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  1. Is it part of the tile, or part of a POI? I'm hoping the former. The lack of 3D roads (including subways) was one thing that a lot of folks want, including me, and actually having that in game would be fantastic.
  2. This looks really nice. Quick favor since you're posting pictures - can you show a little more detail of the overpass/walkway in the middle background? That's one thing that I always wanted to see in RWG. Thanks!
  3. Exactly - it's the number of in-game days per meteorological year (4 seasons).
  4. I'm pretty sure the limited textures are due to the lack of binary storage space for a block. Basically a block is represented by a binary number, and that number has to hold all of the data for a block - its 3D rotation, reference to its entry in blocks.xml, etc. Consider that all six sides of a block can be painted, and it's no wonder that single number can only hold so many block textures. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure fataal said something like that in the dev diary, possibly of a previous alpha. FWIW, there are textures that are not "turned on" for painting, not even in the editor. There is a modlet somewhere which fixes that, but I can't remember what it is.
  5. A quick trip down memory lane... According to the scuttlebutt, the major reason Telltale games eventually went out of business, was because they spread themselves too thin. Their devs and QA teams were perpetually working in crunch mode, on projects that did not generate sales. So, this petition is basically asking TFP to adopt the development strategy that led to the bad console situation in the first place. Not the best idea IMHO.
  6. It means trader protection is off. So zombies can destroy walls, you can build inside the POI, etc.
  7. Actually, you might be proving my point without intending to. As I look at your list of features, I can't see a single one that would make anyone like the game less. Given infinite time and (human) resources, I would love it if TFP implemented every single one of them, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Of course, that's a big caveat. Even if 7D2D was in alpha for as long as TFP existed as a company, they wouldn't be able to implement everything on that list. Luckily TFP have taken a good stance to modding, and I think that's the right thing to do. Put the skeletons in place and let others who are interested flesh them out. As such, the only minor criticism I have of the game at this point, is that it's not yet completely set up for modders to include whatever game mechanics they want. But this is a feature like any other, and TFP are still improving on that as well. So I can't really fault them. EDIT: At this point there's a little voice in my head saying "you're arguing with Roland on the internet." So I'm going to shut up now.
  8. I actually introduced The Game to some of my younger compatriots when I was on tour with them in the mid-2010's. Believe me, every single @%$#ing day someone lost that game, usually just out of nowhere while we were all trying to sleep. I really hoped that I would never lose again after that. Well, as they say, the best plans of mice. Regarding the type of game that is 7D2D - sure, it definitely takes from all sorts of genres, and in general that's to TFP credit. But, that doesn't mean it can't get better at any particular genre. Sure, it's never going to be Penumbra or whatever, but that doesn't mean that it can't better incorporate similar gameplay elements. It's not like making this more of a survival horror game would mean removing the fun parts of crafting, tower defence, or whatever. But, this goes back to the original question. TFP don't owe me a survival horror game. I might like that, but many others wouldn't, probably including TFP themselves. They have to go with either their vision or what they believe will appeal the most to the wider game base (or ideally both). Nothing wrong with that. Also, regarding survival games in general (not even necessarily horror). It's incredibly tricky to do, especially without a specific end game (as in Subnautica) - which usually means limited replay value. If it's a survival game, much of the appeal is in the struggle to survive; but "progression" means you survive easier. Basically this ends up with a game that rewards players with a game that they enjoy less as they progress. (This is definitely not limited to 7D2D either.) It still would be nice if bare survival was just as hard as the game progresses, even with whatever perks/skills/recipes you learned, but I've yet to see a game that does that successfully. So, having all those other gameplay elements is definitely a plus for people playing 7D2D.
  9. He probably just doesn't know the Queen's English. "It should do" = "it should" for Americans and other commoners.
  10. I lost the game too. On a related note: goddamn you. On topic: TFP owe people that bought the game, what was promised. Nothing more, nothing less. If that wasn't true of games in general, the nobody would have the right to criticize Aliens: Colonial Marines or No Man's Sky. But, 7D2D is nothing like those debacles. In my mind, TFP have mostly delivered on what they promised, and what they haven't delivered on is still on the roadmap. So, they haven't delivered it yet. Bandits are a good example (and though they've certainly teased much more than bandits, I don't think they ever promised anything more than that). In the meantime, we still got a huge amount of stuff that is great but was never promised. RWG is a good example, and the new RWG tiles feature is a great example. Also, since they made the game so easy to mod, anything they don't have in game - or have in game but we don't like - can pretty easily be redone to our tastes. Having said that, I do miss the days when the game was a little more survival-oriented, with a little more horror, and not going in the direction of a looter shooter with crafting and survival elements. I bought the game because I saw folks play A15 on YouTube, and after a very short time it struck me that playing SP was a very different experience. On the first night, I was by myself with no other humans around, starving, and I had to leave the safety of my cleared POI just so I could find some yucca and not die. I was creeping around in the dark the whole time, and as you might expect, I was ambushed by a group of fast zombies that I could barely see in the dark. It was almost like Outlast or Amnesia. I still miss that experience. If I was a better game designer, I would figure out how to mod that feeling in again. I'm trying...
