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  1. Just FYI, I have pushed some changes to the A19 modlets. These are almost certainly the last changes I will push for A19. My focus from here on out will be A20 modlets. Changed: Preserved foods: Decreased the perk levels to create canned or preserved foods by one. This made them consistent with the other things you get from the perks, and IMHO is better balanced. Auto Mechanic Traders got several improvements. Fixed: POI bugs that included a one-block-hole that players could get trapped in; fences are now higher so zombies will not get stuck in between fences and walls, and be unkillable; trader now has a secret stash; balanced/nerfed the amount of goods sold at the trader in all cases. The new versions are in master and should show up in the Mod Launcher soon. The fixes to the Auto Mechanic Trader POI won't show up in saved games, though the fixes to its goods and secret stash probably will show up the next time the trader restocks. If you're happy with the current state of things, then current game saves are OK, but if you really want the latest hotness, you should start a new world. If that's not something you want to do with A20E dropping tomorrow, I won't blame you. These fixes were mainly done so that I have a good starting point when the modlets are ported to A20 (if possible).
  2. Not quite, because there's a 50% chance to get seeds back. If you don't then you will need to use 5 "produce" (or "fruits") to create another seed. In the worst case scenario, where RNG gives you no seeds: 10 farm plots with LotL1 gives you 40 produce - 50 produce to make replacement seeds = net loss of 10 produce. Meaning, you will use all 40 produce to make 8 seeds, have no produce, and 2 of your plots will be empty. But that's the extreme situation. Assuming exactly 50% of the harvest gives you seeds, it's as you said: 10 farm plots with LotL1 gives you 40 produce + 5 seeds - 25 produce to make replacement seeds = net gain of 15 produce Not terrible, but an average chance of 1.5 produce per plot is still far less than the guaranteed 2 you would get in A19. ...Still not criticizing the change, just explaining peoples' concerns.
  3. I don't think the issue was that food drainage was worse when driving, it was that driving drained food at all. At least, that's what I remember. Also, it was possible to mod in food spoilage in A19 (I have a mod that does it), and hopefully it will be possible in A20 as well. But it should be possible to balance food without resorting to modding in food spoilage. IMHO the farming changes are a step in that direction. Regardless, even without food spoilage, I'm pretty sure modders can change the farming just through XML. I'm sure we'll have a dozen mods that do it by the time A20 is stable. (And that is a complement to 7D2D, I don't think most people comprehend how much work it takes for a game to be this easy to mod.)
  4. I should have been clearer. When I said "FPS" I probably should have said "combat" - I include melee. And, I too enjoy finding things like mushroom seeds, but in previous alphas that thrill was pretty much over once you found your first seed. From then on out, you were all set for that crop. I'd much rather have that thrill be there even in late game, and right now it's not. That was what I was getting at. EDIT: I'm also not trying to rag on people who like combat. I like it too. I just want the survival aspects to get harder in the same way that killing zombies gets harder.
  5. You're not wrong, but that doesn't mean survival games are better because of it. For me that's a flaw in the game design (though not a flaw that is unique, it happens in nearly all survival games). I'm guessing it's a big reason that people tend to abandon survival games when they reach mid-game or end-game. That certainly seems to happen a lot with 7D2D, and I've done it myself with other games like Subnautica. Once you have set up an endless supply of food and water, it's a short step from "away from keyboard" to "away from game."
  6. Honestly, my suspicion is that the people who don't like this change, aren't actually interested in playing a survival game. They're more interested in playing an FPS, and the "survival" aspects are just annoyances that you get through once you're past early game. You can see this in people who focus on adding more weapons or zombie variations and don't really care about much else. (Not that I'm against those things.)
  7. I like the changes because I did use farming, in nearly all of my playthroughs, and I found it OP. Once you planted a crop you basically had an AFK food production factory that got exponentially better over time. That being said, I have already seen some suggestions that I think would improve the current system: Higher "living off the land" perk levels would reduce the number of "fruits" required to craft a seed - this would make the perk more valuable Instead of getting a seed back 50% of the time, have it downgrade to a planted crop in its initial state (like it does now except only 50% of the time) - this would reduce the tedium of re-planting the seeds Also, the "anywhere, with a hoe" farming was apparently changed for technical reasons, they added a new distant terrain system that is incompatible with that farming mechanic. (I only recently learned this.) And also note that the "hoe" system was basically the same as what is in A20, except there was no chance of getting a seed back. When you harvested your crops the existing plants disappeared and you never got seeds back. (At least that's what I remember from A16,)
  8. That's exactly right IMHO. Incidentally, I was not trying to diss you personally, nor The Fun Pimps. But it seems like everyone who works there had already worked as some kind of developer in the gaming industry, and that tends to skew your perspective, because the gaming industry is very exploitive of its developers and its workers in general. My reaction was against the notion that doing things like "planning something on paper" - meaning, having written product requirements before starting development - simply can't work for anything more than a quick bug fix. That's not true at all, and in every place that isn't a game development company, they do it that way because developers work better that way. ("Better" meaning faster, with less overtime, producing fewer bugs, etc.) If that's not how you work best, and it's not how you want to work, then that's fine. But thinking that it simply can't work any other way concerns me. To my outsider ears, it sounds like you're so used to working in an unhealthy environment, you believe you can't get the job done when working in a healthy environment. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. #1 and #2 existed in A19 too. You can see #1 in action of you watch Glock9's Farmer Glock series. In his horde base, he had to add an open hatch to the ceiling above his ladder, even though it was maybe 5 blocks above the end of the ladder, or the zombies wouldn't climb. #2 appears to only happen with POI blocks. Player-crafted blocks seem to block the rain. At least that's how it works for me in A19. #3 seems to be an A20 bug, I've heard more than one streamer comment about it.
