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  1. No no... WE thank you 😁
  2. Put both files in the "resources" folder of nitrogen, it will swap files. You will generate the map using A19 Vanilla (default).
  3. Thanks for the awesome work as always. You and the builder community. Making the replayability of the game much more fun!
  4. I had a lot of that console errors when using a Nitrogen made map. The far distance pois models do not unloaded when i got close to them, causing strange textures overlaps. I was seeing the poi and the distance poi (marbled blocks) merged together.
  5. Singleplayer, fresh vanilla map, 3 days and no strange blocks. No errors. Singleplayer, Nitrogen map, first building have the blocks. Happens the "WRN No chunk for position" errors.
  6. -UPDATE- Created a new game on the same map, in b169. The same errors still ocurring Used the console command "pois" in front of a bugged buildg and the strange blocks vanished. But would be awesome to have normal building and still see the pois from distance 😁
  7. These errors appear on the output log. Dont known if that is related. My system really need an upgrade but that will take some time xD At the moment: i5 4570, 16Gb RAM, GTX 1660 Ti
  8. The World was generated using Nitrogen Tool. But as @Gamida said, some people is having this problema in vanilla since a18.
  9. Tipying "pois" (without the ") in the console menu (F1) seems to have resolved for me.. But i dont see buildins from distance anymore =/
  10. I'll try the commands.. thanks xD Rellogging only refresh the immediate area, the area around still have the problem.
  11. Yo all, First of all: -This isnt in the Support because im having this problem only when using Nitrogen map generator. -This isnt in the Nitrogen thread because some people is having this problem without using the Nitrogen. -This isnt in a19 bug thread because it is modded. So im not asking for an official support, and looking for possible help from other fellow players. Some blocks are showing like a crude similar block instead, like you can see in the screenshot. I already disable texture stream and not happened. If i relog the imediate area became normal, but the adjacent continue with the problem. Someone have an idea of what it could be and how i could fix?
  12. Found that the "phantom blocks" only appear when i host with my brother. Everything is normal to him and if im in single player it is fine too. But when i host, some buildings have that strange block. Turning off occlusion didnt helped and that doesnt happen on vanilla generated maps.
  13. Was a fresh clean install, lost my previous HD 😪
  14. Im not using compopack yet, and i am having the same problem with those blocks when playing with my borther on multiplayer (im the host). Some prefabs (all vanilla) have those "black granite" blocks instead windows, the trash cans are green blocks. My brother see everything fine, just me have the problems. We dont have that problem on worlds generated by the game itself.
  15. WOW! Just... WOW! - - - Updated - - - And those 0/100? hummmm
  16. Checked the xmls, the problem was from vanilla. <block id="149" name="woodFrameMaster"> in blocks.xml it has: <property name="FuelValue" value="150"/> <item id="1301" name="wood"> in items.xml has the FuelValue value="50" the same was in the Starvation xmls. If you alter the FuelValue of the frame master to to 100 you get rid of the bonus in all the wooden frame blocks at once.
  17. Click "Test Mod Sync" before launching for the first time seems to resolve. - - - Updated - - - Morte, Wood burn time at current state is 50s. Wood Frame burn time is 2:30s. With 2 woods you make 1 wood frame. So if you convert wood in wood frame before using as fuel you gain 50s of fuel from nowhere.
  18. Thanks again for the awesome job guys! Enjoying a lot the mod! (Still getting used to usain bolt zombies =P) Just saw in the Game4Kickz video and got into testing before posting, seems to be a disbalance between normal wood and redwood. (All tested with a new game, 25 stone axe and 1 construction tool, no additional perk) On normal trees (pine from the forest): 1200 tree hp - 2 woods per hit - total 106 wood gathered 900 tree hp - 1 or 2 wood per hit - total 79 wood gathered On redwoods: 300 tree hp - 6 woods per hit - total 106 redwoods gathered 900 tree hp - 4 woods per hit - total 203 redwoods gathered I tought the difference was because of the scarcity and specifity of the redwood. the real problem (as i think) is the conversion recipe. 1 redwood = 2 woods. If you spawn in the forest, you can farm redwood real quick and swim in wood. In 2 min you can convert 200 redwoods in 400 woods. As you can get redwood in a faster rate, maybe should be more balanced the recipe 2 redwoods per a single wood? it will be still a good source of redwood but will not greatly reward the redwood farm for obtaining normal wood.
  19. Transfiring to this thread the comment about the Meditation Carpet lol The base price in game is showing 100 dukes (with barter 1 you can sell for 20), and cost 20 fibers to make and it stacks, making the carpet a 1fiber = 1duke (wihtout leveling barter). The Beadroll has the same material cost to make and is 10 dukes for every 10 pieces, maybe is interesting to copy his price code (it is in the other thread) on the Carpet code.
