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  1. I cant wait till you get all the other HQ ones added this is AMAZING!! and a Modlet on top of that PERFECT!
  2. The trader prefab names have changed, make sure you update that in your config prefabs list A19 B173 the names are as follows trader_joel.prefab trader_rekt.prefab trader_jen.prefab trader_bob.prefab trader_hugh.prefab You can see this in your prefabs folder in your game install Data/Prefabs folder.
  3. In 173 they renamed the traders to something else. like trader_hugh, trader_bob etc - this was stated in the ComboPack forum when ComboPack44 released for 173 Once the map is generated, you can load it into the worlds folder and open it in the World Editor and add the traders manually as well, as well as any other prefabs and save it. What you are seeing is possibly the old settlement_01 that use to be used which is no longer used anymore.
  4. For those who for whatever reason have issues this one is redone. A19B173 Client Side Fixed
  5. I am running that one as we speak and have no issues at all with it. 102 Downloads so far, I would have to see if anyone else is having the issue - so far you are the only one to report anything like this.
  6. What version did you install? both regular and DMT work fine for me.
  7. Everything is working fine for me? And this should have nothing to do with the in-game pause or opening the menu, I can press ESC and bring up the options fine, I can press Tab and the menus for all that opens fine. Maybe I am failing to see what you mean by pause?
  8. Here is the Client Side and Server Side for A19 B173 A19B173 Client Side A19B173 Server Side DMT Versions A19B173 Client Side DMT Version A19B173 Server Side DMT Version
  9. @Mumpfy - Loving this, any idea when we will be able to have access to download the latest changes?
  10. Maybe you would like to explain or offer some steps on your you were able to achieve this. You kinda lead into it then just left everyone hanging.
  11. Here is the Client Side and Server Side for A19 B169 A19B169 Client Side A19B169 Server Side DMT Versions A19B169 Client Side DMT Version A19B169 Server Side DMT Version
  12. Anyone still have access to a working download ?
  13. @xyth - Watched the videos for the VideoPlayer, it mentions being able to use URLs? Not sure where or how that is to be added? I know the Videos we have the video files. But not seeing how or where we edit or add a URL to pull from?
  14. Here is the Client Side and Server Side for A19 B163 A19B163 Client Side link A19B163 Server Side Link DMT Versions A19B163 Client Side link DMT Version A19B163 Server Side Link DMT Version
  15. any Tutorials around that explains this or updated videos? lol I have almost 200 vehicles I added that now looks like have to be updated..... FML lol
  16. So I have a question, do I need to convert all the A17 unity models I made for A17 to A19 to work? Or should they just work now? If So what version of Unity do we need to use now? And is there an updated Tutorial on what we need to do? My Apologies to every as I have been out of state for work since late 2018 until now and just getting back into everything again. I am noticing a lot of changes in the forums and a lot of saved bookmarks are no longer available now.
  17. Does the SDX0.7.3 Modding Tool still work for Alpha 19? Or is there an updated version for this now? If so does any one have a link?
  18. So I am noticing with a few of the modlets them using the UIAtlases for images. Does that mean now we can push images from the server and the client doesn't need to install these anymore???? Or do they still need them images? Because id they don't that is a huge game changer for me on my modlets. I just wanted to confirm as I have been away since the End of Alpha 17 due to working out of state since August of 2018 but now I am back. with a few 100 messages in my inbox lol.
  19. I am back after a long leave of absence, Enjoy! Here is the Client Side and Server Side A19B157 Client Side link A19B157 Server Side Link
  20. is this server side or client side or both?
  21. I will be working on that this week, I was out most of the year due to work in other states but now I am back so I will get this updated ASAP
  22. REQUEST - Hey StompyNZ not sure if this is doable or not. Do you think you can something to get rid of the 1-hit Trees that will sometimes happen? Seems to be a bug with some floating trees every now and then. Especially after placing or importing a prefab. I know the Patrons have something that does that wasn't sure if you planned on adding something to take care of those issues. It would be awesome as I don't want to use the Patrons after having some issues with Botman and other issues they are having. Rather just stick to using BC
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