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  1. 34 minutes ago, nickuk01 said:

    OMG Khzmusik thank you so much for such fast work and trouble you went to. Amazing.


    I have installed update. FYI in the mod launcher the modlet screen is out of sync as it says for both your new zombies modlet and adjustments to creature pack modlet that updates are available. However,  it says I have v1.0.1 installed for both and 1.0.0 is available which is, of course, the older version. May need to make SphereII aware.

    I noticed that too, but didn't know if it was due to my dev environment. I'll let him know. There is a new version written in Unity, and he's probably spending all his time on that.

  2. This fix is now live. I put the "new" flame effect into the 0-CreaturePackZombies_khzmusik_Adjustments modlet. It should apply flames to any CreaturePack entities, and my own zombies created in Unity.


    The new version is 1.0.1 and is on the master branch now. If you're using the Mod Launcher, the new version should show up soon.

  3. 6 hours ago, khzmusik said:

    But, this did affect nearly all of the existing entities in the creature packs, so Xyth made a workaround and put it into the Character Effects Pack. Basically he uses a new flame particle, and attaches that to any entity with a "cp" tag, which includes my zombies.


    With the kind help of @bdubyah in the Discord channel, I found a way to do the same thing with the vanilla "burning barrel" particle. So, no new Unity assets are needed; it doesn't interfere with the flame effect on vanilla zombies; and it actually looks pretty decent IMHO.


    I'm going to add the code to my own Unity zombies modlet, but it should also put flame effects on the CP entities as well. (EDIT- or maybe my zombie "adjustments modlet, it might make more sense there.)


    I'll make the changes and push to the repo, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. It's late where I am and I need sleep. :)

  4. So, I had a conversation about this in the CreaturePack Discord channel.


    Short version: it's not something I can get to work with TFP flames, but you can use the 2-CharacterEffectsPack and it will add its own flames.


    Long version:


    Somewhere in an A19 patch update, flames on entities requires the model to be read/write. Unfortunately, in Unity, I can't find any way to set this except when first importing an FBX. In the "usual" zombie creation workflow, this is very early in the process - before you add ragdoll colliders, gore objects, tags, textures, and so forth.


    This step is not in any of the tutorials, so I didn't even know I had to do it. So, in order to fix this, I would have to start all over with each zombie. That's a pretty time-consuming process, and to be frank, I'm not willing to do it at this point. I'll probably have to mostly start over anyway once A20 drops, so if it still needs to be done, I'll do it then.


    But, this did affect nearly all of the existing entities in the creature packs, so Xyth made a workaround and put it into the Character Effects Pack. Basically he uses a new flame particle, and attaches that to any entity with a "cp" tag, which includes my zombies.


    It's not as good as TFP though, IMHO. There's a flame centered around the hips, and some smoke that floats maybe a foot above the entities' heads. Also, the effects pack has some other stuff, like a revamped sound system and an infection/cure system for NPCs, which I don't use, and you might or might not want. So, I'll leave it to you to see if you want to use it.


    That's about the best I can do.

  5. 4 hours ago, nickuk01 said:

    Hi Khzmusik, I use your edit modlet for the creature pack and also your new zombie pack. Like both very much.


    One thing noticed ingame which is probably related to the creature pack (not your edits) is that the zombies do not catch fire. When hit vanilla Z with lit torch for example, it will catch fire usually within 4 hits. For the zombies from creature pack they do not. 


    I appreciate probably their issue to fix not yours but as you know what to do with edits and your own zombie models, would you be able to fix this in any future update?


    That's a new one for me. I recently played a horde night with my own zombies, which were made following Xyth's instructions, and they at least looked like they were set on fire (by molotovs). I did not try with a torch however.


    I am asking in the Discord forums. If there is a solution that involves XML, I will make it. If it needs Unity to fix, I can't, since I don't have access to the raw assets.


    EDIT: Just to make sure I understand, and that you checked... These are zombies from the Creature Pack, correct? Not the zombies that are versions of the game's UMA archetypes, nor the new zombies I made in Unity.

  6. 1 hour ago, Doomblade3890 said:

    Hey I have an issue when trying to load a saved world. I had to change the boot folder for 7DTD on STEAM (to an SSD from an HDD) and now I'm getting these error messages when trying to load up the world. I'm running the NPC mods and their respective POI mods too.spacer.png


    It looks like something major messed up when you moved the boot folder. I don't know what process you used to do this. If you did it through Steam then I'm guessing that's the root cause of the problems - it probably removed (or failed to move) a bunch of stuff that the modlets require to function.


