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  1. Works fine on Dedicated Server, tested with 10 players online, You just have to make sure the Clients have the Mod as well as it contains Resource files that they need in order for them to use them.
  2. Subquake answered that a few posts back in this thread, it's a no because this is all part of the Undead Legacy Mod itself.
  3. Awwwww snap, ok ok I see your style lol loving it! I was getting an error with this part though <remove xpath="/items/item/[@name='resourceSteelPolish']/property[@name='CreativeMode']" /> Does that not remove the property with that name on the item? or did I screw that up somehow.
  4. The only problem is if I used that, there is one item "meleeToolHoeIron" that, it would also attach that change to. I think it would be kind of strange seeing someone upgrading Steel with a Garden Hoe LOL, maybe I am wrong The other tools would be fine because they all have exactly what I put in as far as upgrading goes, the hammer, nailgun, wrench and stoneaxe.
  5. I am not worried about that, my mod is for my personal server. Haven't thought about actually releasing it to the public. Below is something I wanted to make sure I did correctly. So with b208 the TFP took out the ability to upgrade to stainless steel - well I am adding it back in. I wanted to make sure for the SteelPolish I added in correctly or can I slim the code down a bit? do I need to list all of those or is there a way to add to the end of that list? items.xml <set xpath="/items/item/property[@class='Action1']/property[@name='Allowed_upgrade_items'][@value='resourceWood,re
  6. My question is why are you still using Windows 7? We here at Microsoft stopped supporting it back on Jan 13, 2015 Unless you actually have extended support which ends Jan 14, 2020 (there aren't that many that actually have that.) Just curious.
  7. So using that, that basically removes the entire file? and I would just use append and just basically add the entire modded file back in basically? If so, that's even better at least for me that is lol
  8. I have 95 new entities/Zs that I have created. I know I can amend each of the groups - Like ZombiesAll etc etc. I did all that with A16 then I used that Google Spreadsheet to add them in for the generated like bloodmoon and hordes and sleepers. And as we all know thats a HUGE chunk of data especially if you're adding in 95 more Zs to the game. - again did all that with A16 and worked BEAUTIFULLY with no issues, Bloodmoon nights were amazing, seeing upwards of 60 different Zs coming at you and different types of waves. Now with A17, I wanted to create that same experience using the Mod Syst
  9. @sphereii Bro this is driving me crazy lol I am seeing in the posts some using <config> and others using <configs> which should we be using lol sorry want to make sure it's all in line. Also I am not sure how to handle this and hoping you can tell me the best way to do this. I am adding about 95 new entities and and not really sure with the entitiesgroup.xml how should I take care of this? Here is what I mean, adding the new entities to each group easy. The part I am not sure how to deal with this is alllllll the Sleeper generated and Horde generated codes at the bottom th
  10. There is a property to make weapons have unlimited reload/ammo for Action0 (it never reloads at all I believe that's what they meant LOL) <property name="Infinite_ammo" value="true"/> It's pretty straight forward, it existed in A16 as well. Go to the items.xml and search for gunPistolAdmin and you will see it's being used there.
  11. @Manux - Any chance we are getting The Beast or the Chopper back?
  12. THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AMAZING! I doubt it though lol
  13. Being this has resource files (unity models) clients will need to install them on their PC's - If I am not mistaken
  14. Whats awesome is with this new system for mods and with @sredman420 for example, these mods DO NOT have to be on a client system - You can just install them on the Dedicated server and they get PUSHED to the client for game play. I tested all of them so far with them just installed on the Dedicated Server with nothing on the client end and works great! From what I understand is unless there are new Icons/Images/Graphics or Resource files, the client will not need to install anything on their end.
  15. @sphereii - I don't recall seeing a possible answer to something I have been wondering with the Mods & Modlet system. Question is Localization files. If we are adding in new blocks and items (I have about 4000+ to be added in now), How do we handle the Localization.txt and Quest files? Do we just add them to our Mods in the Configs folder? Or is there a way to Amend them using this new style? I am sure I cannot be the only one who is wondering this. Being most of this stuff can be pushed via the dedicated server. I know some stuff will require client side downloads if we have addit
  16. Thanks @Manux, - I have the Dedicated server up for testing once you get A17 up and running. Should be able to test it pretty good, We have 8 people on it now. Just let me know and we will bang it back and forth and see if we find any errors or bugs. Love the work brotha!!
  17. Yea Manux when I spoke with him last is working on that and floating vehicles like boats etc. However he was waiting to see how the new system was done. Seems like from what he has done and the new system they are quite a few things that will need to be tweeked to make it work properly. Would be nice though getting the Helicopter to let others ride with you like the A17 4x4 does lol
  18. Hands down the best!! Excite for @Subquake to get this out already lol
  19. @Subquake - So did the backpack slots go from 80 to 77 now?
  20. @alloc - now that A17 Experimental is out, any chance of getting the improvements mods working with it? I tried to use the A16.4 but it got rejected because of the new methods I'm guessing its looking for now "No ModAPI found in mod DLLs" Seems like TFP are using this going forward now.
  21. So far so good on testing on Dedicated server with the Mod, haven't seen any issues so far on our end. Granted this was only tested with 4 players online. Not sure how much it would change with say 16 or 32 players online.
  22. not sure if this was mentioned before or not, it would be an awesome feature to be able to see like a thumbnail of the prefab or a way to create a thumbnail. not for the game itself but to be able to see what the prefab would look like or does look like before or after editing. Hard to remember what each prefab looks like if you have 100's in your prefab folder or trying to place them in a game and cant remember which houses look like what for example. This is something I have been wanting to see for the life of me. Another feature that would be awesome is to be able to toggle on a lig
  23. @Subquake - any updates on the new release? just curious as the A17 seems to be delayed even more due to the TTG shutting down TFP departing from them. really looking forward to the new UI
  24. We haven't been able to play at the same time yet, due to work schedules and different time zones, hoping to be able to see that this weekend sometime.
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