  11. Apologies for missing your posts. I think I found out why the board wasn't notifying me when there were new posts in this topic, so hopefully that won't happen again. I'm glad your problem was fixed somehow... because I have no idea how to fix it. I've never encountered that bug before. The workstation's block and UI XML were taken nearly verbatim from vanilla workstations (I think the workbench), so I don't know how the items would be stuck. Do you have any other modlets installed? Maybe something that has some C# code that affects workstations? That's the only thing I can think of. EDIT: Also, this is one of those times where you could be forgiven for spawning in replacements.
  12. To be honest, I was hoping to get help with adding custom traders. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to set which trader would spawn from the trader spawn block. (I ended up making an entirely different spawn block.) I'm assuming that, since you had to copy/paste existing trader spawn blocks, you couldn't figure that out either. Did anyone? Is it even possible with the current tools?
  13. AFAIK XPath only works in the modlet's Configs folder, so I don't think what you want to do is possible. You might be better off just making a copy of the POI, name it something different, and adjust the spawning as you normally would for any custom POI. Then, replace the vanilla POI with your custom POI in rwgmixer.xml. It wouldn't do anything for pre-generated maps, but it would work for RWG. EDIT: You would have to put all the prefab's files to the Prefabs folder, not just the XML file. You could probably guess that, but I wanted to be clear.
  14. Oh, I didn't know that's how it worked. That does make sense. I can also see why the distant terrain view would not be sent - the "imposter" data is part of the POI itself, not part of the blocks. Though, I would imagine that's going to change with A20 and the dynamic imposter feature.
  15. I've asked about this before, and no answer, but it might be time to ask again... A few games have a single, simple "configuration" that sets a bunch of actual settings en masse. For example, a "hard" mode could set feral sense to on, but also disable loot respawn, delete everything on death, use "warrior" difficulty, etc. You can then customize the settings from the default for that configuration. Are there any plans to add something like this? It seems like the best of all worlds - it's simple for the players who just want to jump in and play, but can be customized for those that want the freedom to tweak everything. (And of course if those could be defined in XML, it would be great for modders. )
  16. That's the UI-Hide-TheDayAndTime modlet that I mentioned (also by Dough). You're forgiven for not reading my wall of text. EDIT: to be clear, it hides the time AND the day. I personally prefer that, but maybe you just want to hide the time. You could probably figure out how to do that by looking at the code in that modlet, it's surprisingly simple.
  17. I feel you about the gradual diminishment of the survival aspects, but it's a hard problem to solve. In a survival game, the player's sense of progression happens by gaining abilities that make survival easier (better food and drink, higher level tools, etc). For players who actually want the stress of surviving, the game "rewards" you by making it more boring. This isn't limited to 7D2D either. Players in games like Subnautica or Raft suffer the same fate, eventually. IMHO, ideally the answer isn't to remove stuff from the game, it's to make the survival aspects harder in later game stages, so that you need the gained abilities to survive at all. It's the reason I made the food spoilage modlet, and added seasons to the game that affect crop growth. (I'm not plugging my modlets, just saying why I made them.) Otherwise, you can remove all the "easy" parts from the game that you wan't, but all you're really doing is extending the early game. I'm not saying that's a bad idea, just saying that eventually you'll end up with stacks of meds, food, drinks, etc. no matter what. Having said that: If you're using vanilla RWG, you should be able to remove all mention of the trader POIs in rwgmixer.xml, and they shouldn't spawn. I have not tried it though, so YMMV. You might be able to get rid of the map by messing around with the "mapArea" window in XUi/windows.xml - or possibly even getting rid of it altogether. Again, I have not tried it. And finally, @doughphunghus created a modlet called UI-Hide-TheDayAndTime that works exactly as advertised. I've used it and can recommend it (it's even server-side safe):
  18. The server pushes prefabs to the client? That's news to me. Do either of you have some kind of "official" source for this, or was it discovered by accident? I'm wondering if other stuff is pushed to the client now, that I don't know about. (I never play MP so I wouldn't know from experience.)
