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  1. Can someone educate me plz? This unturned game that everyone is talking about now, is this a TFP game? I haven't watched gameplay lately but the last time i watched, it was exactly, and I mean exactly like 7D2D but just painted Roblox color. It had the same zombies, the same weapons, the same leveling mechanics, the same POIs and I'm pretty sure the same exact maps. It was a complete rip off of 7D2D. And then this tuber, Jade pg, does a review of it and starts comparing it to DayZ. I almost lost my @%$# LOL. DayZ, DUDE! have you never seen 7D2D. Unturned is an exact copy. Looks like they may have added some diff maps now but definitely still a complete ripoff of 7D2D. All this media coverage of the "new" unturned zombie game and not one mention of 7D2D have I seen. TFP oughta sue their pants off. unless I'm completely out of the loop and they made it.
  2. ================== This is not accurate at all. The game means different things to different people. I may argue passionately for what I want to see, but even I understand that all I can do is project MY opinion. The game means so many things to so many people. If that indeed was the point, then Dead is Dead wouldn't be a thing. On our earliest servers we had a plan in place to wipe our map every 60 days, take what we can in our backpack and rebuild somewhere new as a community. Think Walking Dead Season 5 I believe. We are wanderers, we build a place and then on day 59 we unleash a hellish horde in the center of our town and run. There is no one right way to play or to tell anyone else to play. All you can do is do what makes it fun for YOU. As a modder all i can do is share my vision of what I find fun for me and hope people enjoy it as well. But at no point should anyone say "This is what this game is and that's it". It's a zombie survival crafting game. And even then you can turn zombies off and build in peace. It's a "kitchen sink" game. Not everyone treats the game like it's the final game of varsity season. ============================ well said
  3. You can't do it all at once, right when we want it, the exact way that we want it, hmmm that's odd. LOL but seriously, thanks for your hard work. just finished streaming it with the 233 patch, having a ball! 16 was my first but this is by far my fav game ever and I'm really old. good luck and may the bug gremlins find others to harasss
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