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  1. I answered in a PM. But, an FYI for everyone else - none of the modlets in this thread require custom C# code, so they don't require DMT. If you want, you can simply drop them into the "Mods" folder. (I still recommend the Mod Launcher though.)
  2. Keep in mind that most of us won't have quantum computing for a long time. So the graphics card will be both anti-aliased and aliased until you open the box. (EDIT: that was actually supposed to be a response to Roland's quote. So, yeah. Jokes that you have to explain are always funnier.)
  3. khzmusik

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    You need the 0-CreaturePackHumans modlet as well. That modlet includes all the assets (Unity models and such). The NPCPack modlets apply the custom C# coding (which is actually in SphereII Core) to those NPCs.. Incidentally, one benefit to getting the CP humans as well, is that you can (if you choose) re-include those in the game, if there are no NPCPack versions. (I do this because there are no NPCPack versions of the "raider" NPCs.)
  4. Feel free to use my UMA zombies however you like. (And any of my other mods if you like them.) Regarding spawning, you might not have that much work to do. If I remember correctly, I set them to spawn by targeting vanilla zombies, not by targeting specific spawn groups. So, if you have vanilla zombies spawning in your groups already, then my own zombies will probably spawn with them without any work on your end. You might want to increase the spawn rates though - I set mine pretty low (deliberately, for various reasons). But, that's up to you. Go nuts!
  5. Xyth & company have a couple of NPC mod(let)s that can do what you want. But, the complex AI (following, hiring) requires custom code, so you'll need to either use DMT, or use the Mod Launcher (which compiles DMT modlets automagically). You may need to adjust or extend what's there, but that work would be up to you. There are overhauls that add NPCs (like The Wasteland or Darkness Falls) but AFAIK their human NPCs are fairly basic, they don't used the options that need custom code (like being able to hire them or instruct them to guard your base). You can (and should) still check them out. Adding biomes is another story, especially since RWG is such a moving target. Other people have tried to create new biomes, and from what they said, it's a monumental amount of work. I don't know anyone who has done it.
  6. I personally recommend the CreaturePack zombies. Many of them are really good. Of course, some of them are not so good. If your tastes agree with mine, you might want to take a look at a modlet I created. It removes some types I don't think are appropriate, and adjusts others: https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a19-modlets/-/tree/master/0-CreaturePackZombies_khzmusik_Adjustments If you don't agree with me but still want to adjust things in the CP zombies, you can use that as a learning aid if you like. I also put together a zombie pack that uses UMA, like the EN zombies (and also the Snufkin zombies but those definitely won't be to your taste). It's just zombie variants of the vanilla archetypes (Hank, Emma, etc.) so you may be interested: https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a19-modlets/-/tree/master/khzmusik_UMA_Zombies But UMA zombies are significantly less performant (and also IMHO uglier) so I would start with the CP zombies. (These are all in the Mod Launcher if you use that.)
  7. Your XPath isn't correct. "operation" is an attribute, not a tag. So it would be this: <set xpath="/items/item[@name='ammoDartIron']/effect_group[@name='ammoDartIron']/passive_effect[@name='EntityDamage' and @operation='base_set']/@value">500</set>
  8. I'm hoping it's as easy as a block converter. Dynamically adding prefabs to a POI will almost certainly change the structure of the XML at a minimum. My guess is that "old" POIs simply won't have the dynamic prefabs, but who knows. Anyway, thanks for the answer. I guess I'll just have to live with the current dozens of new POIs until A20 drops.
  9. Regarding the next version - are you planning to make a new version before A20 drops? I ask because a) I hope so and b) with the new "dynamic prefabs" I'm guessing there will be some non-trivial work to update them for A20.
  10. I'm glad that grass is looking better, but I'm a bit disappointed that a plant overhaul is not coming until A21. At this point the plants are the worst-looking thing in the game. It's especially bad with plants like cotton, where it's really obvious that it's just two flat textures in an X shape. Ironically, plants like aloe or saguaro (cactus) have looked pretty good for a long time.