    The yellow warning messages mean that it can't find the required modlet dependencies. The red error means that something was trying to be added with the same name/ID as something that already exists.  (It could be anything, since that's a standard C# error.)


    Since the console warnings refer to NPCPack, not CreaturePack, I'm assuming you're using the modlets that require custom C# code. If you're doing that, I strongly recommend you use the Mod Launcher for this. You should be able to set the directory where it copies the game files, so you should be able to use your SSD.


    If you're not doing that, then you used some other method to compile the modlets, and I'm not sure what it was. I always use the Mod Launcher myself so I'm not sure how much I can help you.


    If you haven't done so already, make a backup of your saved game world. Then, use the Mod Launcher to create an entirely new game copy, with whichever modlets you already were using. Then try loading up the save game again. If that doesn't work, you might be out of luck.


    EDIT: Also, in situations like these, it's a good idea to provide the entire log output. It's usually in [game folder]/7DaysToDie_Data/output_log.txt, but there may also be a log with a specific date. You can upload it to something like pastebin and add a link, since I think the forum software doesn't allow text file attachments. (If you're using the Mod Launcher it can do this for you.)

  7. On 10/3/2021 at 7:18 PM, bdubyah said:

    No, you just use whatever. No need to initialize them. They will just work.


    As a follow-up: If you set a cvar to zero it will disappear - it's the same as removing it altogether.


    You can see cvars and buffs by pressing F3 in game, then selecting "ply" in the window that pops up. If you have set a cvar to zero, you will not see it in the list.

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  8. 5 hours ago, Vegars said:

    Depends what you wanna do i guess. More info would help. Buffs are quite nice and they might could be used  to do something, depending on what you want...


    Pretty sure I mentioned exactly what I want to do...


    It's already implemented in my Human Faction Quests modlet. What I do now, is reward the player with a book that, when read, triggers a buff that alters their faction relationships.


    It's pretty easy to cheese since it's totally up to the player whether to read the book or not (or save it for later, whatever).


    If it were possible to trigger a buff as a reward for a quest, then that would be preferable. But AFAIK there is no way to do that.  The only vanilla reward types are "Exp" (experience), "Item" (for particular items, usually casino tokens), "LootItem" (for an item from a loot group), "Quest", "ShowTip", and "SkillPoints".


    Maybe I can help SphereII code up something for the A20 version of Core that will do this, but it's not feasible in A19.

  9. I found the issue. Unfortunately, it was the worst case scenario. The T5 Bandits POI did not have a rally marker.


    I'm not sure how that keeps happening. This time I made absolutely certain that all the human POIs have rally markers. I caught another T5 POI that also did not, the Military POI. Both are updated in the POIs modlet.


    I also pushed a fix for the bug with the Tier 5 Whiteriver "murder" quest. That is in the Quests modlet.


    Both modlets should now be working, and I bumped the version numbers of each. Since the quest bug is in a different modlet, you should be able to update that without any risk of breaking the world.


    For the others, unfortunately, you will have to delete the chunks again, or live with the fact that those POIs can't be targeted for "murder" quests. I'm also not sure how they worked when they were targeted for "rob" quests, so you might have to steer clear of those as well.


    I guess that's what happens when you rush to get things out while A19 is still around. :( Hopefully I've learned my lesson for A20.

  10. 5 hours ago, ate0ate said:

    Alrighty, I have one more possible issue for you that I just stumbled upon. Much like the missing waypoint I had before in the tier 3 Whiteriver camp, this time I have a missing waypoint in the tier 5 bandit camp. I went to the trader and chose a Tier 5 Murder for the Whisperers mission which was located at the Tier 5 bandit camp. Much like before as I approached the POI the waypoint to actually start the mission appears to be missing. Now the odd thing is that I had a mission at this POI before that worked just fine. I do not remember which faction the mission was for before but I do know that it was a steal mission, not a murder.


    I think I found the bug. It looks like a bug with the quest itself. The short version, I mistakenly made it a fetch quest rather than a murder quest.


    EDIT: I may be mistaken. I found this bug with the Murder for Whiteriver quest, not the one for Whisperers. I'll keep digging. It might be an issue with the POI after all, though if you successfully did a "steal" quest, it's probably not (or at least it's not an issue with the rally marker).


