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  1. That is untrue in JaWoodle park yes but he has built many variations of the kill corridors actually in game and I never use creative menu but have built variations of the kill corridor in game, as I don't see using game physic such as the steep slope as cheese anymore than putting a block or spikes down in a doorway. The arrow slit force field is an exploit but takes a lot of effort too do it right, and isn't really that worth it.
  2. alchemi2

    0XP RolMod A18

    30 and 60 seem fine, I would say 60 concrete for tier 3 as it is 2 skill point reward and if we were gathering cobblestone at POI then we would already have concrete to do the job so it's a quick win.
  3. alchemi2

    0XP RolMod A18

    Found it fine Roland but I was in snow zone and had trader Hugh, it not really that hard to get cobble stone even in desert if you do a few poi camps. We are really enjoying the change of pace. Takes a few goes through to get accustomed to the bigger herds, more roaming zombies and to change mindset from XP gathering but we are finding it fun which is the main goal surely of any mod/game.
  4. alchemi2

    0XP RolMod A18

    First Mod me and the son have tried. Absolutely love it, had to change the way we play somewhat and had multiple deaths on first 4 attempts. Really enjoying the challenge and change of pace, looking forward to giving this a go with the A18 perk trees and books. Trader quest line is fun, unprotected Traders was an eye opener, died 3 times in traders. We have ended up dropping level down one from default and put Zombies on 50% block damage, run at night, just while we get into the swing of things but it is fun and that's the main thing. Great Job Roland and those others that contributed
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