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  1. Two years huh? Well at least it's still coming. What's this next game that they are talking about making?
  2. I been away since Alpha 17 waiting on the Raiders/Settler feature to be implemented. I remember talk about human and animal npc camp guardians as well. Have any progress or plans been made toward that goal since then?
  3. This is something I was trying to get Fun-Pimps to do after 7 Days was done. Not that they would listen to some random guy on the forum but I was trying. I don't know how I missed this mod for so long. I got up today, brought up YouTube and a play-through of it was in my recommended watch list. I kind of connect 7 Days to the Fallout series by Bethesda and was hoping for a Morrowind - Skyrim fantasy type version. From the video I watched, this mod seems to have a ways to go but it is definitely impressive work Guppy.
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