    I'm going to go through all of them and see if I can find any others. I will also double-check that the POIs all have quest markers, though I believe I checked them all with the last update.


    If there are any changes needed to the POIs, then I will probably issue another update to them. I intended to add the XML tags such that they only spawn in certain biomes, but didn't add them.


    I'll make sure any POI changes are in a different update. POI changes have a higher risk of messing up existing worlds. The quest changes should take effect the next time you start the game - though it may mess up quests in progress, those quests would have been messed up anyway, so no big deal.

  11. Some questions about the new tiles.


    Can custom tiles obey the same constraints as traders? Specifically, max_count, min_count, and min_repeat_distance?


    Will it be possible to specify that tiles only spawn in certain biomes?


    From what has been said in the dev diary, the POIs inside different tile plots will be chosen based on POI name. Is that correct? If so, what are the specific naming conventions that POIs must follow? If it's just something like prefab_1 then how do custom POI designers name their POIs without the risk of duplicating/interfering with the names of POIs from other designers?


    Can portions of tiles act like POIs, e.g. contain sleeper volumes?


    EDIT: Also, can tiles specify that only certain other tiles spawn next to them? Example: Tiles A and B have open-ended subway tunnels that are open to the west; tiles C and D have open-ended subway tunnels that open to the east. Can tiles A and B specify that only tiles C and D spawn to their west (or vice versa), so that these subway tunnels connect across tiles?

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  12. @faatal If you're OK to answer questions, could I bug you once again about the weather system? (I probably should have asked before the stream but didn't think of it.)


    The weather system that was shown in the dev stream looked pretty cool. But, I was wondering about how much that is affected by the global temperature.


    I did ask you previously about this, but was hoping for more details. How much is weather in a biome affected by the global temperature, if at all?


    You previously said that it wasn't, at least not very much. But I don't know if that means that it is affected by global temperature, and it's just that the new code doesn't vary global temperature much, or that global temperature is simply ignored. Or for that matter, if global temperature is even still in A20.


    I know this is pretty specific, but I have my reasons for asking. :)

  13. 44 minutes ago, KhaineGB said:

    That'd require the Nexus Launcher (Vortex) to work properly with just basic XML mods.

    Spoiler. It doesn't. ;)


    Weird, and kind of crazy. (How hard is it to move something into a folder?)


    Regardless - given how many users either don't use C# mods now, or get confused about the process and bug mod authors (something I'm pretty sure you can relate to), I still think this is one of the most significant changes to the game.

  14. 8 hours ago, Guppycur said:

    Loot containers is big, it'll eliminate loot conflicts (mostly) between mods and give us a lot more to use. 


    I'd argue that native support for custom C# code is bigger. No more need for mod users to compile anything, they only need to drop the modlet's folder (with the .dll) into Mods and it will just work.


    It also opens up the possibility for modlets with custom C# code to be installed through e.g. the Nexus launcher.


    At least, that's how I understand it will work. @Alloc Is this about right? (Assuming modlet authors compile everything correctly)

  15. 15 hours ago, ate0ate said:

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am using the NPCpack version of NPCs along with your suite of mods. I checked to see if my version of Spherell Core contained both of the properties you mentioned and indeed it does. I did try adding the "turret" tag to the "HumanTags" property but still am having the issue of the sledge targeting NPCs. I suppose a conflict  is possible though I am not using any other modlets that touch NPCs or the turrets/robotics, at least not that I am aware of, but I will try stripping out everything other than just the NPC modlets and related dependencies to see if the issue remains as soon as I get the time. Thank you very much for looking into this.


    I just tried this myself. If it ever worked before, it's sure not working now.


    I was thinking maybe I was confusing it with another issue where the turrets would target hired NPCs. But that's not it. Hired NPCs won't take any damage from the turrets, but the turrets still fire at them (basically just wasting ammo).


    The behavior is exactly the same even without including any of the tags that are on the turret entity classes. It doesn't seem to make any difference whatsoever.


    I could swear that it used to work, but it was a long time ago. I'm thinking it used to work in A18 but something changed in either the vanilla game or Core (vanilla is more likely). Or I was just wrong that it ever worked, and added that tag for nothing. :(


    I did look in the Core code, and it might be possible to get turrets to use faction targeting, but that would require code changes and those usually break game saves. Plus, with A20 coming up soon, this will all have to be reworked anyway.


    So, unfortunately, I don't think this problem is going to be solved in A19.


