nine. It started as wood on day 1 and most of the cement was found around town. I did get board and dig down to bedrock at night but that's all the mining I've done so far. The cobble was found or made from clay gathered from supply quests and I tend to do most of the building at night. I should have the corners to steel by day 14 and maybe some of the second row too. That just depends on if I want to spend a full day mining or not. It will be all steel by day 21 and I'll be working on the next three layers and the crafting room.
  17. Come on, you can't take case pics with the side glass on. Then we can't all rag on you for not spending three hours working on the cable management. 😉 The build does look nice though, was it your first one? Also WTF, no specs???? You picked a good time to make the switch. I just upgraded back into a gaming rig last fall after probably a 10+ year break and it was an amazing jump. They have reworked the random gen to be a lot better then it was pre 19 so you don't really need nitrogen, and it probably doesn't work with A19 yet anyways. I really recommend using Navezgane your first long play though because it really is a nicely crafted map. Random gen is great if you just messing around with unstable and relearning the game. The POIs can be a lot closer and more varied in random gen too, which is great when you get board with Navezgane or playing with friends.
  18. I thought they fixed the passing through stuff bug, I haven't seen that in awhile. And yes it is a bug not a design choice. Also how is default of 8 max alive an impossible mob? And there are still a lot of valid strategies for base building, I'm generally just lazy with a base during new alphas because I'd rather check out the new POIs. I generally do add a spike pit and some turrets in a real game, I was just testing the spike roof idea.
  19. Permadeath never really changed my play style, playing base day one did that. You hold your ground or you die trying, no ladders, no escape vehicles, no plan B. Your base falls you lose everything, even if could get some of your stuff again. Good luck trying to build a new base on day 85 with what you have on your back. Bonus points if you also play delete everything on death. Also if someone could make a mod that disables your bed roll on hoard night and turns your land clam into trader blocks if you die on hoard night or it is destroyed would be amazing.
  20. I probably shouldn’t add fuel to the fire but your right, I also find it odd that people don’t rise up in protest about the mostly new game they get every year for free. 7 years of free updates how dare they. Seriously, do you have any idea how long it takes to develop software? The company I work for has been developing the same software for over 20 years with no signs of stopping. Also we charge a lot of money for updates, so be happy you don’t have pay for yours.
  21. The AI doesn't magically change on a test world and it doesn’t care about your storage boxes. As long as they don't have a path to you they go into destroy everything mode. This is the same basic design I’ve had since A17, RIP pillar 100 bases, I’ll miss you. :-( I’m more of a base day one with permadeath kinda person. Unless I find the T5 book store, then I’m a base day 2 person with a life time supply of plastic.
  22. Here is a picture of my current A19 base on Day 9, I know I'm slow. The first two layers and corners are already reinforced concrete, only a few blocks of flagstone remain on the outer layers. Right now it's 7x7x4, I'll remove/upgrade the wood and make it higher after day 14 and probably have at least the bottom 2 layers if not the bottom 4 layers to steal by day 21. This is from my test world. The base (7x7x7 and 3 layers deep) took around 500 steel blocks and 80 spikes to build, with no storage or crafting area since it was just a quick test. It was on nomad difficulty with 35 max alive and a game stage of 265. I used 800 7.62 (full auto m60, no aiming), 75 grenades, 60 molotovs, a few shot gun shells (for birds), and no other defenses. I lost count of how many cops exploded but two demolishers were set off; not by me. When it was over 22 base blocks were missing all on the outside, 3 layer 2 blocks were damaged, non on layer 3, 8 blocks were down to reinforced concrete, and it took 217 steel to repair damaged steel blocks, I didn’t repair the concrete, only a few spikes were damaged. Also I was kinda lazy since it was just a test world and didn’t move around enough, and probably should of build the roof bigger or added sides to it. So to sum up it would take around 25 stacks of iron to build and maybe 3 stacks to repair, which is not hard by that game stage.
  23. I can when I get a chance but it's just a big solid cube, an iron bar ring with holes for dropping stuff down, and now a spiked roof. Make the inside corners ramps or wedges to allow upgrading the hidden corner block. Then fill with steel when you get time. I normally only lose one or two blocks unless I do a x64 hoard. Then I spend a day, maybe two when early game, mining and make as many molys and grenades as I can each week. Otherwise, you'll have to make a ton of ammo. Although, you can just stand there all night too if you run out of ammo. The hoard would have to takeout 50-100 steel blocks when the ground level is filled. That is never going to happen on a normalish single player hoard night. Then just make it bigger or add multiple towers if extra people are there or playing with nonstock hoards.
  24. I don't see a hatch base as a cheese base, but yes it uses more resources then my 7x7 base. I build the walls two thick and 4 high until I get cops/demos then I add a second layer 6-7 high. I generally have it up to mostly concrete by day 14 just by looting stuff from POIs. Then I generally spend one day mining and can get at least the lower two layers to steal by day 21. I generally don't spend enough time grinding to have the whole base done. The trick is to set it up for molys and grenades to avoid the brass grind. Then just slowly fill in the base with steal after you get your first demo. Add in a roof of spikes for the birds and maybe spikes trenches if don't mind the xp loss. A cement floor two deep is also helpful when you start getting a bunch of demos, but I normally have an auger by then so that only takes a few minutes. I also tend to dent the center in so it's "closer" to me. Then just throw stuff at them all night. You can easily add a dart trap shooting down or make it a 9x9 and add dart traps shooting out from the center too. Then just use guns to help with cops, birds, and boardem.
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