  10. Yeah, that's what made me think of it. Mr. Program Manager was entirely correct for the vast majority of large software corporations. But, it seems like game development is more like working in a startup (which I've also done, briefly, while still in college). Basically, everyone is a cowboy, unit tests are considered a waste of time, "requirements" are just what developers believe customers will think is "cool," nothing is documented, everyone works 70+ hours/week, etc. (I do not speak from experience in the gaming industry, so I could easily be wrong.) At the place where I currently work, they hired a boss who worked at (and sometimes founded) companies like this, and tried to bring that work ethic into our team. It was absolutely horrible. I started looking for another job not long after he took over, and do not ever want to work that way again. Fortunately, like a lot of cowboy bosses, he left the team for greener pastures, and the current boss is much better.
  11. This is categorically not true. It's actually how development works in most major companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc). I speak from some experience. The gaming industry works very, very differently than other programming industries. I'm glad I don't work in it.
  12. That's a pretty good idea, and even if TFP don't implement it, that should be easy to mod in. Probably better than my idea of increasing the chance of getting a seed (which I don't know if that is open to modding).
  13. I agree, the RWG changes regarding cities (and tiles) are without a doubt the best thing that will come out of this alpha. I cannot wait to see all the crazy crap that modders and POI designers will do with custom tiles. Elevated railways, subway systems, tagged POIs, etc.
  14. I guarantee that this is going to be the biggest controversy about the A20 changes. I watched one streamer this weekend who went off on a five-minute rant about it. Personally I like this change, because farming was OP. Once you set up a farm you had zero chance of ever needing food again. This system at least makes you work for it. But even with these changes, getting the max perk means you get at least 6 "fruits" per harvest, which is enough to make one seed and have one fruit left over. So even if the RNG gods give you no seeds, you still have enough for a sustainable garden plus one fruit. But statistically you'll get 1.5 seeds per harvest, which still allows you to grow your farm, gathering more and more fruits in the long run. At the worst it will force you to supplement your food using the many, many canned goods you inevitably find in the world that you hardly ever use in late game. So I personally don't think it's anything to complain about. EDIT: I do have one suggestion though - higher perk levels should give you a higher percentage of getting a seed back. So, with no perks there's a 50% chance of getting a seed back, while at the highest perk there's (say) a 75% chance. I think this would be reasonable and would also calm the critics who would complain that the perk isn't worth it.
  15. Please re-read my reply and ask yourself the same question about drivable vehicles. Why would they be there? What would that add to the game loop? Etc. EDIT: That logic could just as easily be used as an argument for removing them from the game altogether. "If I can't drive them they shouldn't be in the game." Personally I would prefer that they stay, even if I could never drive them.
  16. And, why didn't you jump for joy when these were added to the game as non-drivable vehicles? Why didn't you create an account at that time just to praise TFP, rather than create an account now to swear at them for not adding them as drivable vehicles? I can hazard a guess. It's because those vehicles are little more than new models that did the same thing as the sedans that have been in the game forever. You loot them, you wrench them for parts, they have possibly a different amount of storage in which to put your gubs while you're looting. If they made them drivable vehicles, how would that be any different? You'd drive them like you drive the jeep or motorcycle, probably have a bit more storage, a bit higher fuel consumption, a bit lower top speed compared to the motorcycle. But the basic gameplay wouldn't be affected very much, any more than it was affected when the vehicles were introduced as non-drivable. Different stats but nothing new for the game loop. IMHO that's not even comparable to the other stuff that made it into the game. The new POIs themselves add more than that. EDIT: I should be clear, I would also love to see drivable versions of these vehicles. It would be neat. But if that never makes it into the game, the proper response is "oh well" and a shrug. Now if they introduced something into the game that would change the game loop, that's another story. For example, other games have vehicles that you find in the world, but they can be fixed up and driven. It would change the game loop because the early game would be the part where you are mobile and drive around the world, then when you run out of resources (like gas) you can't use them anymore, and that's the stage where you start base building. Something like that would literally be a game changer. But it's not why you came here and swore about everything.
