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  1. Honestly i dont have a clue on when, and im not going to rush them. Honestly TTG going bankrupt came as a surprise to everyone, and there was absolutely nothing that TFP could of done differently besides never allowing the port. Which would of denied alot of people from becoming fans of the game. However they were pretty clear that it would have a future on console, as long as they can work through the issues they listed. although it may not be a direct continuation of the current version. Which is good news compared to them just saying sorry the console version is dead. So you continue to be a glass half empty person and i will see it as half full.
  2. I swear you guys would complain if they said they would be releasing the update TT was working on tomorrow... Their announcement was good news. its alot better news than them not even giving it a shot to continue. they have essentially said that it would be updated, they just need to take care of their primary version first. TT did screw them over with all the hate and speculation caused the sudden news.
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