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  1. That is untrue in JaWoodle park yes but he has built many variations of the kill corridors actually in game and I never use creative menu but have built variations of the kill corridor in game, as I don't see using game physic such as the steep slope as cheese anymore than putting a block or spikes down in a doorway. The arrow slit force field is an exploit but takes a lot of effort too do it right, and isn't really that worth it.
  2. A18.2 All defaults except marked airdrops and 64 alive on hoard night. 3 of us playing co op and we are having a fun time. Game playing well and balance is excellent, really enjoying the challenges. Just did hoard night day 35 after getting base wrecked on day 28. We rebuilt enhanced base and got reinforced concrete used. Night started off with cops, spiders and lots of military Zombies, then irradiated started flowing in and 4 or 5 demolishers, we were still battling away when the gong sounded at 4am and finally killed the last of them around 6 am. Used all our ammo for every weapon, it was an absolute blast. Well done TFP absolutely fantastic Alpha, loving it.
  3. Master Chef Level 5 should allow you to craft Vitamins.
  4. Loving A18 , not had much time to play more than a couple of hours on an evening after work BUT we are really enjoying the changes. Only minor gripes are 1) It's annoying that we de-party every time we log out. 2) Animal quest progress is lost on shared quests, as unless we complete on one play session. Only the owner of the quest keeps the kills. Also noticed last night Dog day challenge quest, I killed 3 he killed 2 dogs (3 needed for quest) 5 spawned. On all the zombies ones the kills are shared to hit count but on that dog one I completed but he needed to wait till we found another dog to kill.
  5. Under INT , it's a perk 1st level so cost 1 point then you just need the stuff to build it. I did it on day 3 as I still hadn't food a cookpot and really needed one.
  6. Not saying the system is right or wrong, just pointing out I can see why they extrapolated it this way as a game mechanic. Whilst I agree fresh food, well prepared in a clean/safe environment is the best in real life. After all this is set in a post apocalyptic environment, contaminated soil, air, water with mutated beings and the recent dead walking around. In real life 3rd world countries people deal with these food and water issues everyday, so the game mechanics seem to reflect reality, whilst remaining simple and playable. Personally I'm loving A18 from a game play stand point.
  7. Again a misconception, poorly washed or grown in compost foods have a greater chance if contaminated with e coli see recent outbreak in Europe around cucumbers. But as game mechanics it is want ever the game play dictates.
  8. For those asking why it's simple to see just do a bit of research. FAT TOM (oh by the way Food spoilage is NOT the biggest danger for food poisoning)
  9. Most food poisoning occurs from poorly prepared raw or cooked food most modern canned foods rarely give food poisoning due to heavy regulation and high standards, even professionally prepared cooked food has less chance than homemade (especially e coli) So IMO fun pimps have it spot on even with the new water system just boiling dirty water doesn't make it safe (filtration is more effective)
  10. It's in the wood furniture block (looks like picnic table) craft, use selector icon and pill case, bookshelf and storage are all in there click what you want and place.
  11. I had same problem with cooking pot but thought outside old style play, spent 1 perk point on forge and built it made pot and grill I already had a beaker, so was finally able to make food and water. Naturally I then loot next house and found both a grill 2 cook pots and about 10 cans of food.
  12. Only managed 4 days so far, Holed up on the roof of Academy. Not really spec points into anything yet only found guns on day 4 but got pump shot gun so happy boy. So far i search around 20 remnants 2 houses and a pass and gas, only found the miner coffee book, done 1 quest for buried supplies, no deaths and seen no animals in burn zone on a RGW. Got around 60fps occassional drop to 40fps out doors but it will do for me at this stage of experimental, can't wait to have a full sit down over the weekend but great job TFP loving it.
  13. Actually you missed the point as Fataal said "Since b134 that the streamers are playing, we have committed 19 changes to the game and we have more to come. We know you want the game, but we don't feel it is ready to give you yet." We get to test/play the even more polished version.
  14. Yea Personally I have watched a couple of twitch streams but stayed focused on the ones who do 7D2D regularly, JaWoodle, Glock9 and Capp00. (By the way watching JaWoodle play Ravenhearst was highly entertaining and got us to give it a go) Personally I can't wait for NotaGamerGaming to get their hands on it with the rest of us, those two will be joyous.
  15. Yes but he can SEE what is happening and know whether it is just an opinion of the player or an actual problem. also many tweaks and fixes will get done prior to us playing and posting which benefits both TFP and US, so a win win.
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