    I will bring it up in the discord channel for the creature packs. Maybe there's a solution that someone else knows about.

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  16. 6 hours ago, ate0ate said:

    Things are going well since the fix but I do have a quick question. There is probably little that can be done about it and I am unsure if it is an issue with NPCs themselves or the factions in general or if it is even an "issue" at all. When I place a robotic sledge it will strike at NPCs that roam by regardless of my faction status with them. I built my base unknowingly close to a Whiteriver camp, which has been interesting, and the NPCs tend to roam around the area frequently often being drawn to roaming zombies near my base. If they stray too close to the sledge they get hit and then aggro as if I hit them so I am forced to kill them as they attack unless the sledge does it first. Really puts a strain on faction relations to say the least:) I assume an auto turret would behave much the same but I have not placed one so I I can't be certain. I can certainly live with this but I thought I'd ask. Great job on the new zombies by the way.

    That was a known issue with NPCs in general, but I thought it was fixed in SphereII Core.


    If you look in the 0-SphereIICore modlet, go to the Configs directory, and open the blocks.xml file. There is a block with the name "ConfigFeatureBlock". In it, there is a property node named "AdvancedNPCFeatures", and within that, there is another property named "HumanTags". Its "value" attribute is a comma-separated list of entity tags.


    In theory, any entity with these tags should use faction-based targeting. At the end of that list is a "deployed" tag, and that tag is on all the deployed junk robotics (junk sledge, junk turret, eventually the junk drone).


    Can you double-check to see if your version of SphereII Core has that? If it does, then maybe something got screwed up in a later update.


    You could also try adding the "turret" tag to the end of that list, to see if that helps. That tag isn't used by the junk drone, but it is used by the sledge and turret.


    If that doesn't work, then something else must be going on.


    That only affects the junk robotics though. It wouldn't affect the auto turret or shotgun turret (the ones that require power). I have not even tested with those yet.


    EDIT: This assumes you're using the NPCPack versions of the NPCs, which require Core for the custom C# code. If you're using the CreaturePack humans, then there's not much that can be done.

  17. 15 minutes ago, ate0ate said:

    I am using a Kinggen generated world using your initial provided settings as I generated the world before you tweaked the values for kinggen in your most recent update. To be clear, I did update everything but the world itself was generated using the older kinggen values. It is the correct poi that you have written above and I definitely have two of those POIs, at least. One is in the forest biome by my base and the other in the desert biome 4km away. In both instances the marker leads me to the corner of the trailer park camp where there is some barbed wire and a concrete pillar. The marker seems to lead to the pillar if i follow the "distance to" that is displayed. I initially thought it may have spawned the rally point in the ground a bit or even in the pillar itself but that is not the case. Thanks for getting back to me btw.


    EDIT: You replied right when I did lol. Thanks for the fix and the info. I don't mind resetting the chunks. Gives me a great excuse to move the base anyways:) I'll grab the update from gitlab and get to it. Thanks again. Amazing work. It really makes a single player world feel so much more alive having some sort of dynamic life besides zeds roaming about. Thanks for balancing the creature pack too, those demon dogs were absolutely lethal.


    Let me know how it goes, and again, sorry for the stupid mistake.


    I'm glad that you're enjoying the NPC modlets. Please let me know if you spot anything else. Thanks!

  18. 4 hours ago, ate0ate said:

    I'm having an issue with one specific faction mission, the defend whiteriver tier 3. Twice now I have attempted to complete this mission but the waypoint to start the quest does not appear at the POI. I thought it may just be a bugged POI or something at first, but the second time it happened to me was at a different whiteriver camp POI. I get a marker telling me to head to the location but as soon as I get near the camp the actual exclamation point waypoint doesn't appear. I even get a distance measurement that I can use to narrow down to where it should be at the corner of the camp, but there is just nothing to interact with there at all.


    OK, I found the issue. It's my fault, sorry.


    The POI in question did not have a rally point. I added one earlier in the creation process, but somehow forgot to add it back in to the final version.


    I pushed changes to my repo, so this won't happen again. I also updated the version number so the Mod Launcher should pick it up (eventually). It is here:



    The only thing that changed is the rally marker, so it should be safe to update an existing game. You probably don't even have to re-compile the Mods.dll file since there are no C# changes (though it shouldn't be an issue if you do).


    Unfortunately, the existing POIs won't pick up the changes until they are reset, and they can't be reset without the rally marker. I believe that if the quest sends you to a POI that is not yet loaded into the world's chunks, it will pick up the new version.