  11. The "Create_item" property only works with the "Eat" and "OpenBundle" classes, and those classes can only be used with an item's actions ("Action0" or "Action1"). You could do it with a buff or perk, but you would need a triggered effect action that gives the player items (Dukes in this case). I looked in the decompiled code, and AFAICT, the vanilla game does not have such an action. You would have to create one using C# and DMT. Also, AFAIK right now there is no way for the buff to determine which entity was killed by the player. So even if you did create that custom action, it might not do what you want. If you want to give the players Dukes when they kill zombies, then you might be better off just dropping them in loot bags. That is still a ton of work, but it is possible to do by modifying the XML. You would create a custom loot container for each zombie type (or for each amount of Dukes to drop) and assign that to each zombie with a 100% drop chance.
  12. Xyth has created/curated human NPCs that can do some of what you're asking. None of them go as deep as you want with e.g. infants attracting zombies, but they are hireable (will follow and fight or can be guards), and they can belong to factions, which can have changing relationships (with each other and the player). I'm currently working on something with them. Considering the monumental effort that had to be done just to get the current features into the game, it's unlikely that what you are asking will be in 7D2D. But, who knows.
  13. Have you tested this with sleeper volumes? The zombies won't wake up if they're not targeting the player. If that's not a problem for you then never mind, but I don't know how many other people would want that.
  14. Does that mean the feral sense distance can be set to different values per entity class? If so, that's pretty sweet. You could have the normal or weaker zombies (like Arlene) have a higher sense distance, but the more "tank-like" zombies (like Big Momma) have a slightly decreased sense distance, so they'd be equally threatening but in different ways. And of course, screamers could be even more of a threat than they are now.
  15. I'm pretty sure Xyth is correct. I do know that it's not a simple probability where 0=no chance and 1=certainty. Take a look at the animal groups in entitygroups.xml. They all use "prob" values in the double digits - for example, the prob value for a rabbit in "WildGameForest" is 48. I don't think there's a "4800% chance" of spawning a rabbit.
  16. Personally, I would open up the POI in the editor and change the sleeper volumes there. It seems much easier than guessing which volumes go where, and there's less chance of messing up the POI.
  17. @xyth I think this is due to a mismatch in casing? For example, the property name is "SoundAttack" not "soundattack". (That's also the full name so I don't think you need the starts-with command.) EDIT: Wait - I went to the Git repo and the casing is correct. https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods/blob/master/2-CharacterEffectsPack/Config/entityclasses.xml#L114 @Father Where did you get the pack? Is it possible there was some kind of casing conversion happening somewhere? Or perhaps you have an older version?
  18. That's the right way to do it. I have a couple custom buffs, and that's how I keep them around after death.
  19. I'm pretty sure that you could never actually craft stainless steel blocks. You could only upgrade from steel to stainless steel. If that's what you want to do, you have to re-add the ability to upgrade from steel to stainless steel. You would add something along these lines into the "steelMaster" block: <property class="UpgradeBlock"> <property name="ToBlock" value="stainlessSteelMaster"/> <property name="Item" value="resourceSteelPolish"/> <property name="ItemCount" value="1"/> <property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="4"/> </property> Unfortunately, you'll have to add additional code to every steel block shape, so they upgrade to the correct stainless steel block shape. You only have to specify the stainless steel block, not the rest (they inherit). For example, in the "steelRamp" block, insert this: <property class="UpgradeBlock"> <property name="ToBlock" value="stainlessSteelRamp" /> </property> Hope that helps. EDIT: Of course, you also have to add in some way to get stainless steel polish in the first place. I'm pretty sure that it was only available from higher-level trader loot in past alphas. If you want to do that now, I believe you would add the steel polish to the "modAllT5SecretStash" trader item group in traders.xml.