  19. What you're asking for is fairly broad, and wouldn't be all in one place. XML itself is a language with a standardized syntax. If you want to learn about it, this is an OK place to start: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/ Of course, 7D2D doesn't use just any XML. It uses specific XML files, with specific tags, to configure the program. There is a file called XML.txt in the same directory as the game's XML config files, which explains it (more or less): [game directory]/Data/Config/XML.txt There is also a Stealth.txt file which has stealth info, and several of the XML files themselves (like buffs.xml) have extensive comments. To create a modlet that modifies those files at runtime, you can put your own XML files in a Config directory of your modlet. The modlet's XML files use XPath to target nodes in the game's XML files. (The game does not recognize XPath in its own game files.) While XPath is also a standard, 7D2D does not support all of it. This forum thread by SphereII is the best reference that I've found: (You only need to read the first six posts or so, the rest of the thread is people asking for help.) If you want to dig deeper into XPath, here are a couple of sites where you can learn more: https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xpath_intro.asp https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/XPath ...though, any XPath docs you'll find on the Web will focus mainly on using XPath with XSLT or JavaScript. That's how most people use XPath, but it's not what 7D2D does. Hope that helps. And, if you need more, or to figure out how to do something specific - ask here, there are lots of people who are happy to answer specific questions.
  20. Answering your questions will require a bit of explanation. If this is too much information, here's the tl;dr version: You can change the "prob" values of my UMA zombies, but don't make them too high. Don't mess with anything from 0-CreaturePackZombies unless you know what you're doing. For my kzmusik_UMA_Zombies modlet, you have it correct. You want to increase the "prob" values in my own modlet's entitygroups.xml file. But before you set it to something like 0.8, keep in mind what that would do. In all the entity groups used for spawning, I have inserted my own zombies after the vanilla zombies. I did not consider the vanilla zombies' "prob" values - mainly because my own "prob" values are so low that it doesn't matter. For example, the Richie zombie is spawned with the vanilla businessman zombie (since he matches thematically; he's in a suit). But the vanilla businessman zombie could itself spawn with a "prob" of 1, or 0.5, or 0.2, or whatever. So if you set Richie's "prob" to 0.8 then he could spawn more often than the vanilla businessman, in certain circumstances. The 0-CreaturePackZombies modlet was created by Xyth, not by me. But, looking at his code, he did something different. He added "tutorial" and "template" zombies that spawn with specific probabilities, and those spawn with specific vanilla zombies. For the zombies added by other modders, he made the other modders' zombies target the "tutorial" or "template" zombies that he added. And, those do target - and match - the specific probability values of the "template" or "tutorial" zombies. So, if you change those probabilities, there is a large chance that you will mess something up. For instance, if you change the "prob" values for the "tutorial" or "template" values from 0.3 to 0.35, then none of the other modders' zombies will match that probability, they won't be inserted into the entity groups, and they won't spawn at all. But - your question about the "insertAfter" XML was not taken from 0-CreaturePackZombies. I'm not sure where that came from. What that code would do is insert something after the vanilla Boe zombie with a "prob" value of 0.5. If you changed that to 0.8 then you would be inserting something after the vanilla Boe zombie with a "prob" value of 0.8. You would be targeting a different part of the XML - you wouldn't be changing anything. Hopefully this helps?
  21. Sorry I didn't see this earlier... The forum software isn't notifying me when people post to topics I'm following, and I thought it would. No, Alma is not mine. I think you are talking about one of the CreaturePack zombies, "zombieGuppyAlma" (as the name suggests, it was added by Guppy). If you're using my "adjustments" pack, she's one of the ones I did not mess with (she was fine as is). My zombies are the "zombified" versions of the vanilla UMA archetypes - the UMA models that are pre-built that you can select when you start a new character. Hank, Emma, Miguel, etc. (All except Madmole, since he would never be killed.) Also, tI set the spawn chances of my zombies very low (to 0.1), deliberately, since UMA zombies are performance hogs. If you like them, and your computer can handle it, you could change the chance to something higher. TFP usually use a range of 0 to 1. Look in my entitygroups.xml file and adjust the "prob" values.
  22. Oh, absolutely. If there's one thing people want at dinner parties, it's some dude who goes on at length about XPath and modding video games. Calm down, ladies, there's enough for everyone!
  23. I know this isn't the place to talk about mods, but one thing I really want to mention is just how easy it is to mod this game. TFP clearly designed the game with modding in mind, and I don't think they get enough credit for that. And, each alpha the game just gets easier and easier to mod - the whole addition of XPath really went above and beyond, and I have high hopes that modding will get even easier as time goes on. So, I just wanted to say thanks to TFP. They don't get enough thank-yous for that, and they should.
  24. Or, just send them an unsolicited PM telling them how to do it, because I'm both impatient and a know-it-all. I'll let you guess which one I did.
  25. That is trivial to mod in, so even if TFP don't put it in vanilla, you can still do it. This is not the thread to talk about mods, but if you ask in the mod requests section, I and others can tell you how.
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