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  1. @DUST2DEATH - I have noticed that on some people when joining and even happened to me, That are some floating Trees, all are 1-hit to take them down, what is causing that and is there a way to fix that? On my main PC that I work off of and play on I do not see the issue. However others joining the server with the mod see this 50/50 on when that happens. I tested on my laptop and then I was faced with the same thing. They are EVVVVERY where, and felt like I just jumped out of a scene in Predator into a jungle LOL
  2. Subquake is working on the A17 version - there is just a lot to port over and get done to make it A17 ready. He has already stated this in previous posts. - - - Updated - - - This is a COMPLETE overhaul version that Subquake is making. He has stated that there will be no modlet versions. Mod Launcher currently only has the A16 version until he releases the A17 version. The best way to install would be the Mod Launcher once it is released as any fixes can be pushed as well via the Mod Launcher. A manual install of course able to be done.
  3. Yea the plane is a nice touch lol everyone that is on my server is absolutely loving it now. Had a few players tell me they play on alot of different servers trying them out and said my server is bar far the best they have ever seen. All in part thanks to you brotha! Now if we can just get that silencer lined up lol
  4. Using your 2K with full settings with my ZTL Racoon City Mod I made Makes this look reeeeeal interesting brotha! Absolutely loving the mod and FPS improvement Then in my Custom city with the Sunken Highway System
  5. -- Dupliate -- - - - Updated - - - JaxTeller718 can you send me the Discord Link in DM would love to join this!
  6. WOW THAT'S IT??? Even I can do that! lol Now as far as random, doesn t the Sedan do that or use to? with the random colors or is that different or non-existent now?
  7. Please share that info with Xtrakicking!!! I would love to see this process myself too!
  8. @DUST2DEATH - love the mod! silencers don't seem to work right with the weapons, followed your instructions and copied every single one using the new names and grabbing the positions that are used for the originals and they are all offset. JUST FYI not sure why they are like that
  9. Which file did you download? There are no issues launching it and getting into the game. In steam you have to use the launcher and UNCHECK the "Use EasyAntiCheat (EAC)" in order to play the game with this modded file, if you do not you will just get a black screen just like any other modded files in 7DTD because one of the core files has been altered.
  10. Since this is a modded DLL you have to disable EAC, and you cannot play on any Servers that have EAC enabled.
  11. Is there a way for this to read the Mods folder for block changes? Example I have to have to installs one hard coded and one using the mods, Just in-case I want to edit a prefab that has custom blocks.
  12. Thanks Pille's you literally saved me on my Prefab, the Sunken Highway system needed this for when it was cutting thru mountains or hills this was awesome to get the Insert Rows and Columns back!
  13. Can we get the insert rows and columns back? Doesn't seem to work right now.
  14. You can only play on EAC disabled servers. I played for a hew hours on other servers with no issues. - - - Updated - - - Not sure what version you are downloading the file size is smaller and still in the 7mb range and that is all my builds. Sounds like you have a bad download, I just verified on the downloads they are all way above 2mb.
  15. There are separate downloads, One for SP if you just want to have it installed and not worry about the Dedicated Server version, the Dedicated Server is for those that want to install it for everyone on their server. Me personally I just use the SP because I didn't want everyone on my server using it only admins.
  16. A17 B240 Dedicated Server Version A17 B240 Dedicated Server SDX Compatible Version This has not been tested but should in theory function the same.
  17. Just added a A17 B240 SDX Compatible version Download Here Also in OP
  18. You have to disable EAC as it is a modded file.
  19. go into the rwgmizer.xml and verify that the names of the prefabs match the xcustom prefab names from the combo pack. it's best to make a copy of the prefabs folder, delete it, verify the files, and then re-add the combopack and then try again. It sounds like you have some left over prefabs somewhere. I had that issue awhile back. You may also have to delete your saves folder as the profile may be storing that as well.
  20. Glad you like it, makes it way easier to light up areas of POI's even though you could just turn them on in the prefab editor but if you are on a server or someone else's and want to take over a prefab and light it up real fast its a real nice thing to have or if your on your own server and want to place new POI lights and not crafting them or running electric this is a quick way to *cough* cheat them in lol
  21. Which version of the game are you running and also what version of the combopack are you using?
  22. some other issues with the latest build See images these sections are too small or the incorrect size to see what they are Top of program in the middle Sleeper Volumes
  23. Strange question, do all of our A16 unity files have to be redone for A17???
  24. Pille's I made a prefab with the ingame editor, then used your Program to do the sleepers. After it saved everything looked fine but now I cannot open up the ingame error after the save. gives an error "input string was not in the correct format: s.Length==0" If I remove the prefab that was saved with your program, it works just fine again but the prefab of course in not in the folder.
  25. A17 Stable was released a couple days ago just FYI
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