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  1. I have it downloaded on my external hard drive an my res was default at 1920x1080 resolution an 50 view load. Idk why it's messing up now start of 19 it was fine. I'll try to lower the res an view an see how that does.
  2. Since the last update (b169) I'm still having a issue with lag on b173, I have verified the data of the game on steam, I have made my gtx the primary graphics card in my nividia settings an no matter what setting I have it one from lowest to ultra it runs smooth an then lags out. I noticed it did this when I was going into new locations, walking to building (runs smooth inside of poi) and when outside running around. It is acting like the last update where everything is loading in items and zombies, idk what to do to fix it, here is my specs to. Intel(R) Core i7-7700hq cpu @ 2.80ghz GTX 1050 gddr5 @ 4.0 gb 1861gb hd 15.9gb ram
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