  20. Hey Dwall, just saw that 5.2 will overhaul the class system, any info about that? xD Im asking because im making some changes in the classes myself, for my plays with my brother. Im not big fan of classes that give you itens via quest or give things that you could easily just pick with points. At the moment im doing doing the following: Draft: Builder - Works around construction Fighter - Works around melee Marksman - Works around ranged guns Protection - Works around armor Scholar - Works around science Survivalist - Works around farming and ranged bows Craftsman (Tradesman) - Works around tools General: (The only way to get Secret Stash is to level class, Base cost to 999 points and requeriment for all barter 1) Any Class 1 - Secret Stash 1 Any Class 2 - Secret Stash 2 Any Class 3 - Secret Stash 3 PS: Removed Bartering XP, it will serve only for progressive discounts My toughts at the moment about the classes: E = Exclusive BR = Bonus Recipe (can get outside via book/quest, but will be given to the class garanteed) -Builder BR-clawHammer BR-sledgehammerSchematic E-WoodWorkingWorkbench E-Advanced Wood Construction E-HDNailgunSchematic -Fighter BR-clubSpiked BR-ClubTungsten BR-TungstenMachete E-GoldTippedMachete -Marksman BR-PISTOL SCHEMATIC BR-9MM BULLET CRAFT BR-huntingRifleSchematicPerk BR-762mm Round Crafting E-WeaponSmithStation -Protection BR-IRON ARMORS E-TailorsWorkStation (Doubt about exclusive or not) E-ArmorSmithingWorkbench E-BEST GAME ARMOR -Scholar BR-wrench BR-Battery Bank (maybe?) BR-Solar Panels (Maybe?) E-HDWrench E-HDChainsaw (Maybe not?) E-HDAuger (Maybe not?) E-BlueprintWorkStation E-scholartreasurehunting -Survivalist BR-MortarandPestle BR-herbalAntibioticsRecipe BR-huntingKnife BR-Longbow E-ScholarFarming E-GoldTippedKnife -Craftsman (Tradesman) BR-Iron Tool Crafting E-AdvancedToolWorkbench E-Diamond Tools The ideia is to make quests related to iron itens/tools on level 1 Quests that involves kill/build on level 2 Quest to make the exclusive station/weapon on lev 3 Can you give some info about the changes you pretend? Thanks for the hard work!
  21. Man, you are fast. Just came to say about the herbal icon! Thanks for the hard work guys, awesome mod!
  22. On Localization - Quests.txt classtrainingscholar1_description,,Quest Info,KgNone,"Craft: 1 Mortar and Pestle.\nPlace: 1 Mortar and Pestle.\nFetch: 40 Scrap Iron, 4 Glue, 6 Scrap Plastic and 20 Wood.\n\nRewards: 1500 Exp, 1 Skill Point, [b][u]and Science 10 Levels[/u][/b].\nItem Rewards: Applie Pie Recipe and Apple Juice Recipe.\nPerk Unlocked: Quicker Crafting.",,,, But the rewards are: <reward type="Exp" value="1500" /> <reward type="SkillPoints" value="1" /> <reward type="Item" id="ApplePieRecipe" value="1" /> <reward type="Item" id="AppleJuiceRecipe" value="1" /> <reward type="Skill" id="Mortar and Pestle" value="1" /> <reward type="Skill" id="Farming" value="1" /> <reward type="Skill" id="ScholarFarming" value="1" /> <reward type="Skill" id="ScholarClassLevel1" value="1" /> <reward type="Quest" id="classtrainingscholar2" />
  23. I was feeling that the new machetes where slower to carve corpses, then i looked on xmls and saw: <item id="22" name="machete"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="1" [b]param1="7"[/b]/> <item id="1682" name="SteelMachete"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="1.1" /> <item id="1683" name="TungstenMachete"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="1.1" /> <item id="1694" name="GoldTippedMachete"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="1.1" /> Other Butching tools: <item id="19" name="boneShiv"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="0.75" [b]param1="10"[/b]/> <item id="21" name="huntingKnife"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="1" [b]param1="10"[/b]/> The description oh harvesting on Stone Axes code: <!-- value = harvest event multiplier, param1 = damage multiplier if matching harvest event present ont he block --> The new knife is lacking the param1 too: <item id="1696" name="GoldTippedKnife"> <property name="ToolCategory.Butcher" value="1" />
  24. Ahh i see! I was level 2, so gamestage was pretty low lol No rwgmixer.xml? Good to known, so it is compatible with Compopack! Awesome! Tyvm for your hardwork! Hype is high!
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