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  1. Works on Stable just as stallionsden stated. It only needs to be installed on the client end. There is no need for a server version. You can use it on dedicated servers you join (FYI freaks other players out if they see you turning on/off lights of POIs in the game servers lol be warned!)
  2. I want to change the value in this and having issues I am just trying to change only the reset_interval value <trader_info id="1" min_inventory="40" max_inventory="120" min_items_swapped="20" max_items_swapped="20" reset_interval="1" open_time="6:05" close_time="21:50"> I know I am missing something or it's not correct. <configs> <set xpath="traders/trader_item_groups/trader_info[@id='1']/@reset_interval">1</set> </configs> ------- Figured it out --------- <set xpath="traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@reset_interval">1</set>
  3. If you are referring to Allocs Map, you stated you only had BC Manager installed. You need Allocs server fixes for that as well got the Alloc Map but as StmpzNZ said if your using the in-game map that is not effected by BC
  4. It only needs to be on your client side, nothing on the server.
  5. Correct but for those that don't know how to do that, they still need the file. I will update in a few.
  6. Alpha 17 B238 Updated Newest version and in OP
  7. You have to create a modlet for it. I have that way in the Mod I am working on already. To pick up an item or block just simply add this to the block <property name="CanPickup" value="true"/> To make it craftable just create a recipe for it.
  8. I have done that before in the past and it was very helpful. This was just a quick dirty hack to do it faster in certain areas with just walking up to them. Also I posted on your forum about the issue I found @StompyNZ not sure if its the BC Mod or if its a TFP Issue.
  9. I haven't had a chance to play around with P_E_T_E's mod.ll do you have link to it so I can see. There may be a way to hook into it. To make it function like the Assembly-CSharp.dll - - - Updated - - - As far as SDX or No, if it is done correctly it won't need it. Think about example Alloc's Server Fixes or Bad Company. They all have DLL's that can fire off. So with that in mind in theory we should be able to do the same. - - - Updated - - - It's also crazy to see that it works on the dedicated servers the way it does. I actually wasn't expecting it to work like that if you di
  10. I will have to look into that to see.
  11. Correct - That's what is done is setting the _world.iseditor() to True as a value then compile it back
  12. FYI NOTE: This does work on any server you join as well that has EAC disabled. Just an FYI. NOTE: If you decide to play on other peoples dedicated server, there is no guarantee you will not be banned. I personally have played on a few servers for a few hours with no issues. You must have EAC Disabled. Player uses at their own risk. Highly suggest only playing on your own dedicated server, or on SP.
  13. This does not need electric to function. Great tool for to light up areas you wish or Street Lights in real time. What this does is allow you to Turn ON/OFF any POI lighting in game in real time without using the world editor. Works on SP and MP and works on Dedicated Servers. I use it all the time to turn on POI Lights in my Dedicated server. NOTE: If you decide to play on other peoples dedicated server, there is no guarantee you will not be banned. I personally have played on a few servers for a few hours with no issues. You must have EAC Disabled. Player uses at their own risk. Hi
  14. @StompyNZ Found a pretty big issue - So with the Newest version and newest experimental If I import a prefab that has any trees in it they seem to be floating. Example I went to a hill and also on a mountain area. Leveled it out to where it was flat, then imported a prefab in that area that also contained trees. It imported however all the trees were floating. Basically the trees ended up where the hill/mountain layouts were originally. Never seen this before until now with A17.
  15. Just let us know when it is good to go brotha! Excited!
  16. FastBurst

    A16 Valmod Pack

    According to Sirillion on his post he would not be updating the Valmod UI that he was going to leave that to the creators.
  17. FastBurst

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I actually have about 85% of it done with a few twists and lots of additions. Only thing I am not touching is the UI due not know how to really handle that part since well Wellness isn't a thing anymore.
  18. Thanks can't believe I didn't catch that lol
  19. Well seems like if I try and do any kind of append to entityclasses.xml as in adding in a new entity_class I get this error. WRN XML patch for "entityclasses.xml" from mod "FastBurst Mod" did not apply: <append xpath="/entityclasses" Example I tried to add this just to see: <append xpath="entityclasses"> <entity_class name="zombieStripperRadiated" extends="zombieStripper"> <property name="Tags" value="zombie,walker,feral"/> <property name="Mesh" value="Zombies/zombieStandardStripperRagdoll"/> <property name="ReplaceMaterial1" value="entities/zombies/ma
  20. Thanks brotha I will keep a look out for it
  21. A17 is now B221 - can we get an update please
  22. For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Pallets is no longer working. Removed all mods even and just had the Pallet Modlet. It just isn't working anymore. Anyone else have this issue? Even upgraded from the previous version, neither seem to be working for me.
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