    But for those existing POIs, I think you need to delete the chunks that the POIs are in. If you do this, then you will lose all information in those chunks, so make sure they're in chunks that don't contain anything else you care about (like a base). Here is a forum topic about that:

    (You should only need to delete the chunks that contain the POIs, not the entire world - see the green text in that forum post.)


    Another alternative is to place other copies of the POI in unvisited parts of the world using the World Editor, and only accept the quest if it sends you to those copies. Here are a couple YouTube videos showing how to do that:




    Or, don't do any of that, and simply don't accept any quests that send you to that POI.


    I really apologize for the mistake. I thought I tested all of these but I must have tested an earlier version.


    If you run across any other bugs let me know. I will go through and re-test all the NPC POIs when I have time tomorrow.

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  19. 3 hours ago, ate0ate said:

    I'm having an issue with one specific faction mission, the defend whiteriver tier 3. Twice now I have attempted to complete this mission but the waypoint to start the quest does not appear at the POI. I thought it may just be a bugged POI or something at first, but the second time it happened to me was at a different whiteriver camp POI. I get a marker telling me to head to the location but as soon as I get near the camp the actual exclamation point waypoint doesn't appear. I even get a distance measurement that I can use to narrow down to where it should be at the corner of the camp, but there is just nothing to interact with there at all.


    That is weird. Are you playing on a new RWG map? Is it possible that the POI didn't spawn?


    There is only one POI per faction per tier. Could you let me know which POI it's sending you to? (Or claims it's sending you to.)


    EDIT: If it's a Tier 3 defend quest, it should be sending you to a POI called "whiteriver_faction_trailer_park_T3." If you open up the POI teleporter, is it in that list? (To open the POI teleporter, F1 to bring up the console, enter "dm" for debug mode, hit ESC, and you should have an "Open POI teleporter" button in the upper-left hand corner under the usual "Exit" button.)

  20. Regarding textures - TFP have been asked many times about adding textures that can be used to paint blocks. They can't do it for technical reasons.


    If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), it's because the texture ID is stored in the representation of a block, and that representation is just a simple integer. The information is stored in the different bits in that integer. They don't have enough bits to store more textures than they already have.


    Again, I could be wrong about the reason - but they did say there was a hard limit to the number of textures available to blocks, and that it has been reached.

  21. You mean the player character avatars? Those are based on something called UMA (a third-party tool).


    The Fun Pimps are planning to get rid of UMA altogether, and focus on fewer player models, with fewer clothing options, but all of which are created in-house and work well together. (Theoretically this would also form the basis for bandit models.)


    They originally planned to do this for A20 but it was too much work, so they pushed it to A21.

  22. On 9/7/2021 at 7:34 AM, MIOLOmole said:

    Back to the theme ... Another idea that seems interesting to me, would be to use/collect these rescued NPCs as Hired Guns. That is, once "rescued" it would be possible to hire them to fight back zombies alongside us, with a daily cost of money and that could change, given the level of resistance/attack of each different NPC available. As soon as our money runs out to keep them hired, the NPCs would automatically vanish, as if they had defected. By this way we would have a greater need to obtain resources and sell them, in order to guarantee a sufficient amount of money, to sustain our Hired Guns fighting alongside us. This would give 7D2D a new breath and a greater dependency to keep us hooked to the game. These NPCs should also level up, by their killing rate and in result increase their hire price, keep an interesting math rate to the whole idea. Cheers !!!


    Just FYI, Xyth and SphereII created a modlet (which requires custom C# code) that allows human NPCs to be hired. However, once they are hired, they stay hired, unless they are dismissed.


    And, if you play around with those NPCs, you'll see exactly how the "magnet follow" AI is not simple. Once hired you can get those NPCs to follow you - and even though both Xyth and SphereII are very talented, and are also using much of the AI code from the vanilla game, it's still buggy. They had to implement a "teleport" mechanic because of it.


    I'm just letting you know this, so that you know that follower AI is not at all easy to implement. I'm sure the Ark developers worked for months or years on that AI and you can see it's still not perfect.


    That, plus the fact that players famously loathe escort missions, means it is vanishingly unlikely that TFP will ever put them in the game, or even add the code necessary to support them.


    If you're curious, I did implement some human NPC missions in my own NPC modlets. None of them are escort missions, but you might like them nonetheless. You can see them here:


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