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  1. Glad to hear you'll got the rights back and thank you for letting us know. People need to think TFP is a computer gaming company and 7 Days to Die was made for the PC not console at first. They got the rights back so anything could happen. Just sit back and wait. Its only and game. People remember if you have a business you may have to make some hard choices that you may not want to make. The same with TFP... I will continue to play the game on the PS4 and enjoy it as always. But I won't buy another console for the new release. Maybe a PC. Thanks again TFP. - - - Updated - - - Sorry for the double post
  2. Thanks for letting us know what happened. People should not be mad at TFP for what happened. People need to remember that TFP developed 7 days to die for pc not console and as a business they have to look out for that business. At least they informed everyone what happened and they got the rights back. I'm glad for them. I will continue to play 7 days to die on the PS4 but I won't go out to buy another console just for a new game. I understand people are mad but remember if you were running a business you will have to make some hard choices also. People sit back and wait something else may change its a game.
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