  17. IMHO that is utterly ridiculous. The new RWG system is awesome, they've added hundreds of new POIs, there is a hugely expanded shape system, they've added tools that make it much easier to mod the game, etc. Even the "visual improvements" - like the improved grass, or the more immersive weather - swamp whatever fleeting enjoyment I could get out of driving a reskinned vehicle or wielding a new weapon model. Especially since new vehicles or weapons add very little to the actual gameplay - new weapons would shoot like the current weapons, vehicles would drive and hold inventory like the current vehicles. To me those have the same degree of importance as adding new zombie models: definitely nice to have but doesn't add all that much once the novelty wears off.
  18. Very late to the game, but: you can't add mods to the mod launcher. You would need to contact SphereII with a link to a repo (GitHub or GitLab) that holds the mods/modlets. However, what you can do is add modlets yourself. Get the source code and drop it into the "Mods" folder, in whichever game installation you're using. (Avoid the "double folder" issue just as Gamida said.) If you're using the mod launcher, then by default it will copy the entire game to a separate directory (it's "C:\7D2D" on Windows) and launch the game from there. As an advantage, the Mod Launcher will also compile any mods or modlets that need custom C# code, so you don't have to do that yourself. It makes things much easier. A20 should be streamlining that process. It now natively supports custom C# code, so as long as the mod/modlet has a compiled .dll in it, the game should be able to load that code without any compilation needed by users. Keep in mind that any custom C# code will require EAC to be disabled (to prevent "cheating"). Mods or modlets without custom C# code should work with EAC off. If you're running a multiplayer game, any mods or modlets with custom assets (Unity models, custom icons, sounds, etc.) will need to be installed on both the client and server, they're not downloaded to clients when they connect to a server. Modlets that use XPath (to modify XML config files) will work fine, since the XML is downloaded from the server.
  19. The short answer: you can't add new textures to the paint brush, unfortunately. The long answer: I'm hardly an expert, but this is what I believe is happening, from piecing together things other people have said on the forums. The block textures (the ones that the paint brush uses) are all stored in a single texture atlas. (You've probably encountered atlases before if you've done web development.) The block data stores the index of the texture in the texture atlas. TFP can't add any more textures to the atlas because the index uses only some of the bits in the block data, and they are already at the limit of the number of indexes that can be held in these bits. Another modder added a way to use a second texture atlas, but I don't know how it worked, and from all accounts it stopped working in an earlier alpha (either A18 or A19, can't remember). So unfortunately you're out of luck. You're not alone in wishing there was a way to add more, but unless TFP increase the size of the data type used for blocks (which would increase the memory used by an order of magnitude), it's not going to happen.
  20. You added more Alots? That's great, they're better than me at everything.
  21. Just wanted to say thank you for this - for custom POIs, tagging is something that I've been wanting to see for a long time (and I'm sure I'm not alone).
  22. The hardest bugs to fix are always the PEBCAK bugs.
  23. It took me a while, but I finally found a link to that post that works after the forums were moved: The rest of the thread is worth reading too. EDIT: Keep in mind that was made back in A16 (I believe) so some of it is probably outdated. For example, I doubt that the colored items are still around, after they introduced dyes. But, you could double-check the wearable items by comparing that list with the items in items.xml. EDIT 2: Also updated the link in my README.md file.
  24. Trader Martin is a UMA character. Those can be created with XML. However, UMA is on the way out in 7D2D, so that method probably won't be around forever. It's the system used for player characters, and TFP are moving towards their own system. If you want to make your own character model, you'll need to do it in a modeling app and set it up in Unity. I use Fuse for my modeled zombies, rigged them in Mixamo, and followed Xyth's tutorials to set them up in Unity. It's not a straightforward process but it's doable if you're willing to learn it all. If you do work with UMA, them probably the easiest thing to do is start with existing archetypes and go from there. I have a bunch of notes in my UMA zombie modlet if you want to check that out. They're in the README.md for for that modlet, there should be a link in the first post. EDIT: And, happy Thanksgiving, if you're American.
  25. I assume you mean the trader NPC itself, and not the entire POI? If you, you would need to add this to the "npcTraderMartin" definition in entityclasses.xml: <property name="HideInSpawnMenu" value="false"/> Trader Martin inherits from the other trader entity classes, which have this set to "true". However - being a trader, I don't know how it would behave in game. I haven't tested, but I'm guessing it would not behave well at all as an NPC "out in the world." If what you want is to create a new trader POI with him in it, I suggest using the custom spawn block I created. It is a block called "spawnTraderMartin", and you would place it in the POI like any other block. This is the same way the vanilla traders are spawned (but with a different spawn block).
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