  20. @doughphunghus has a modlet that will hide the day and time, called UI-Hide-TheDayAndTime. I've used it and it works well - it's XML-only so it should be automatically pushed from servers to clients. Get it here: If that doesn't work exactly as intended, it's pretty easy to understand, so you should be able to modify it to suit your tastes. Hiding the date and time in the UI is probably what you want to do. You don't want to make it so the server doesn't share the game time with clients, that would mess up a lot of stuff (and require custom C# code).
  21. Quick update on the warnings in the logs, when DMS and custom traders are used: @sphereii has a patch in his 0-SphereIICore mod that will remove the logging. Core does require DMT however. If that is something you're OK with, then you can get his Core mod here:
  22. Apologies - I don't know how I didn't see this until today. I think this is a bug in the prefablist entry. I don't actually use Nitrogen myself, so I didn't test that. Try using this: trader_gas_station3,egal,2,-5,35,25,41,trader;industrial;hillbillyjunk;carlot (Note the "-5" - that's taken from the "YOffset" property in the POI XML file.) If that works, I will push an update ASAP. But on the subject of the Auto Mechanics modlet: That modlet spams the logs with console warnings if you use DMS (dynamic music system). This is an issue with all custom traders, not just mine. The trader IDs are hard-coded into the DMS code, and a warning will be logged if DMS finds a trader that doesn't match any of the vanilla IDs. The warnings go away once you leave the trader area, and they do not occur if you have DMS turned off. EDIT: Also, to clarify, these are warnings and not errors - players won't notice this unless they open the console. It will cause your log files to grow though. Thanks to @bdubyah for discovering this.
  23. @madmole A quick request. In one of the A20 dev streams, could a POI designer do a demo of how to put the "mini-prefabs" inside larger POIs? I'm sure a lot of POI designers are going to be very interested in that. (I'm pretty sure I saw all the streams and didn't see that - if I'm wrong, sorry)
  24. Quick update. It looks like the site I suggested (smodin.me) doesn't really work any more. But I found an even easier option. If anyone uses Google Sheets, it turns out that Google has included a function to translate cells automatically. Why does this matter? Because, basically, Localization.txt is just a renamed CSV file ("comma separated values"). Those can be imported and exported by pretty much any spreadsheet software, Google Sheets included. To translate a cell, just enter this formula: =GoogleTranslate(F2, "en", "de") ...where "F2" is the cell you're translating, and "de" is the language code for the translation ("de" is German). If you copy a formula to another cell, the reference to the original cell ("F2") gets updated. You can easily copy a formula to other cells by double-clicking on the little square icon in the bottom right corner when you select a cell with a formula in it. EDIT: That is assuming that your original language is English. If you're translating from another language, put in that language code instead of "en" - and make sure you also put that formula into the place where the English version goes. So, you can set up a template with those formulas entered for every language that 7D2D supports. Copy that template, add the relevant information into your spreadsheet (the key, the English original text, etc.) and export the whole thing as a CSV file. Then rename that file to Localization.txt. Bingo bango - you now have a modlet that has all the translations for all your text, not just English. I've already used this and it's stupid simple. You do sometimes get errors - I suspect Google is throttling the translation services - but reloading the spreadsheet fixes them in my experience. Microsoft also has translation services, so there's probably some similar functionality for Excel, but I don't use Excel. EDIT 2: To make things easier, here's a link to the Google Sheet that I use as a template. Anyone with this link should be able to view it, but not modify it (and if I'm wrong... please don't modify it). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UzO2_8ahCbOYD9buwP_yNDlXNXSeW6ysR3cascG1gr0/edit?usp=sharing
  25. The Mod Launcher handles both Github and Gitlab, FWIW. You do have to tell SphereII to add your repo to his database, but once that happens, the Mod Launcher automatically updates everything in that repo (though it takes a bit of time). It's better to have your files hosted somewhere else anyway. You don't want your files going away if TFP switch forum software. Besides, anyone who does any amount of coding (even simple XML edits) should probably be using Git or some other form of version control. You can get free accounts everywhere nowadays, and the hosting sites make it pretty simple to understand and use. There's really no downside.
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